Journal: Internet Technol. Lett.

Volume 4, Issue 6

0 -- 0HaiQing Zhai, Yang Zhang. A recursive weighted least squares optimization algorithm based on RSS in wireless sensor networks
0 -- 0Elço João dos Santos, Richard D. Souza, João Luiz Rebelatto. Hybrid multiple access for channel allocation-aided eMBB and URLLC slicing in 5G and beyond systems
0 -- 0Wali Ullah Khan, Zain Ali, Abd Ullah Khan, Guftaar Ahmad Sardar Sidhu. Secure backscatter-enabled NOMA system design in 6G era
0 -- 0Michail-Alexandros Kourtis, Thanos Sarlas, Themis Anagnostopoulos, Slawomir Kuklinski, Lechoslaw Tomaszewski, Michal Wierzbicki, Andreas Oikonomakis, George Xilouris, Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Na Yi, Alexandros Kostopoulos, Harilaos Koumaras. Network slicing for 5G edge services
0 -- 0Gourab Ghatak. Coverage analysis of indoor users from mm-wave multi-RAT small cells deployed along roads
0 -- 0Carlos Guimarães, Antonio de la Oliva, Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo. Support for availability attributes in network slices in GANSO
0 -- 0Anubhab Banerjee, Stephen S. Mwanje, Georg Carle. On the implementation of Cognitive Autonomous Networks
0 -- 0Scarlet Gianasi Viana, Luiz Filipe Menezes Vieira, Marcos A. M. Vieira. Performance evaluation of AODV over CSMA and TSCH
0 -- 0Sergio Martiradonna, Andrea Abrardo, Marco Moretti, Giuseppe Piro, Gennaro Boggia. Deep reinforcement learning-aided RAN slicing enforcement supporting latency sensitive services in B5G networks
0 -- 0Rolando Herrero. Repurposing acoustic modulation schemes to support ultrasonic IoT NFC

Volume 4, Issue 5

0 -- 0Qiang Xu. 0-1 Knapsack problem driven resource scheduling in caching-enabled network: A case study on sports video
0 -- 0Lei Chen. Ant colony optimization based Information-Centric networking delivery strategy via flow analysis and scheduling
0 -- 0Zhengxiu Wu, Echo Song. Distribution of teaching surveillance video via edge computing
0 -- 0Jianhui Lv, Xingwei Wang 0001, Qing Li 0006, Tian Pan 0001. Caching-enabled networks and its applications into the emerging networking paradigms and technologies
0 -- 0Yunqiang Ban. Software-defined information-centric networking based exercise intensity evaluation of volleyball player: An efficient convolutional neural network method
0 -- 0Peng Liu. Edge computing based ice-snow data analysis with NDN paradigm support
0 -- 0Yuchi Xie. CNN-based politics public opinion analysis of undergraduates: A case study with CDN deployment
0 -- 0Jianyue Gao, Yiming Cui. ABR optimization for live sports events with ICN-enabled network framework
0 -- 0Lei Wang, Yue Dong. Stochastic neural network based data analysis-related talent recruitment optimization via CDN server
0 -- 0Longtao Sun, Yuehui Zou. Mobile edge computing based video surveillance model for improving the performance of extended training
0 -- 0Liwei Wang. Adaptive genetic algorithm inspired energy-efficient cache deployment strategy for caching-enabled networks
0 -- 0Bozhou Wang, Chunmei Jia. Natural language processing-based lexical meaning analysis: An application of in-network caching-oriented translation system
0 -- 0Wei Meng, Lingling Zhang. Q-learning-based congestion control strategy for information-centric networking
0 -- 0Long Xu, Wei Liu, Tomley Anwlnkom, Satamial Jinonic. 6CN-driven routing and content delivery scheme for building the smart physical education
0 -- 0Di Wu, Jingsheng Ji. In-network caching based live broadcasting for short track speed skating
0 -- 0Liguo Wang, Tancy Jonlyckol, Tseng Kuang. In-network caching and SDN-aided transmission synchronization for cross-domain English translation
0 -- 0Songzhu Zhang, Xingwei Wang, Min Huang. Light in-network caching enabled IP network: A large-scale content delivery in MAN
0 -- 0Yewen Qin. ICN-driven group psychology visualization analysis mechanism using reinforcement learning
0 -- 0Xiaoyang Shen. A hierarchical task scheduling strategy in mobile edge computing
0 -- 0Huizhu Li. ICN routing strategy based on reinforcement learning and neural network
0 -- 0Junhao Shi, Decheng Zuo, Zhan Zhang. A GAN-based data augmentation method for human activity recognition via the caching ability
0 -- 0Wence Liu. Smart opinion formation maximization to improve political education of undergraduates in Social Information-Centric Networking
0 -- 0Ting Qi. A caching-enabled light control scheme for aerobics video
0 -- 0Xiaoxuan Duan. Online preschool education optimization based on edge computing in the era of COVID-19
0 -- 0Youyang Wang. In-network caching based NBA-traffic offloading mechanism: A D2D communication mode
0 -- 0Xianghui Zhang. Tennis-resource allocation mechanism in software-defined data center network

