Journal: IS Management

Volume 16, Issue 4

1 -- 7Milam Aiken, Mohammad Bsat. Forecasting Market Trends with Neural Networks
1 -- 11Stan Hume, Tom Devane, Jill Smith Slater. Transforming an Organization Through Prototyping: A Case Study
1 -- 9David C. Chou, Amy Y. Chou. A Manager s Guide to Data Mining
1 -- 9André Bourdreau, Guy Couillard. Systems Integration and Knowledge Management
1 -- 3William R. King. Integrating Knowledge Management Into is Strategy
1 -- 8Edmond F. Vail III. Knowledge Mapping: Getting Started with Knowledge Management
1 -- 10Jacquelin R. Dunn, Michael W. Varano. Leveraging Web-Based Information Systems
5 -- 6Dawan Travis Dewire. From the Editor
7 -- 15Jerry Kanter. Knowledge Management, Practically Speaking
70 -- 73Paul Gray. Economic Visions

Volume 16, Issue 3

5 -- 6Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
7 -- 14Prasad Bingi, Maneesh K. Sharma, Jayanth K. Godla. Critical Issues Affecting an ERP Implementation
15 -- 20Janet Butler. Risk Management Skills Needed in A Packaged Software Environment
21 -- 30Gary Hackbarth, Varun Grover. The Knowledge Repository: Organizational Memory Information Systems
31 -- 35Conghua Li. Erp Packages: What s Next?
36 -- 46Russell L. Purvis, Gordon E. McCray. Integrating Core it Processes: A Case Study
47 -- 56Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward. Preparing for Euro Business Transactions
57 -- 62Lawrence A. Gordon, Martin P. Loeb. The Y2K Boon to is and Business
63 -- 70Margaret T. O Hara, Richard T. Watson, C. Bruce Kavan. Managing the three Levels of Change
71 -- 77Clinton O. Longenecker, Connie J. Schaffer, Joseph A. Scazzero. Causes and Consequences of Stress in the it Profession
78 -- 87Hossein Bidgoli. An Integrated Model for Introducing Intranets
88 -- 90John van den Hoven. Key Trends for the New Millennium
91 -- 93Ralph L. Kliem. Managing the Risks of Outsourcing Agreements

Volume 16, Issue 2

5 -- 6Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
7 -- 11Stewart L. Stokes. At the Crossroads of Technology and Management: Deciding which Path to Take
12 -- 17Kenneth P. Prager. Organizational Culture and the it Professional: Matching Individuals and Organizations
18 -- 24John P. Murray. Successfully Hiring and Retaining it Personnel
25 -- 31Charles E. Downing, Andrew S. Clark. Groupware in Practice: Expected and Realized Benefits
32 -- 40Robert E. Typanski. Creating an Effective Information Environment: Management Perspectives and Personnel
41 -- 45Karen C. Fox, Mark N. Frolick. Creating A Paperless Workflow: A Case Study
46 -- 57Sakthi Mahenthiran, Michael P. D Itri, Randolph E. Donn. The Role of Organizational Reality in Implementing Technology: Field Study
58 -- 63Yousif Mustafa, Olugbenga Mejabi. An Approach for Developing Flexible MRP Systems
64 -- 71Younghoc Yoon. Discovering Knowledge in Corporate Databases
72 -- 79Jim Ayers. Supply Chain Strategies
80 -- 84Paul Gray. Bundles from Britain
85 -- 88Anil Maheshwari. Database Security for the Web
89 -- 91Hugh W. Ryan. Managing Development in the Era of Large Complex Systems
92 -- 94Ralph L. Kliem. A Tool for Managing Year 2000 Projects

Volume 16, Issue 1

5 -- 6Robert E. Umbaugh. From the Editor
7 -- 14David C. Chou. The Economics of Taxing Electronic Commerce
15 -- 25Mark Rogers, T. M. Rajkumar. Developing Electronic Commerce Web Sites for the Visually Impaired
26 -- 31Vatcharaporn Esichaikul, Chatiya Chaichotiranant. Selecting an EDI Third-Party Network
32 -- 39Dale Young, Houston H. Carr, R. Kelly Rainer Jr.. Strategic Implications of Electronic Linkages
40 -- 47Shouhong Wang. Analyzing Agents for Electronic Commerce
48 -- 54Mahmoud M. Watad, Michael Herlihy. Implementing Distributed Solutions: Which Strategy to Choose?
55 -- 60Russell L. Purvis, Gordon E. McCray. Project Assessment: A Tool for Improving Project Management
61 -- 71Robert Heckman. Managing the it Procurement Process
72 -- 77Sanjiv Purba. Database Development Methodology and Organization
78 -- 83Michael J. D. Sutton, Pierre J. Lemay. Terms of Reference: The Foundation for Implementing Document Management Systems
84 -- 87Paul Gray. E-Commerce Overviews and Close-Ups
88 -- 90John van den Hoven. Information Resource Management: Stewards of Data
91 -- 94Michael E. Whitman, Anthony M. Townsend, Robert J. Aalberts. The Communications Decency Act: An Update for is Management