Journal: IJICS

Volume 10, Issue 4

321 -- 340Arup Kumar Pal, Soumitra Roy. A robust and blind image watermarking scheme in DCT domain
341 -- 360Ross Gore, Saikou Y. Diallo, Jose J. Padilla, Barry Ezell. Assessing cyber-incidents using machine learning
361 -- 373Soufiane El Moumni, Mohamed Fettach, Abderrahim Tragha. High frequency implementation of cryptographic hash function Keccak-512 on FPGA devices
374 -- 397Sunil K. Moon, Rajeshree D. Raut. Innovative data security model using forensic audio video steganography for improving hidden data security and robustness
398 -- 417Ankit Kumar Jain, Brij B. Gupta. Detection of phishing attacks in financial and e-banking websites using link and visual similarity relation
418 -- 436Aniruddha Bhattacharjya, Xiaofeng Zhong, Jing Wang 0001, Xing Li. Hybrid RSA-based highly efficient, reliable and strong personal full mesh networked messaging scheme
437 -- 453Muhammad Azeem, Yongquan Cai, Allah Ditta, Khurram Gulzar Rana, Faheem Akhtar Rajpoot. Information hiding: a novel algorithm for enhancement of cover text capacity by using unicode characters

Volume 10, Issue 2/3

109 -- 128Muhammad Shafiq, Xiangzhan Yu, Asif Ali Laghari. WeChat traffic classification using machine learning algorithms and comparative analysis of datasets
129 -- 148Vandana Mohindru, Yashwant Singh. Node authentication algorithm for securing static wireless sensor networks from node clone attack
149 -- 169Shaojing Li, Wanli Su. The research of reputation incentive mechanism of P2P network file sharing system
170 -- 200Shashank Gupta 0002, Brij Bhooshan Gupta. Robust injection point-based framework for modern applications against XSS vulnerabilities in online social networks
201 -- 215Sujarani Rajendran, Manivannan Doraipandian. A nonlinear two dimensional logistic-tent map for secure image communication
216 -- 236Soumitra Roy, Arup Kumar Pal. A robust reversible image watermarking scheme in DCT domain using Arnold scrambling and histogram modification
237 -- 247Lihua Song, Xiaofeng Zhang. Improved pixel relevance based on Mahalanobis distance for image segmentation
248 -- 260Yujuan Sun, Xiaofeng Zhang, Muwei Jian. 3D reconstruction of human face from an input image under random lighting condition
261 -- 275Amita, Amandeep Kaur, Marut Kumar. Reversible data hiding in absolute moment block truncation coding compressed images using adaptive multilevel histogram shifting technique
276 -- 302Dulal C. Kar, Anusha Madhuri Nakka, Ajay K. Katangur. A new statistical attack resilient steganography scheme for hiding messages in audio files
303 -- 320Rohit Raja, Tilendra Shishir Sinha, Raj Kumar Patra, Shrikant Tiwari. Physiological trait-based biometrical authentication of human-face using LGXP and ANN techniques

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 24Sanchita Pathak, Ratnakirti Roy, Suvamoy Changder. Performance analysis of image steganalysis techniques and future research directives
25 -- 40M. Sumana, K. S. Hareesha. Modelling a secure support vector machine classifier for private data
41 -- 62C. Pavan Kumar, R. Selvakumar, Raghunadh K. Bhattar. Reliable and secure communication using fundamental cut-sets and fundamental circuits
63 -- 79Aniruddha Bhattacharjya, Xiaofeng Zhong, Jing Wang. An end-to-end user two-way authenticated double encrypted messaging scheme based on hybrid RSA for the future internet architectures
80 -- 101H. S. Hota, Dinesh K. Sharma, Akhilesh Kumar Shrivas. Development of an efficient classifier using proposed sensitivity-based feature selection technique for intrusion detection system