Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 22, Issue 5-6

207 -- 216Majid Amirfakhrian. An iterative Gauss-Newton method to solve an algebraic fuzzy equation with crisp coefficients
217 -- 236Nasser Ghadiri, Ahmad Baraani-Dastjerdi, Nasser Ghasem-Aghaee, Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh. GREST - a type-2 fuzzy distance model for group nearest-neighbor queries
237 -- 251Adil Baykasoglu, Tolunay Göçken. Solving fully fuzzy mathematical programming model of EOQ problem with a direct approach based on fuzzy ranking and PSO
253 -- 265H. Moheb-Alizadeh, S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi. Fuzzy development of Mean and Range control charts using statistical properties of different representative values
267 -- 283C. Coza, C. Nicol, C. J. B. Macnab, Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano. Adaptive fuzzy control for a quadrotor helicopter robust to wind buffeting
285 -- 0. Erratum

Volume 22, Issue 4

155 -- 171Antoni Escobet, Àngela Nebot, François E. Cellier. Fault diagnosis system based on fuzzy logic: Application to a valve actuator benchmark
173 -- 183Thai Viet Dang, Wen-June Wang, Cheng-Hao Huang, Chung-Hsun Sun, Leh Luoh. Observer synthesis for the T-S fuzzy system with uncertainty and output disturbance
185 -- 205Yeesock Kim, Reza Langari, Stefan Hurlebaus. MIMO fuzzy identification of building-MR damper systems

Volume 22, Issue 2-3

53 -- 55Kyung-Joong Kim, Sung-Bae Cho. Evolutionary neural networks for practical applications
57 -- 68Shing Chiang Tan, Chee Peng Lim. Fuzzy ARTMAP and hybrid evolutionary programming for pattern classification
69 -- 81José Everardo B. Maia, Guilherme De A. Barreto, André L. V. Coelho. Visual object tracking by an evolutionary self-organizing neural network
83 -- 92Kyung-Joong Kim, Jung Guk Park, Sung-Bae Cho. Correlation analysis and performance evaluation of distance measures for evolutionary neural networks
93 -- 123Jacek Mandziuk, Marcin Jaruszewicz. Neuro-genetic system for stock index prediction
125 -- 139Richard J. Duro, Francisco Bellas, Abraham Prieto, Alejandro Paz-Lopez. Social learning for collaboration through ASiCo based neuroevolution
141 -- 154José L. Oliver, Leandro Tortosa, José-Francisco Vicent. An application of a self-organizing model to the design of urban transport networks

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 13Yin-Fu Huang, Chieh-Ming Wu. Preknowledge-based generalized association rules mining
15 -- 19Erol Egrioglu, Çagdas Hakan Aladag, Murat Alper Basaran, Ufuk Yolcu, Vedide R. Uslu. A new approach based on the optimization of the length of intervals in fuzzy time series
21 -- 31Robert Salat, Stanislaw Osowski. Support Vector Machine for soft fault location in electrical circuits
33 -- 52Masoud Makrehchi, Mohamed S. Kamel. An information theoretic approach to generating fuzzy hypercubes for if-then classifiers