Journal: IJEH

Volume 1, Issue 4

349 -- 364Daniel Lorence, Sabatini Monatesti, Robert Margenthaler, Ellen Hoadley. Toward a patientcentric medical information model: issues and challenges for US adoption
365 -- 379Stuart J. Barnes. Experiences in case mix implementation: a case study
380 -- 395Shengnan Han, Ville Harkke, Pekka Mustonen, Matti Seppänen, Markku Kallio. Understanding physician acceptance of mobile technology: insights from two telephone interviews in Finland
396 -- 412Ye Diana Wang, Gloria E. Phillips-Wren, Guisseppi A. Forgionne. E-delivery of personalised healthcare information to intermediaries for suicide prevention
413 -- 426Alan D. Smith, Dean R. Manna. E-recruitment of patients for clinical trials
427 -- 441George Kormentzas, Ilias Maglogiannis, Dimitris Vassis, Dimitris Vergados, Angelos N. Rouskas. A modelling and simulation framework for compound medical applications in regional healthcare networks
442 -- 452Patrick G. Paulson, Kimberlee Snyder. E-healthcare: strategies to consider
453 -- 463Michael Souillard, Carine Souveyet, Costas Vassilakis, Anya Sotiropoulou. A flexible framework for managing temporal clinical trial data

Volume 1, Issue 3

243 -- 260Constantine Tsitlakidis, John Mylonakis, Dimitris Niakas. Economic evaluation of telemedicine for a remotely located population: the case of two Greek islands
261 -- 276H. Joseph Wen, Joseph Tan. Mapping e-health strategies: thinking outside the traditional healthcare box
277 -- 290Won-Fu Hung, Hsin-Ginn Hwang, Chechen Liao. Establishing strategic alliance among hospitals through SAIS: a case study in Taiwan
291 -- 302Kai S. Koong, Luke Y. Koong, Lai C. Liu, Mary Yu. An examination of selected drug availability at online pharmacies
303 -- 315Kostas S. Metaxiotis. E-health versus KM-based health: a dilemma in researchers minds
316 -- 334Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Adam M. A. Fadlalla, Elie Geisler, Jonathan L. Schaffer. A framework for assessing e-health preparedness
335 -- 348Jin Wang, Hongwei Du. Setting up a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for a healthcare system

Volume 1, Issue 2

127 -- 138David Kibbe, Curtis McLaughlin. Getting from A to C: lifecycle lessons for e-health deployment
139 -- 148Karen Fehse, Koos Krabbendam. How organisational politics explain IS implementation outcomes in hospitals
149 -- 164Jason C. H. Chen, Matt Dolan, Binshan Lin. Improve processes on healthcare: current issues and future trends
165 -- 175Kostas S. Metaxiotis, Dimitrios Ptochos, John E. Psarras. E-health in the new millennium: a research and practice agenda
176 -- 198Alan D. Smith, Frank R. Flanegin. E-procurement and automatic identification: enhancing supply chain management in the healthcare industry
199 -- 209Bernd Britzelmaier, Brigitte Eller. Conception of a cost accounting model for doctors offices
210 -- 220Alfonso Marino. Innovation technology and application issues in Italian e-healthcare
221 -- 241Mihail Cocosila, Constantinos Coursaris, Yufei Yuan. M-healthcare for patient self-management: a case for diabetics

Volume 1, Issue 1

4 -- 16George Demiris. Electronic home healthcare: concepts and challenges
17 -- 32Martin Gersch. Business evolution or revolution? Mail-order pharmacies in Germany
33 -- 46Ebrahim Randeree, H. Raghav Rao. E-health and assurance: curing hospital websites
47 -- 59Suzanne Mieczkowska, Matthew Hinton, David Barnes. Barriers to e-health business processes
60 -- 77Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Santosh K. Misra. A wireless trust model for healthcare
78 -- 102Dimitrios Ptochos, Dimitrios Panopoulos, Kostas S. Metaxiotis, Dimitris Askounis, John E. Psarras. Using internet GIS technology for early warning, response and controlling the quality of the public health sector
103 -- 111B. W. Trevor Rohm, C. E. Tapie Rohm Jr. Evolving medical informatics: from diagnosis to prognosis
112 -- 125Darren P. Mundy, David W. Chadwick. Electronic transmission of prescriptions: towards realising the dream