Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 11, Issue 4

1 -- 15Felix Anand Epp. Expressive Wearables: Practices-Oriented Codesign for New Forms of Social Mobile Technology
16 -- 30Gavin Bailey. Bridging the Gap Between the Digital and Print Reading Experience
31 -- 39Hong Li. Beyond the Screen: Creating Unconventional Artifacts to Support Long-Distance Relationships
40 -- 48Niek Zuidhof, Somaya Ben Allouch. Exploring the Preferences for Anticipated Use of Head-Mounted Displays
49 -- 65Srihari Hulikal Muralidhar. Making Digital Money "Work" for Low-Income Users: Critical Reflections for HCI
66 -- 83Patrick Murmann. Eliciting Design Guidelines for Privacy Notifications in mHealth Environments

Volume 11, Issue 3

1 -- 17Johannes Maria Kraus, Yannick Forster 0001, Sebastian Hergeth, Martin Baumann 0001. Two Routes to Trust Calibration: Effects of Reliability and Brand Information on Trust in Automation
18 -- 39Bashar I. Ahmad, Chrisminder Hare, Harpreet Singh, Arber Shabani, Briana Lindsay, Lee Skrypchuk, Patrick Langdon, Simon J. Godsill. Touchless Selection Schemes for Intelligent Automotive User Interfaces With Predictive Mid-Air Touch
40 -- 58Philipp Wintersberger, Clemens Schartm├╝ller, Andreas Riener. Attentive User Interfaces to Improve Multitasking and Take-Over Performance in Automated Driving: The Auto-Net of Things
59 -- 70Dina Kanaan, Suzan Ayas, Birsen Donmez, Martina Risteska, Joyita Chakraborty. Using Naturalistic Vehicle-Based Data to Predict Distraction and Environmental Demand

Volume 11, Issue 2

1 -- 18Lee Lisle, Coleman Merenda, Kyle Tanous, Hyungil Kim, Joseph L. Gabbard, Doug A. Bowman. Effects of Volumetric Augmented Reality Displays on Human Depth Judgments: Implications for Heads-Up Displays in Transportation
19 -- 38Bethan Hannah Topliss, Sanna M. Pampel, Gary E. Burnett, Lee Skrypchuk, Chrisminder Hare. Follow the Leader: Examining Real and Augmented Reality Lead Vehicles as Driving Navigational Aids
39 -- 57Patrizia Di Campli San Vito, Stephen A. Brewster, Frank E. Pollick, Stuart White, Lee Skrypchuk, Alexandros Mouzakitis. Thermal Feedback for Simulated Lane Change Scenarios
58 -- 74Nicole Perterer, Susanne Stadler, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi. Driving Together Across Vehicle: Effects of Driver/Co-Driver Pairs
75 -- 97Alexander Kunze, Stephen J. Summerskill, Russell Marshall, Ashleigh J. Filtness. Function-Specific Uncertainty Communication in Automated Driving

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 15Philip T. Kortum, Claudia Ziegler Acemyan. Usability Assessments of Mobile Applications as a Function of Geographic Location
16 -- 39Hasan A. Abbas, Omar E. M. Khalil, Hosny I. Hamdy. Determinants of the Behavioral Intention to Adopt Tablet Computers in an Arabian Milieu
40 -- 61Jiawei Chen, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, John M. Carroll. Withshare: A Mobile Application to Support Community Coproduction Activities