Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 20, Issue 4

301 -- 307Jiachen Yang, Chunping Hou, Ran Xu, Jianjun Lei. New metric for stereo image quality assessment based on HVS
308 -- 315Min-Cheng Pan. Image restoration through regularization based on error energy minimization
316 -- 322Elisabetta La Torre, Barbara Caputo, Tatiana Tommasi. Learning methods for melanoma recognition
323 -- 332Yi-Chih Liu, Sheng-De Wang. A virtual teleconferencing system based on face detection and 3D animation in a low-bandwidth environment
333 -- 353Roberto Baena Gallé, Jorge Núñez de Murga. Effects of the curvelet transform over interferometric images
354 -- 358Jiangyan Xu, Linning Ye, Wang Luo. Color edge detection using multiscale quaternion convolution
359 -- 366Do Quan, Yo-Sung Ho. An effective approach for wavelet lifting based on filter optimization and median operator
367 -- 369Brijesh Jajal, Vipul Desai. Identification of copy-paste regions in digital image
370 -- 377Sang-Tae Na, Yo-Sung Ho. Joint coding of multiview video and depth data using virtual view synthesis
378 -- 390Kwan-Jung Oh, Sehoon Yea, Anthony Vetro, Yo-Sung Ho. Virtual view synthesis method and self-evaluation metrics for free viewpoint television and 3D video
391 -- 399Vítor H. Carvalho, Michael S. Belsley, Rosa M. Vasconcelos, Filomena O. Soares. Determination of yarn production characteristics using image processing
400 -- 408Imran Fareed Nizami, Sungjun Hong, Heesung Lee, Byungyun Lee, Euntai Kim. Automatic gait recognition based on probabilistic approach

Volume 20, Issue 3

191 -- 201Michael K. Ng, Guoping Qiu, Andy M. Yip. Numerical methods for interactive multiple-class image segmentation problems
202 -- 214Jing-Ming Guo, Soo-Chang Pei, Hua Lee. Watermarking in halftone images with noise balance strategy
215 -- 222Ilka Netravali, Robert J. Holt, Charles Webb. Perceptual denoising of color images
223 -- 236Shanmugalingam Suganthan, Lindsay W. MacDonald. Shadow removal from image of stained glass windows
237 -- 244Erman Engin, Meriç Özcan. Moving target detection using super-resolution algorithms with an ultra wideband radar
245 -- 252Shihui Ying, Hong Qiao. Lie group method: A new approach to image matching with arbitrary orientations
253 -- 260Huchuan Lu, Yingjie Huang, Yen-Wei Chen. Automatic facial expression recognition based on pixel-pattern-based texture feature
261 -- 267Dinesh Kumar, C. S. Rai, Shakti Kumar. Analysis of unsupervised learning techniques for face recognition
268 -- 276Walid Aoudi, Didier Vray. Estimation of a dense velocity field based on the statistics of dynamic speckle
277 -- 284Young-Ho Seo, Hyun-Jun Choi, Ji-Sang Yoo, Dong Wook Kim. Selective and adaptive signal hiding technique for security of JPEG2000
285 -- 293Myung-Han Hyun, Sung-Yeol Kim, Yun-Suk Kang, Yo-Sung Ho. Multiview foreground extraction and composition to multiview background using trimap sharing for natural 3D scene generation
294 -- 300Jing-Ming Guo, Jyun-Hao Huang. Data hiding in halftone images with secret-shared dot diffusion

Volume 20, Issue 2

81 -- 98Hong Jung, Jong Chul Ye. Motion estimated and compensated compressed sensing dynamic magnetic resonance imaging: What we can learn from video compression techniques
99 -- 107Madhura Ingalhalikar, Jinzhong Yang, Christos Davatzikos, Ragini Verma. DTI-DROID: Diffusion tensor imaging-deformable registration using orientation and intensity descriptors
108 -- 116Myoung Won Cho, M.-Y. Choi. Brain networks: Graph theoretical analysis and development models
117 -- 125Bang-Bon Koo, Dae-Shik Kim. Computer-based morphometry of brain
126 -- 130Govind Nair, Qiang Shen, Timothy Q. Duong. Relaxation time constants and apparent diffusion coefficients of rat retina at 7 Tesla
131 -- 139Lars Muckli. What are we missing here? Brain imaging evidence for higher cognitive functions in primary visual cortex V1
140 -- 148T. N. Vikram, K. Chidananda Gowda. Subspace models for document script and language identification
149 -- 154Alex Wang, Hong Yan. Delineating low-count defective-contour SPECT lung scans for PE diagnosis using adaptive dual exponential thresholding and active contours
155 -- 161Chi-Chou Kao, Yen-Tai Lai, Chia-Hui Lin. An efficient reflection invariance region-based image retrieval framework
162 -- 166Eui Chul Lee, Kang Ryoung Park. Fake iris detection based on 3D structure of iris pattern
167 -- 178Cyril Meurie, Olivier Lézoray, Louahdi Khoudour, Abderrahim Elmoataz. Morphological hierarchical segmentation and color spaces
179 -- 189Kuo-Cheng Liu. Block-based watermarking for color images using visibility of quantization noise

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 0Dae-Shik Kim. Guest editorial: Special issue on neuroimaging
2 -- 13Andrew G. Webb, Christopher M. Collins. Parallel transmit and receive technology in high-field magnetic resonance neuroimaging
14 -- 22Martin A. Lindquist. The benefits of rapid 3D fMRI
23 -- 30Jin Hyung Lee. Balanced steady state free precession fMRI
31 -- 41Rajeev D. S. Raizada, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte. Pattern-information fMRI: New questions which it opens up and challenges which face it
42 -- 50Allen W. Song, Trong-Kha Truong. Apparent diffusion coefficient dependent fMRI: Spatiotemporal characteristics and implications on calibrated fMRI
51 -- 56Andreia Faria, Kenichi Oishi, Susumu Mori. Study of white matter anatomy and 3D tract reconstruction by diffusion tensor imaging
57 -- 61Itamar Ronen. Studying brain cytoarchitecture with MRI - Present, future and promises of high field
62 -- 70Wouter M. Teeuwisse, Andrew G. Webb, Matthias J. P. van Osch. Arterial spin labeling at ultra-high field: All that glitters is not gold
71 -- 79Victor S. Lelyveld, Tatjana Atanasijevic, Alan Jasanoff. Challenges for molecular neuroimaging with MRI