Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 16, Issue 4

177 -- 183Jeffrey S. Hickman, Feng Guo, Richard J. Hanowski, Richard Bishop, Gene Bergoffen, Dan Murray. Safety Benefits of Speed Limiters in Commercial Motor Vehicles Using Carrier-Collected Crash Data
184 -- 196Yunteng Lao, Guohui Zhang, Jonathan Corey, Yinhai Wang. Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Speed Estimation and Vehicle Classification Using Single-Loop Measurements
197 -- 210Gideon Mbiydzenyuy, Jan A. Persson, Paul Davidsson. Optimization Analysis of Multiservice Architecture Concepts in Road Transport Telematics
211 -- 225Yichang James Tsai, Thibaut Dusanter, Yiching Wu, Chengbo Ai, Quentin Caïtucoli. Automatic Truck Processing Time Extraction at Marine Container Terminal Gates Using Low-Frame-Rate Images
226 -- 242Bin Ran, Peter J. Jin, David E. Boyce, Tony Z. Qiu, Yang Cheng. Perspectives on Future Transportation Research: Impact of Intelligent Transportation System Technologies on Next-Generation Transportation Modeling

Volume 16, Issue 3

109 -- 117Eleni I. Vlahogianni, Matthew G. Karlaftis, Foteini P. Orfanou. Modeling the Effects of Weather and Traffic on the Risk of Secondary Incidents
118 -- 131Jun-Seok Oh, Hyunmyung Kim, R. Jayakrishnan. Tourist Activity Simulation Model for Assessing Real-Time Tour Information Systems
132 -- 146Hany M. Hassan, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Keechoo Choi, Saad A. Algadhi. Driver Behavior and Preferences for Changeable Message Signs and Variable Speed Limits in Reduced Visibility Conditions
147 -- 158Nagendra R. Velaga, Mohammed A. Quddus, Abigail L. Bristow. Improving the Performance of a Topological Map-Matching Algorithm Through Error Detection and Correction
159 -- 176Weihao Yin, Pamela M. Murray-Tuite, Hesham Rakha. Imputing Erroneous Data of Single-Station Loop Detectors for Nonincident Conditions: Comparison Between Temporal and Spatial Methods

Volume 16, Issue 2

45 -- 59Hamideh Etemadnia, Khaled F. Abdelghany, Salim Hariri. Toward an Autonomic Architecture for Real-Time Traffic Network Management
60 -- 69Jing-Quan Li, Kun Zhou, Liping Zhang, Wei-Bin Zhang. A Multimodal Trip Planning System With Real-Time Traffic and Transit Information
70 -- 81Swaroop Darbha, Woosuk Choi. A Methodology for Assessing the Benefits of Coordination on the Safety of Vehicles
82 -- 93Patikhom Cheevarunothai, Guohui Zhang, Jianyang Zheng, Yinhai Wang, Shi An. Using Precise Time Offset to Improve Freeway Vehicle Delay Estimates
94 -- 107Jose Luis Espinosa-Aranda, Ricardo García-Ródenas. A Discrete Event-Based Simulation Model for Real-Time Traffic Management in Railways

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 11Ana L. C. Bazzan, Maicon de Brito do Amarante, Francisco Beschoren da Costa. Management of Demand and Routing in Autonomous Personal Transportation
12 -- 23Yang Cheng, Xiao Qin, Jing Jin, Bin Ran. An Exploratory Shockwave Approach to Estimating Queue Length Using Probe Trajectories
24 -- 35Sara Moridpour, Majid Sarvi, Geoff Rose, Ehsan Mazloumi. Lane-Changing Decision Model for Heavy Vehicle Drivers
36 -- 44Andreas Tapani. Vehicle Trajectory Effects of Adaptive Cruise Control