Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 40, Issue 4

299 -- 305Michael Mabe. Vision 2030: Made in China?
307 -- 311Gabriela Mejias. Improving funding and publishing workflows with PIDs
313 -- 318Eeva Furman. The big leap: How to move from what is agreed and done to what needs to happen
319 -- 327Alicia Wise, Lorraine Estelle. Price transparency project: Informing the development of Plan S
329 -- 331Andrew James Miller. Publishing is evolving, but are we? Developing talent for the future
333 -- 341Jan Velterop, Erik Schultes. An Academic Publishers' GO FAIR Implementation Network (APIN)

Volume 40, Issue 3

131 -- 156Bonnie Lawlor. A grand experiment
157 -- 160Amy Brand. Knowledge infrastructure and the role of the university
161 -- 175Tim Lloyd. Introduction to SeamlessAccess
177 -- 179John Chapman. A conversation about linked data in the library and publishing ecosystem
181 -- 191Kathryn A. Kaiser, John Chodacki, Ted Habermann, Jennifer Kemp, Laura Paglione, Michelle Urberg, T. Scott Plutchak. Metadata: The accelerant we need
193 -- 199Leslie Johnston. Challenges in preservation and archiving digital materials
201 -- 208Clifford B. Anderson. Preservation and archiving of digital media
209 -- 212Stephanie Orphan, Craig Van Dyck. Ask the preservation experts at the inaugural NISO Plus conference
213 -- 224Michelle Urberg. Digital humanities projects and standards: Let's get this conversation started!
225 -- 230Carl Grant, Chad Mairn. 3D, virtual, augmented, extended, mixed reality, and extended content forms: The technology and the challenges
231 -- 235James G. Neal. 2020 Miles Conrad award lecture: James G. Neal
237 -- 249James G. Neal, Deanna B. Marcum, Todd A. Carpenter. Miles Conrad Award 2020: A panel discussion with James Neal, Deanna Marcum, and Todd Carpenter
251 -- 253Melissa Harrison. JATS4R - working together to apply the standard standardly
255 -- 258Qiana Johnson. Privacy considerations for library and information professionals
259 -- 272Danah Boyd. Questioning the legitimacy of data
273 -- 275Sara Rouhi. Reflections on NISO plus or scholarly communications pre-COVID - how the world has changed
277 -- 287Jason Griffey, Alice Meadows, Nettie Lagace, Todd A. Carpenter. NISO Plus 2020: Outputs and next steps
289 -- 297Todd A. Carpenter. Engaging With NISO

Volume 40, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Elliot R. Siegel, Robert A. Logan. Editors' Note
3 -- 16Andrew Pleasant, Catina O'Leary, Richard Carmona. Health literacy: Global advances with a focus upon the Shanghai Declaration on promoting health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
17 -- 25Diane Levin-Zamir, Orna Baron-Epel. Health literacy in Israel - from measurement to intervention: Two case studies
27 -- 40Ivan Oransky. Will improvements in health journalism improve health literacy?
41 -- 49Catina O'Leary, Chris Casey, Diane Webb, Deborah Collyar, Andrew Pleasant. How health literacy can enhance the design and conduct of clinical trials from consent to conclusion
51 -- 69Stacia Reader, Elyse Gruttadauria, Victoria King, Seher Atamturktur. Promoting careers, transfer success and information use and literacy: Evaluation of a health career pipeline program at an urban community college
71 -- 85Joshua Borycz, Bonnie C. Carroll. Implementing FAIR data for people and machines: Impacts and implications - results of a research data community workshop
87 -- 113Otmane Azeroual, Nico Herbig 0002. Mapping and semantic interoperability of the German RCD data model with the Europe-wide accepted CERIF
115 -- 129Maaike Duine. APE 2020: Short Conference Report & Reactions from the Press. Driving the change - together less satellite navigation - more collaboration