Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 9, Issue 3-4

129 -- 158Kudret Demirli, P. Muthukumaran. Higher order fuzzy system identification using subtractive clustering
159 -- 168Chin-Wang Tao, Jin-Shiuh Taur. On the robustness of stability of fuzzy control systems
169 -- 189Huaguang Zhang, Lilong Cai, Zeungnam Bien. A multivariable generalized predictive control approach based on T-S fuzzy model
191 -- 206Hong Ding, Madan M. Gupta. Competitive and cooperative adaptive reasoning with fuzzy causal knowledge
207 -- 223Shendy M. El-Shal, Alan S. Morris. A fuzzy rule-based algorithm to improve the performance of statistical process control in quality systems
225 -- 233André de Korvin, Robert M. Kleyle. A fuzzy set approach to resource procurement for multi-phase projects subject to flexible budgetary constraints
235 -- 250Sameer Singh. Updating a priori information in fuzzy pattern recognition to improve classification performance

Volume 9, Issue 1-2

1 -- 9Rafik A. Aliev, Bijan Fazlollahi, Rustam M. Vahidov. Soft computing based multi-agent marketing decision support system
11 -- 27Emad Aboelela, Christos Douligeris. Fuzzy reasoning approach for QoS routing in B-ISDN
29 -- 41Ahmed Hambaba. Robust hybrid architecture to signals from manufacturing and machine monitoring sensors
43 -- 51André de Korvin, Robert M. Kleyle. Using fuzzy places and hypertokens to reduce the number of states in stochastic Petri nets
53 -- 59Wen-June Wang, Leh Luoh. Simple computation for the defuzzifications of center of sum and center of gravity
61 -- 83Hsiao-Fan Wang. Fuzzy multicriteria decision making-an overview
85 -- 99Mohammed Zaki, Abdallah El-Ramsisi, Rostom Omran. A soft computing approach for accurate interpretation of occluded shapes
101 -- 111Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan, Dezhong Hong, Andrew W. Campbell. A novel diagnostic scheme for the classification of pistons
113 -- 127M. S. Ahmed, S. H. Riyaz. Dynamic observers-a neural net approach