Journal: JITE

Volume 1, Issue 3

143 -- 156Cheryl L. Noll, Marilyn Wilkins. Critical Skills of IS Professionals: A Model for Curriculum Development
157 -- 176Salvatore Valenti, Alessandro Cucchiarelli, Maurizio Panti. Computer Based Assessment Systems Evaluation via the ISO9126 Quality Model
177 -- 192Ned Kock, Robert M. Aiken, Cheryl Sandås. Bringing a Multidisciplinary Perspective of IT to the Classroom: A Theory-Based Development of a Second Course for Non-Majors
193 -- 200Karen Neville, Brian Fitzgerald. An Innovative Training Model for an Organization Embracing Technology
201 -- 212Sam Redfern, Niall Galway. Collaborative Virtual Environments to Support Communication and Community in Internet-Based Distance Education
213 -- 222Han Reichgelt, Aimao Zhang, Barbara Price. Designing an Information Technology Curriculum: The Georgia Southern University Experience
223 -- 232Rose F. Gamble, Leigh A. Davis. A Framework for Interaction in Software Development Training
233 -- 252Kenneth J. Stevens, Rodger Jamieson. The Introduction and Assessment of Three Teaching Tools (WebCT, Mindtrail, EVE) into a Post Graduate Course
253 -- 268Joan Mann. IT Education s Failure to Deliver Successful Information Systems: Now is the Time to Address the IT-User Gap
269 -- 278Elizabeth Towell, John Towell. Skin vs. Guts: Introducing Design Patterns in the MIS Curriculum
279 -- 288Robert Winter. An Executive MBA Program in Business Engineering: A Curriculum Focusing on Change

Volume 1, Issue 2

77 -- 90Janet Carter, Roger D. Boyle. Teaching Delivery Issues: Lessons from Computer Science
91 -- 102Daniel Brandon, James Pruett, Jim Wade. Experiences in Developing and Implementing a Capstone Course in Information Technology Management
103 -- 112Maria Filomena Lopes, Maria Paula Morais. Lessons Learned from the Teaching of IS Development
113 -- 124Kathryn A. Marold. The 21st Century Learning Model: Electronic Tutelage Realized
125 -- 142Ray J. Dawson, Ian A. Newman. Empowerment in IT Education

Volume 1, Issue 1

11 -- 24Limbie Kelegai, Michael Middleton. Information Technology Education in Papua New Guinea: Cultural, Economic and Political Influences
25 -- 42Symeon Retalis, Paris Avgeriou. Modelling Web-Based Instructional Systems
43 -- 52Theresa M. Vitolo, Chris Coulston. Taxonomy of Information Literacy Competencies
53 -- 64Blake Whitaker, Tara Grey Coste. Developing an Effective IT Integration and Support System
65 -- 76William Burkett. Constructing a Workable Computer Information Science/Computer Science Curriculum: A Template for Developing a Cross-Discipline Model