Journal: IJEIS

Volume 5, Issue 4

1 -- 16Albert Boonstra. Identifying and Managing Stakeholders in Enterprise Information System Projects
17 -- 33Giorgio Bruno. People-Oriented Enterprise Information Systems
34 -- 52João Varajão, António Trigo, João Barroso. Motivations and Trends for IT/IS Adoption: Insights from Portuguese Companies
53 -- 70Valentina Janev, Jovan Dudukovic, Sanja Vranes. Semantic Web Based Integration of Knowledge Resources for Expertise Finding
71 -- 87Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha, Goran D. Putnik. Environments for Virtual Enterprise Integration

Volume 5, Issue 3

1 -- 13Maria Argyropoulou, George Ioannou, Dimitrios N. Koufopoulos, Jaideep Motwani. Measuring the Impact of an ERP Project at SMEs: A Framework and Empirical Investigation
14 -- 26Jeffrey Chang, Margi Levy, Philip Powell. Process Re-Engineering Success in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
27 -- 46Simona Sternad, Samo Bobek, Zdenko Dezelak, Ana Lampret. Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Implementation in SMEs: What Does Matter for Business Integration
47 -- 59Daniel Lübke, Jorge Marx Gómez. Developing and Customizing Federated ERP Systems
60 -- 71Lorraine Warren, Ted Fuller. Contrasting Approaches to Preparedness: A Reflection on Two Case Studies

Volume 5, Issue 2

1 -- 17Spyridon Papastergiou, Despina Polemi. A Secure and Trustful E-Ordering Architecture (TOES) for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)
18 -- 36Cynthia T. Small, Andrew P. Sage. A Complex Adaptive Systems-Based Enterprise Knowledge Sharing Model
37 -- 48Justin Meza, Qin Zhu. Mix, Match, Rediscovery: A Mashup Experiment of Knowledge Organization in an Enterprise Environment
49 -- 70Kari Smolander, Matti Rossi. Conflicts, Compromises, and Political Decisions: Methodological Challenges of Enterprise-Wide E-Business Architecture Creation
71 -- 95Sajda Qureshi, Mehruz Kamal, Peter Wolcott. Information Technology Interventions for Growth and Competitiveness in Micro-Enterprises

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 8Eric W. T. Ngai, Angappa Gunasekaran. RFID Adoption: Issues and Challenges
9 -- 31Layth Sliman, Frédérique Biennier, Youakim Badr. Collaborative Business and Enterprise Urbanization: Towards a Production-Oriented Urbanization Strategy
32 -- 43Ruey-Shun Chen, Chia-Ming Sun, Marilyn M. Helms, Wen-Jang Kenny Jih. Factors Influencing Information System Flexibility: An Interpretive Flexibility Perspective
44 -- 54Efrem G. Mallach. Information System Conversion Strategies: A Unified View
55 -- 73Kristi Wenrich, Norita Ahmad. Lessons Learned During a Decade of ERP Experience: A Case Study