Volume 4, Issue 4

0 -- 0Jongyul Lee, Xiao Lyu, Vasilis Friderikos. A geographical division clustering algorithm for multiple flying base stations
0 -- 0Kiran Kumar Anumandla, Samrat L. Sabat, Rangababu Peesapati, Prabu A. V., J. R. K. Kumar Dabbakuti, Ranjita Rout. Optimal spectrum and power allocation using evolutionary algorithms for cognitive radio networks
0 -- 0Mouna Karoui, Gérard Chalhoub, Antonio Freitas. An efficient path planning GLOSA-based approach over large scale and realistic traffic scenario
0 -- 0Maria Rita Palattella, Stefano Scanzio. Ad-hoc, mobile, and wireless networks
0 -- 0Florian Meyer, Ivonne Mantilla-González, Volker Turau. Sending multiple packets per guaranteed time slot in IEEE 802.15.4 DSME: Analysis and evaluation
0 -- 0Akhilesh Panchal, Rajat Kumar Singh. FFTHR: Fitness Function based Two-Hop Routing in WSN
0 -- 0Lafdal Abdelwedoud, Anthony Busson, Isabelle Guérin Lassous, Marion Foare, Mohamed Lamine Diakité, Mohamedade Farouk Nanne. Inference of a clear channel assessment based conflict graph
0 -- 0Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Yalcin Sadi, Sinem Coleri. Throughput maximization in discrete rate based full duplex wireless powered communication networks†

Volume 4, Issue 3

0 -- 0Jizu Shi. Sport action recognition by fusing multi-source sensor information
0 -- 0Limei Zhao. Personalized recommendation by using fused user preference to construct smart library
0 -- 0Hongbo Chen, Ying Huo, Yudong Xu. Automatic machinery fault detection via using distributed sensor information
0 -- 0Duo Li, Xiaoling Wang. On monitoring and detecting abnormal physiological state of athletes from internet of bodies
0 -- 0Yifei Wang. Intelligent task scheduling of distributed wireless sensor network to monitor building environment
0 -- 0Yun Pan. Network security and user abnormal behavior detection by using deep neural network
0 -- 0Wei Liu. Correlation analysis for illegal tampering image evidence detection
0 -- 0Xijin Wang. Spatio-temporal topic model induced semantic function measurement for urban landscape design in smart city
0 -- 0Long Quan, Yunming Wu. Abnormal pattern detection in PPG signals during sports and exercises
0 -- 0Guyue Hu 0003, Stephen Gunn. Monitoring physiological status during mid- and long-distance running for smart healthcare
0 -- 0Xi Luo. ECG signal analysis for fatigue and abnormal event detection during sport and exercise
0 -- 0Huan Meng, Jianzhi Wang, Chen Lei, Hongbao Zhang. Action recognition and correction by using EMG signal for health sports
0 -- 0Mingsi Sun, Dongmei Li. Smart face identification via improved LBP and HOG features
0 -- 0Jiao Xu, Cheng Chen. Smart abnormal emotion analysis from English sentences
0 -- 0Yingxuan Li, Lin Chen. Risk evaluation for C2C E-commerce via an improved credit counting method
0 -- 0Qing Ai, Ding Zhou. Semi-supervised learning induced abnormal emotional tendency analysis in British culture
0 -- 0Fa Zhu, Rajan Shankaran, Bin Zhao, Yongbin Zhao, Yining Gang, Xingchi Chen. Anomaly detection-based intelligent computing in internet of things and network applications
0 -- 0Nan Yue, Stephan Claes. Wearable sensors for smart abnormal heart rate detection during skiing
0 -- 0Baolin Mei. On tracing abnormal links in cold chain logistics of agricultural products by using location based service
0 -- 0Dan Shi, Xin Jiang. Sport training action correction by using convolutional neural network
0 -- 0Yuchen Pan. Smart access control system by using sparse representation features
0 -- 0Yue Gao, Ziyin Ma. Detecting the athlete's abnormal emotions before competition via support vector data description

