Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 5, Issue 4

1 -- 19Ioannis Delikostidis, Thore Fechner, Holger Fritze, Ahmed Mahmoud AbdelMouty, Christian Kray. Evaluating Mobile Applications in Virtual Environments: A Survey
20 -- 55Aino Ahtinen, Minna Isomursu, Shruti Ramiah, Jan Blom. Advise, Acknowledge, Grow and Engage: Design Principles for a Mobile Wellness Application to Support Physical Activity
56 -- 80Abdallah El-Ali, Hamed Ketabdar. Magnet-Based Around Device Interaction for Playful Music Composition and Gaming

Volume 5, Issue 3

1 -- 22Erik Kristiansen. Design Games for In-Situ Design
23 -- 41Hamed Ketabdar, Amin Haji Abolhassani, Mehran Roshandel. MagiThings: Gestural Interaction with Mobile Devices Based on Using Embedded Compass (Magnetic Field) Sensor
42 -- 61Nikola Banovic, Koji Yatani, Khai N. Truong. Escape-Keyboard: A Sight-Free One-Handed Text Entry Method for Mobile Touch-screen Devices
62 -- 76Tim Jones, Daniel Kay, Penney Upton, Dominic Upton. An Evaluation of Older Adults Use of iPads in Eleven UK Care-Homes

Volume 5, Issue 2

1 -- 20Matthias Baldauf, Peter Fröhlich, Jasmin Buchta, Theresa Stürmer. From Touchpad to Smart Lens: A Comparative Study on Smartphone Interaction with Public Displays
21 -- 49Kimiko Ryokai, Alice M. Agogino. Off the Paved Paths: Exploring Nature with a Mobile Augmented Reality Learning Tool
50 -- 61Luiz Henrique A. Salazar, Thaísa Lacerda, Juliane Vargas Nunes, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim. A Systematic Literature Review on Usability Heuristics for Mobile Phones
62 -- 83Xu Sun, David Golightly, Jo Cranwell, Benjamin Bedwell, Sarah Sharples. Participant Experiences of Mobile Device-Based Diary Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 15Rod McCall, Vincent Koenig, Martin Kracheel. Using Gamification and Metaphor to Design a Mobility Platform for Commuters
16 -- 44Rahul Swaminathan, Robert Schleicher, Simon Burkard, Renato Agurto, Steven Koleczko. Happy Measure: Augmented Reality for Mobile Virtual Furnishing
45 -- 61Matthias Kranz, Lukas Murmann, Florian Michahelles. Research in the Large: Challenges for Large-Scale Mobile Application Research- A Case Study about NFC Adoption using Gamification via an App Store
62 -- 69Imran Ahmed, Meghna Pandharipande, Sunil Kumar Kopparapu. SpeakRite: Monitoring Speaking Rate in Real Time on a Mobile Phone