Journal: IJABIM

Volume 10, Issue 4

1 -- 20Shefali, Vijita Singh Aggarwal. Family Communication Patterns and Influence of Children in Family Purchase Decisions
21 -- 30Gauri Joshi, Pratima Sheorey. Whose Decision is it Anyways? The Changing Purchasing Patterns of Indian Families
31 -- 46Swati Sharma. The Role of Perceived Value and Gender on Customers' Purchase Intention of Ride Sharing Services
47 -- 58Afroze Nazneen, Maqsood Hussain Junaidi, Rohan Sharma. A Study Of Children & Parent Buying Behaviour With Special Refrence To Financial Savings
59 -- 71Santosh Dev. Age and Income as Drivers of Customers' Switching Perception in Indian Banking Industry
72 -- 88Mubshara Hassan Ramey, Muhammad Jawad, Munazza Naz, Ayse Küçük Yilmaz, Ebru Yazgan. The Impact of Employee Engagement on Job Insecurity by Moderating Role of Psychological Empowerment to Enhance Corporate Performance

Volume 10, Issue 3

1 -- 21Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya. Comparative Cross Cultural Study of Indian Managers' Perspectives On Doing International Business in Bedouin And Guanxi Culture
22 -- 48Rajib Bhattacharyya. Financial Globalization and Trade Openness in China and India: Impacts and Policies of Mitigating Adverse Effects
49 -- 60Ho Keat Leng, Xinran Wu, Deping Zhong. Effect of Brand Familiarity on Sponsor Recall: Evidence from Swimming Competitions
61 -- 73Nay Zar Aung, Youji Kohda. Emergence of Familiness and Family Owned Business Performance: The Case of Myanmar
74 -- 90Vikrant Kaushal, Suman Sharma, Nurmahmud Ali. Empirical Investigation of Relationship Among Destination Brand Equity Dimensions: A Mediation Analysis Approach
91 -- 104Saif Khan, Mehwish A, Mohammad Abu Faiz, Faisal Khan. Exploring the Mediating Role of Feedback Environment in the Relationship Between Supervisors' Emotional Intelligence and Employees' Performance: Feedback Environment

Volume 10, Issue 2

1 -- 30Abhijit Sarkar, Ajeya Jha, Diganta Mukherjee. Trucks and Brand: Role of Brand in Selling Heavy Trucks in India
31 -- 54Katta Rama Mohana Rao, Chandra Sekhar Patro. Indian Tourism: Finding Ways to Reach Its Potential
55 -- 72Hashim Zameer, Ying Wang, Humaira Yasmeen, Waqas Ahmed. Modeling the Role of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Building Service Brand Equity
73 -- 90Amin Jan, Maran Marimuthu, Muhammad Pisol bin Mohd @ Mat Isa, Muhammad Kashif Shad. Bankruptcy Forecasting and Economic Sustainability Profile of the Market Leading Islamic Banking Countries
91 -- 110Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi, Amir Hakaki. A Multi-Dimensional Causal Model of Effective Factors on Open Innovation in Manufacturing SMEs in Iran
111 -- 125U. Jin Baek, Miji Lee, Jongtae Lee. A Study on Linguistic Management in Online and Offline Communities: Focusing on the Effect of Jargons on the Conflict
126 -- 142Partha Mukhopadhyay, Partha Pratim Sengupta. Acceptance of Bengal Fasal Bima Yojona by the Farmers: A Study of Purba Burdwan District of West Bengal, India

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 25Donald Amoroso, Francisco Limcaoco Roman. Youth Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Concern About Social Impact Convert to Consumption?
26 -- 37Youngkeun Choi. Workplace Violence and Social Engineering Among Korean Employees
38 -- 54Vivek Tiwari. Developing Sustainable Relationships Through Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Indian Context
55 -- 64Saeeda Rehman, Muhammad Zahid, Haseeb Ur Rahman, Muhammad Nauman Habib. A Partial Least Squares Approach to the Leadership Styles, Organizational Culture, and Employees' Productivity: A Case of Pakistan Banking Industry
65 -- 77Gautam Dutta, Abhishek Dutta. The Effects of Brand Cognition Process in Automobile Marketing in the Developed Countries
78 -- 93Ramesh Chandra Das. Causal Links Among Banks' Investments on Government Securities, GDP and Different Heads of Central Plan Expenditures in India
94 -- 108Viju Mathew. Women Entrepreneurship in Gulf Region: Challenges and Strategies In GCC