Volume 4, Issue 2

0 -- 0Nadine Boudargham, Jacques Bou Abdo, Jacques Demerjian, Christophe Guyeux, Abdallah Makhoul. An optimal cluster-based routing algorithm for UCBSNs
0 -- 0Sahar Golipour, Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Andargoli, Reza Ghazalian. A low complexity power allocations algorithm for DF MIMO SWIPT relaying systems
0 -- 0Ashish Kumar Padhan, P. R. Sahu 0001, S. R. Samantaray 0001. Performance analysis of smart grid dynamic HAN over Rician fading channel
0 -- 0Mohd Sameen Chishti, Amit Banerjee. Increasing TPS rate of state-based blockchains by parallel mining
0 -- 0Wali Ullah Khan, Nouman Imtiaz, Inam Ullah. Joint optimization of NOMA-enabled backscatter communications for beyond 5G IoT networks
0 -- 0Andreas Ramstad Urke, Øivind Kure, Knut Øvsthus. Layered autonomous TSCH scheduler for minimal band occupancy with bounded latency
0 -- 0Sihua Shao, Abdallah Khreishah, Moussa Ayyash. Evaluating the feasibility of random waypoint model for indoor wireless networks
0 -- 0Bernardi Pranggono, Abdullahi Arabo. COVID-19 pandemic cybersecurity issues
0 -- 0Ashish Rauniyar, Paal Engelstad, Olav N. Østerbø. Ergodic sum capacity analysis of NOMA-SWIPT enabled IoT relay systems
0 -- 0Luigi Alfredo Grieco. Editorial of the founder EiC "Summing up 2020"

Volume 4, Issue 1

0 -- 0Xin Ke, Michael Bublé. On extracting keywords from long-and-difficult English sentences for smart sentiment analysis
0 -- 0Linlin Zhang, Yuxia Lei. Particle swarm optimization-based information-centric networking intra-domain routing strategy
0 -- 0Xiaoming Li, Liang Zhao. Towards smart transportation: A learning-based data-driven optimization approach for electric taxi dispatch problem
0 -- 0Peng Sun 0007, Azzedine Boukerche. AI-assisted data dissemination methods for supporting intelligent transportation systems†
0 -- 0Jiang Wu, Luca Patrono. A fog-based ubiquitous exercise healthcare monitoring framework for smart cities
0 -- 0Yucan Huo. Agricultural product E-commerce recommendation system based on neural factorization machine in smart cities
0 -- 0Shaohua Wang, Mikoro Binstin. A smart transmission optimization mechanism for sports events based on edge computing
0 -- 0Junling Shi, Liang Zhao 0004, Ahmed Al-Dubai, Rizwan Ahmad, Jie Li. Content-driven networking in smart cities: Key issues and open challenges
0 -- 0Baiquan Du. Mobile edge computation induced caching strategy for huge online education with college teachers and students
0 -- 0Zhongbao Chen, Jonkyce Kim, Minyung Lee. Named-Data Network based secure communication strategy for smart cities
0 -- 0Fangzhou Zhang. MEC-based latency aware optical character recognition and realtime English translation for smart cities
0 -- 0Wenwen Pan, Shuai Ma. An edge-based scheme to support heart rate estimation for different physical exercises
0 -- 0Youli Ren. Game theory based cooperative caching strategy in information-centric networking
0 -- 0Jihong Wang, Yongfeng Chen. Single spectrum image denoising via aggregation for intelligent monitoring system
0 -- 0Wenjing Bai. Real-time stock transaction data distribution mechanism based on distributed network caching
0 -- 0Shuangyuan Li. A task offloading optimization strategy in MEC-based smart cities