Journal: IJKM

Volume 5, Issue 4

1 -- 25Carina Hallin, Torvald Ƙgaard, Einar Marnburg. Exploring Qualitative Differences in Knowledge Sources: A Study of Hierarchical Effects of Judgmental Confidence and Accuracy Performance
26 -- 42Kelly J. Fadel, Alexandra Durcikova, Hoon S. Cha. Information Influence in Mediated Knowledge Transfer: An Experimental Test of Elaboration Likelihood

Volume 5, Issue 3

1 -- 20Subramanian Rama Iyer, Ramesh Sharda, David P. Biros, Joyce Lucca, Upton Shimp. Organization of Lessons Learned Knowledge: A Taxonomy and Implementation
21 -- 37Nassim Belbaly. Investigating the Impact of Knowledge Management Factors on New Product Development Performance
38 -- 53Joseph Kasten. Knowledge Strategy and Its Role in the Organization: An Exploratory Study
54 -- 72Wei Li. Online Knowledge Sharing Among Chinese and American Employees: Explore the Influence of National Cultural Differences
73 -- 93Christian Mueller, Kelly Bradley. Utilizing the Rasch Model to Develop and Evaluate Items for the Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Superintendents (TKIS)

Volume 5, Issue 2

1 -- 20Robert Judge. A Simulation System for Evaluating Knowledge Management System (KMS)Implementation Strategies in Small to Mid-Size Enterprises (SME)
21 -- 32Shaheen Majid, Sim Wey. Perceptions and Knowledge Sharing Practices of Graduate Students in Singapore
33 -- 50Joseph Meloche, Helen Hasan, David Willis, Charmaine C. Pfaff, Yan Qi. Cocreating Corporate Knowledge with a Wiki
51 -- 63Mark Allan, Anthony Korolis, Terri Griffith. Reaching for the Moon: Expanding Transactive Memory's Reach with Wikis and Tagging
64 -- 86Stephen McLaughlin. Improving Supply Chain Performance through the Implementation of Process Related Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 16Shahnawaz Muhammed, William J. Doll, Xiaodong Deng. A Model of Interrelationships Among Individual Level Knowledge Management Success Measures
17 -- 28Richard Jolly, Wayne W. Wakeland. Using Agent Based Simulation and Game Theory Analysis to Study Knowledge Flow in Organizations: The KMscape
29 -- 45Kaveh Mohammadi, Amir Khanlari, Babak Sohrabi. Organizational Readiness Assessment for Knowledge Management
46 -- 60Kerstin Fink, Christian Ploder. Knowledge Management Toolkit for SMEs
60 -- 77Mark W. Salisbury. A Framework for Managing the Life Cycle of Knowledge in Organizations
78 -- 87Anssi Smedlund. Social Network Structures for Explicit, Tacit and Potential Knowledge