Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 16, Issue 4

192 -- 199Tarek F. Gharib, Mena B. Habib, Zaki T. Fayed. Arabic Text Classification Using Support Vector Machines
200 -- 219Leila Jemni Ben Ayed, Ahlem Ben Younes. Modeling and Verification of Reactive Systems Using STATEMATE and Event B
220 -- 233Amel Grissa-Touzi, Minyar Sassi, Habib Ounelli. An Innovative Contribution to Flexible Query Through the Fusion of Conceptual Clustering, Fuzzy Logic, and Formal Concept Analysis
234 -- 246Kirk Scott. Aspects of Z Order
247 -- 257Sithy Shameema Yasim, Shahram Latifi. Reliability Modeling of Augmented Hypercube Networks

Volume 16, Issue 3

122 -- 135Ahmed H. Salem, Anup Kumar, Adel Said Elmaghraby. An Adaptive Quality of Service Based Power Management Algorithm in Wireless Transmission
136 -- 143In Soo Lee, Gordon K. Lee. Fault Diagnosis Using a Modified Armitage Method and Artificial Neural Networks
144 -- 153Richard T. Hurley, John Mak, Bart C. Domzy. Performance Comparison of Algorithms for Gathering Remote State Information
154 -- 170Lung-Yung Chu, Dong-Guk Shin. An Improved Heuristic Approach for the Steiner Problem in Graphs
171 -- 179Mznah Al-Rodhaan, Lewis M. Mackenzie, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua. Traffic Locality Oriented Route Discovery Algorithm with Delay
180 -- 190Yirsaw Ayalew, Audrey Masizana. Requirements Elicitation Techniques Selection Using AHP

Volume 16, Issue 2

80 -- 0Randy K. Smith. Introduction: Special Issue on the Application of Computer Technology to Public Safety and Law Enforcement
81 -- 90Dana Steil, Allen S. Parrish. HIT: A GIS-Based Hotspot Identification Taxonomy
91 -- 97Li Ding, Brandon Dixon, Allen S. Parrish. IRAS: An Inmates Risk Assessment System
98 -- 104Nenad Jukic, Svetlozar Nestorov. Qualified Association-Rule Mining - Expanding Public Safety Data Insight
105 -- 110Rayford B. Vaughn, David A. Dampier. Outreach, Teaching and Research Facilitated by a Forensics Training Center in Direct Support of Public Safety and Criminal Justice
111 -- 120Akram Idani, Jean-Louis Boulanger, Laurent Philippe 0002. Linking Paradigms in Safety Critical Systems

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 12Ashraf A. Zaher. Robust Computer-Based Modeling and Simulation of Both DC and AC PM motors
13 -- 33Shawki Areibi, X. Bao, Gary Gréwal, Dilip K. Banerji, Peng Du. Meta-Heuristic Based Techniques for FPGA Placement: A Study
34 -- 42Cong Liu, Sanjeev Baskiyar. A Scalable Grid Scheduler for Real-Time Applications
43 -- 58Wei-Ming Lin, Enmin Song. Fast Random Variate Generation with Sorting-Based Rejection Techniques for Computer Simulation
59 -- 68Simon Kågström, Håkan Grahn, Lars Lundberg. The Design and Implementation of Multiprocessor Support for an Industrial Operating System Kernel
69 -- 0Ford Lumban Gaol, Belawati Widjaja. Comprehensive Exploration on Social Network Analysis