Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 4, Issue 3-4

133 -- 134Chelsea C. White III. Editorial
135 -- 159Tang-Hsien Chang. Improving Highway Design to Enhance the Performance of Automated Highway Systems
161 -- 185Kiron Chatterjee, Mike McDonald. The Network Safety Effects of Dynamic Route Guidance
187 -- 207Jorgen Guldner, Satyajit Patwardhan, Han-Shue Tan, Wei-Bin Zhang. Coding of Road Information for Automated Highways
209 -- 254Isaac Porche, St├ęphane Lafortune. Adaptive Look-ahead Optimization of Traffic Signals
258 -- 260Kiron Chatterjee, Mike McDonald. The Network Safety effects of Dynamic Route Guidance
260 -- 264Isaac Porche. Adaptive Look-Ahead Optimization of Traffic signals

Volume 4, Issue 1-2

1 -- 19Philip Koopman, Michelle Bayouth. Orthogonal Capability Building Blocks for Flexible AHS Deployment
5 -- 8H.-S. Jacob Tsao. From the Guest Editor
21 -- 47Lee Levitan, Gary Golembiewski, John R. Bloomfield. Human Factors Issues for Automated Highway Systems
49 -- 80James B. Michael, Datta N. Godbole, John Lygeros, Raja Sengupta. Capacity Analysis of Traffic Flow Over a Single-Lane Automated Highway System
81 -- 100Ching-Yao Chan, Bakhtiar Litkouhi. Technological Challenges In the Development of AHS