Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 26, Issue 6

639 -- 654Peng Chen, Tong Wang, Nan Zheng. Reconstructing vehicle trajectories on freeways based on motion detection data of connected and automated vehicles
655 -- 674Stefan Muckenhuber, Eniz Museljic, Georg Stettinger. Performance evaluation of a state-of-the-art automotive radar and corresponding modeling approaches based on a large labeled dataset
675 -- 689Heewon Lee, Jisun Lee, Younshik Chung. Traffic density estimation using vehicle sensor data
690 -- 703Zhiyan Yi, Xiaoyue Cathy Liu, Ran Wei, Xi Chen, Jiangpeng Dai. Electric vehicle charging demand forecasting using deep learning model
704 -- 716Dayi Qu, Yanfeng Jia, Wang Tao, Li Bin, Lewei Han. Research on coordinated control of vehicle's speed in new mixed traffic flow
717 -- 729Quanlu Fu, Ye Tian 0002, Jian Sun. Modeling and simulation of dynamic lane reversal using a cell transmission model
730 -- 745Monal Patel, Carlos Valderrama, Arvind Yadav. Metaheuristic enabled deep convolutional neural network for traffic flow prediction: Impact of improved lion algorithm
746 -- 760Matthew Vechione, Ruey Long Cheu. Comparative evaluation of adaptive fuzzy inference system and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for mandatory lane changing decisions on freeways

Volume 26, Issue 5

511 -- 528Abolfazl Karimpour, Jason C. Anderson, Sirisha Kothuri, Yao-Jan Wu. Estimating pedestrian delay at signalized intersections using high-resolution event-based data: a finite mixture modeling method
529 -- 543Shlomo Geller, Idit Avrahami, Nir Shvalb. Control of autonomous vehicles flow using imposed speed profiles
544 -- 556Cristiano Cervellera, Danilo Macciò, Francesco Rebora. Improving the variability of urban traffic microsimulation through the calibration of generative parameter models
557 -- 571Xiaofeng Li, Peipei Xu, Yao-Jan Wu. Pedestrian crossing volume estimation at signalized intersections using Bayesian additive regression trees
572 -- 585Xing Fu, Qifan Nie, Jun Liu 0009, Asad J. Khattak, Alexander Hainen, Shashi Nambisan. Constructing spatiotemporal driving volatility profiles for connected and automated vehicles in existing highway networks
586 -- 601Behram Wali, Asad J. Khattak, Jun Liu 0009. Heterogeneity assessment in incident duration modelling: Implications for development of practical strategies for small & large scale incidents
602 -- 612Huthaifa I. Ashqar, Mohammed Elhenawy, Hesham A. Rakha, Mohammed H. Almannaa, Leanna House. Network and station-level bike-sharing system prediction: a San Francisco bay area case study
613 -- 623Michal Matowicki, Ondrej Pribyl. A driving simulation study on drivers speed compliance with respect to variable message signs
624 -- 638Francisco Navas, David González, Vicente Milanés, Imane Mahtout, Nievsabel Molina. A study toward driverless mobility acceptance in low-density areas

Volume 26, Issue 4

383 -- 399Lizhi Wang, Vassilissa Lehoux, Marie Laure Espinouse, Van-Dat Cung. Itineraries evaluated and ranked using fuzzy logic
400 -- 419Nada Mahmoud, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Qing Cai, Jinghui Yuan. Estimating cycle-level real-time traffic movements at signalized intersections
420 -- 431Banishree Ghosh, Justin Dauwels. Comparison of different Bayesian methods for estimating error bars with incident duration prediction
432 -- 447Andrés Fielbaum. Optimizing a vehicle's route in an on-demand ridesharing system in which users might walk
448 -- 460Aleksandr Belov, Konstantinos Mattas, Michail Makridis, Mónica Menéndez, Biagio Ciuffo. A microsimulation based analysis of the price of anarchy in traffic routing: The enhanced Braess network case
461 -- 475Bo Wang, Hai Le Vu, Inhi Kim, Chen Cai. Short-term traffic flow prediction in bike-sharing networks
476 -- 485Nan Xiao, Liang Yu, Jinqiang Yu, Peng Chen, Yuehu Liu. A cold-start-free reinforcement learning approach for traffic signal control
486 -- 497Dongxiu Ou, Ran Liu, Iftikhar Rasheed, Lijuan Shi, Hongming Li. Operation performance of tram lanes with intermittent priority with the coexistence of regular and automatic vehicles
498 -- 509Kevin O'Keeffe, Sam Anklesaria, Paolo Santi, Carlo Ratti. Using reinforcement learning to minimize taxi idle times

