Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 15, Issue 4

237 -- 251Khaled Alghathbar, Duminda Wijesekera. Enforcing Security Policies in Requirements Engineering Using AFUML
252 -- 262Yasser Ganjisaffar, Hassan Abolhassani. Towards a Framework for Brokering Semantic Web Services
263 -- 273Mahdi Abadi, Saeed Jalili. Minimization Analysis of Network Attack Graphs Using Genetic Algorithms
274 -- 282Esmail Amini, Mehrdad Najibi, Hossein Pedram. Automatic Generation of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Wrapper Circuits
283 -- 296Saad Bani-Mohammad, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, Ismail Ababneh. Greedy-Available Non-Contiguous Processor Allocation Strategy and Job Scheduling for 2D Mesh Connected Multicomputers