Journal: IJEIS

Volume 16, Issue 4

1 -- 16Pin Ni, Yuming Li, Victor Chang 0001. Research on Text Classification Based on Automatically Extracted Keywords
17 -- 38Mahd M. Alzoubi, Dallas H. Snider. Comparison of Factors Affecting Enterprise Resource Planning System Success in the Middle East
39 -- 57Teresita R. Tolentino, Alexander Arcenio Hernandez. User Acceptance of Agricultural Market Information System With Analytics: Insights From the Philippines
58 -- 79Mohsen Attaran, Sharmin Attaran. Digital Transformation and Economic Contributions of 5G Networks
80 -- 100Mona Mosa, Nedaa Agami, Ghada Elkhayat, Mohamed Kholief. A Literature Review of Data Mining Techniques for Enhancing Digital Customer Engagement
101 -- 145Raja Sher Afgun Usmani, Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem, Thulasyammal Ramiah Pillai, Anum Saeed, Akibu Mahmoud Abdullahi. Geographic Information System and Big Spatial Data: A Review and Challenges
146 -- 160Alexander Novikov, Marina V. Sazonova. Algorithm of Choosing the Enterprise Resource Planning System for Enterprises
161 -- 183Wenyi Wang, Qiang Guo, ShunHong Wang. Fuzzy Lattice Order Group Decision for Preference Ranking in Conflict Analysis
184 -- 200Mousa Ahmed Albashrawi, Lauren Turner, Sandhya Balasubramanian. Adoption of Mobile ERP in Educational Environment: Computer Self-Efficacy and System Security

Volume 16, Issue 3

1 -- 19Martina Asenova, Juan Llopis, José L. Gascó, Reyes-G. Gonzalez. Analysis of the Web Pages as a Strategic Tool of the Most Popular Hotels Worldwide and Their Comparison in Different Countries
20 -- 33Cristina Gallego Gómez, Carmen de Pablos Heredero. Artificial Intelligence as an Enabling Tool for the Development of Dynamic Capabilities in the Banking Industry
34 -- 48Javier W. Ibáñez, Salvatore Moccia. Designing the Architecture of a Blockchain Platform: The Case of Alastria, a National Public Permissioned Blockchain
49 -- 63José María Martín Martín, Juan F. Prados-Castillo, Juan de Dios Jiménez Aguilera, José Manuel Guaita Martínez. An Analysis of the Media Coverage of the Socio-Economic Impacts Generated by Online Tourist Rental Platforms
64 -- 77María Rodríguez-García, Maria Orero-Blat, Daniel Palacios Marqués. Challenges in the Business Model of Low-Cost Airlines: Ryanair Case Study
78 -- 92Cláudio Miguel Sapateiro, Rui Miguel Bernardo. Crossing Human Factors Research and Business Intelligence

Volume 16, Issue 2

1 -- 21Ethan Kinory, Joseph Canada. The Impact of Mutual Monitoring and Enterprise System Integration on the Empowerment of Managers
22 -- 37Michael Möhring, Rainer Schmidt 0001, Barbara Keller, Kurt Sandkuhl, Alfred Zimmermann. Predictive Maintenance Information Systems: The Underlying Conditions and Technological Aspects
38 -- 53Li Liu, Xin Su, Umair Akram, Muhammad Abrar. The User Acceptance Behavior to Mobile Digital Libraries
54 -- 72Yu Zhao, Kakoli Bandyopadhyay, Cynthia Barnes. Predictive Maintenance Information Systems: The Underlying Conditions and Technological Aspects
73 -- 91Muhammad Bilal, Jianqiu Zeng, Umair Akram, Yasir Tanveer, Muhammad Sohaib, Muhammad Ahsan Ali Raza. The Role of Motivational Factors for Determining Attitude Towards eWOM in Social Media Context
92 -- 106Jianjia He, Lihua Chen, Junxiang Li, Sheng-Min Liu. An Empirical Investigation of the Online Commentary Behavior Dynamics Based on the Marginal Utility Theory
107 -- 133Mohamed-Iliasse Mahraz, Loubna Benabbou, Abdelaziz Berrado. A Compilation and Analysis of Critical Success Factors for the ERP Implementation
134 -- 147Normalini Md Kassim, Sulaiman Haruna. Assessing Trust and Intention to Continue Using Internet Banking Through Security Dimension Impact: A Partial Least Squares Analysis
148 -- 163Fang Hu, Jian Yang. A Fuzzy Performance Evaluation Model for Government Websites Based on Language Property and Balanced Score Card

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 30Nhuong Bui, Long Pham, Stan Williamson, Cyrus Mohebbi, Hanh Le. Intention to Use Mobile Commerce: Evidence From Emerging Economies
31 -- 52ZhengShu Zhou, Qiang Zhi, Shuji Morisaki, Shuichiro Yamamoto. IMAF: A Visual Innovation Methodology Based on ArchiMate Framework
53 -- 68Zeplin Jiwa Husada Tarigan, Hotlan Siagian, Ferry Jie. The Role of Top Management Commitment to Enhancing the Competitive Advantage Through ERP Integration and Purchasing Strategy
69 -- 91K. Sasikumar, B. Vijayakumar. An Efficient Multi-Objective Model for Data Replication in Cloud Computing Environment
92 -- 107Mei Zhang, Fei Feng, Zhilong Zhang, JingHua Wen. A New Business Process Verification Approach for E-Commerce Using Petri Nets
108 -- 131Loganathan Jayakumar, S. Janakiraman 0001, Ankur Dumka. Optimal Spectrum-Hole Detection Scheme for Cooperative CRN Using Dynamic Weighted VIKOR