Volume 26, Issue 3

253 -- 268Yi Liu, Xuesong Feng, Yan Yang, Zejing Ruan, Lukai Zhang, Kemeng Li. Solving urban electric transit network problem by integrating Pareto artificial fish swarm algorithm and genetic algorithm
269 -- 283Eda Koksal Ahmed, Zengxiang Li, Bharadwaj Veeravalli, Shen Ren. Reinforcement learning-enabled genetic algorithm for school bus scheduling
284 -- 310Nacer Eddine Chelbi, Denis Gingras, Claude Sauvageau. Worst-case scenarios identification approach for the evaluation of advanced driver assistance systems in intelligent/autonomous vehicles under multiple conditions
311 -- 329Panukorn Taleongpong, Simon Hu 0001, Zhoutong Jiang, Chao Wu 0001, Sunday Popo-Ola, Ke Han. Machine learning techniques to predict reactionary delays and other associated key performance indicators on British railway network
330 -- 342Qiang Li, Ran Liu, Jianshen Zhao, Hu-Chen Liu. Passenger satisfaction evaluation of public transport using alternative queuing method under hesitant linguistic environment
343 -- 355Chaitrali Shirke, Nasser R. Sabar, Edward Chung, Ashish Bhaskar. Metaheuristic approach for designing robust traffic signal timings to effectively serve varying traffic demand
356 -- 365Yusheng Ci, Hailong Wu, Yichen Sun, Lina Wu. A prediction model with wavelet neural network optimized by the chicken swarm optimization for on-ramps metering of the urban expressway
366 -- 381Sunhyung Yoo, Hyun Kim, Wongil Kim, Namsun Kim, Jinwoo (Brian) Lee. Controlling passenger flow to mitigate the effects of platform overcrowding on train dwell time

Volume 26, Issue 2

129 -- 144Amit Rechavi, Eran Toch. Crowd logistics: Understanding auction-based pricing and couriers' strategies in crowdsourcing package delivery
145 -- 167Bilal Thonnam Thodi, Bhargava Rama Chilukuri, Lelitha Vanajakshi. An analytical approach to real-time bus signal priority system for isolated intersections
168 -- 182Jing Zhao 0014, Kevin Kiptoo Kigen, Xiaomei Xia. An alternative design for traffic intersections with work zones by using pre-signals
183 -- 197Yifan Weng, Rasoul Salehi, Xinyi Ge, Denise M. Rizzo, Matthew P. Castanier, Scott Heim, Tulga Ersal. Model-free speed management for a heterogeneous platoon of connected ground vehicles
198 -- 212Mohamed Amine Falek, Antoine Gallais, Cristel Pelsser, Sebastien Julien, Fabrice Theoleyre. To re-route, or not to re-route: Impact of real-time re-routing in urban road networks
213 -- 234Junxuan Zhao, Hao Xu 0004, Yuan Tian, Hongchao Liu. Towards application of light detection and ranging sensor to traffic detection: an investigation of its built-in features and installation techniques
235 -- 251Sharmili Banik, Lelitha Vanajakshi, Darcy M. Bullock. Mapping of bus travel time to traffic stream travel time using econometric modeling

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 13Olcay Sahin, Reza Vatani Nezafat, Mecit Cetin. Methods for classification of truck trailers using side-fire light detection and ranging (LiDAR) Data
14 -- 33Felix Batsch, Stratis Kanarachos, Madeline Cheah, Roberto Ponticelli, Mike Blundell 0001. A taxonomy of validation strategies to ensure the safe operation of highly automated vehicles
34 -- 45Ziyuan Pu, Chenglong Liu, Xianming Shi, Zhiyong Cui, Yinhai Wang. Road surface friction prediction using long short-term memory neural network based on historical data
46 -- 67Krishna N. S. Behara, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung. Geographical window based structural similarity index for origin-destination matrices comparison
68 -- 80Kai Lu, Xin Tian, Shuyan Jiang, Jianmin Xu, Yinhai Wang. Optimization model for regional green wave coordinated control based on ring-and-barrier structure
81 -- 99Jiawen Wang, Xiaozheng He 0001, Srinivas Peeta, Xiaoguang Yang. Feedback perimeter control with online estimation of maximum throughput for an incident-affected road network
100 -- 115Xiaoyun Chen, Tienan Li, Zian Ma, Jian Sun 0010. Integrated mainline and ramp signal control for expressway on-ramp bottleneck with unequal lane-setting
116 -- 127Jorge C. Chamby-Diaz, Rhuam Sena Estevam, Ana L. C. Bazzan. Identifying traffic conditions from non-traffic related sources
128 -- 129. Correction