Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 15, Issue 4

237 -- 251Khaled Alghathbar, Duminda Wijesekera. Enforcing Security Policies in Requirements Engineering Using AFUML
252 -- 262Yasser Ganjisaffar, Hassan Abolhassani. Towards a Framework for Brokering Semantic Web Services
263 -- 273Mahdi Abadi, Saeed Jalili. Minimization Analysis of Network Attack Graphs Using Genetic Algorithms
274 -- 282Esmail Amini, Mehrdad Najibi, Hossein Pedram. Automatic Generation of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Wrapper Circuits
283 -- 296Saad Bani-Mohammad, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, Ismail Ababneh. Greedy-Available Non-Contiguous Processor Allocation Strategy and Job Scheduling for 2D Mesh Connected Multicomputers

Volume 15, Issue 3

169 -- 176Yujun Zheng, Qimin Hu, Jinyun Xue. Implementing Templated Design Patterns: A Category Theoretic Approach
177 -- 186K. Subramani, Kamesh Madduri. A Randomized Queueless Algorithm for Breadth-First Search
187 -- 200Samia Bouzefrane, Jean-Paul Etienne, Claude Kaiser. Handling Overload and Data-Relaxation Control in Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
201 -- 216Hussam M. Ramadan, Yousry I. Taha. A Decision Support Tool for Prioritizing the Construction of Short Roads Using an Expert System Approach
217 -- 224Falko Dressler. Scalability in Analyzing the Availability of Large-Scale Networks using Multicast
225 -- 235Hanan A. Hassan, Soheir A. F. Bassiouny, Mohamed S. Abougabal, Walaa M. Sheta. Statistical Source Modeling of Walkthrough Navigators

Volume 15, Issue 2

79 -- 99Jane Huffman Hayes. Authorship Attribution: A Principal Component and Linear Discriminant Analysis of the Consistent Programmer Hypothesis
100 -- 112Long He, Ramesh K. Karne, Alexander L. Wijesinha. The Design and Performance of a Bare PC Web Server
113 -- 123Mostafa E. Saleh, Ahmed Ezz. Towards Semantic Web News Sites
124 -- 136Khaled Shuaib, Farag Sallabi. Extending Link State IGPs for Load Management in MPLS Networks
137 -- 151Soraya Zebirate, Abdelkader Chaker, Ali Feliachi. State Space Neural Networks Adaptive Control of the Unified Power Flow Controller
152 -- 168Wen-Chi Hou, Chih-Fang Wang, Qiao Luo, Cheng Luo, Zhewei Jiang. Improving Concurrency Control with Invalidation Reports in Mobile Databases

Volume 15, Issue 1

2 -- 10S. A. M. Gilani, Ioannis Kostopoulos, Athanassios N. Skodras. Multipurpose Color Image Watermarking
11 -- 20Mostafa E. Saleh. Semantic Query in Heterogeneous Web Data Sources
21 -- 0Suriya Kaewarsa. Wavelet-Based Neural Recognition System for Power Quality Events
27 -- 42Basilis Mamalis, Dimitris Kehagias, Grammati E. Pantziou. Efficient Techniques for Parallel Text Retrieval on PC-Cluster Environments
43 -- 56Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Vassilis Dalakas, Mara Nikolaidou, Vassilios C. Vescoukis. A Structured-Analysis-Based Specification for Faster-than-Real-Time Simulation
57 -- 0Amr El-Kadi, Mohamed F. Ahmed. The Ezeus Operating System Design and Internals