Journal: IJVR

Volume 19, Issue 3

1 -- 0Olivier Christmann, Simon Richir. Editorial - IJVR 19(3)
2 -- 15Costas Boletsis, Stian Kongsvik. Controller-based Text-input Techniques for Virtual Reality: An Empirical Comparison
16 -- 30Xizuo Liu, Yan Lin, Xiaogang Xu, Liang Ma. Multi-Projector Calibration Based on Virtual Viewing Space
31 -- 45Tanja Engelmann, Sabine Wallstein, Dieter Hitzler. An Experimental Study to Investigate the Potential of Online Shopping in Immersive Virtual Realities Compared to Conventional Online Shops

Volume 19, Issue 2

1 -- 0Simon Richir. Editorial - IJVR 19(2)
2 -- 15Julia Santl, Youssef Shiban, Andreas Plab, Stefan Wüst, Brigitte M. Kudielka, Andreas Mühlberger. Gender Differences in Stress Responses during a Virtual Reality Trier Social Stress Test
16 -- 34Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek, Christian van Husen, Marc Pallot, Simon Richir. Comparing Conventional versus Immersive Service Prototypes: An Empirical Study
17 -- 26Violette Abergel, Kévin Jacquot, Livio De Luca, Philippe Véron. Towards a SLAM-based augmented reality application for the 3D annotation of rock art
27 -- 32Haroun Djaghloul, Jean-Pierre Jessel. 3D Objects based Security in Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 10Augusto Garcia-Agundez, Christian Reuter 0003, Polona Caserman, Robert Konrad 0001, Stefan Göbel 0001. Identifying Cybersickness through Heart Rate Variability alterations
11 -- 25Rômulo Santos Silva, Artur Martins Mol, Lucila Ishitani. Virtual reality for older users: a systematic literature review