Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 5, Issue 4

279 -- 291Evangelos Bekiaris, Manfred Dangelmaier. Conceptualisation of the Human-Machine Interface of an Integrated Driver Monitoring and Emergency Handling System
293 -- 325A. Alloum, A. Charara. Control Evaluation for a Human Driver's Electronic Adviser
327 -- 341M. A. Do. An Electronic Road Pricing System Designed for the Busy Multi-lane Road Environment
343 -- 361Christopher Grant, Bret Gillis, Randall Guensler. Collection of Vehicle Activity Data by Video Detection for Use in Transportation Planning
363 -- 382Mark Brackstone, Mike McDonald. Behavioural Response: Still a Major Concern for AVCSS?

Volume 5, Issue 3

195 -- 215Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty. A Simplified Approach for Developing a Multi-modal Travel Planner
217 -- 240Randolph W. Hall, Chen Li. Lane Capacity for an Automated Highway with Mixed Vehicle Classes
241 -- 250Anh Dinh, Ralph Mason, Ron Palmer, Ken Runtz. Phase Measurements for Direct Conversion AM Radio Navigation
251 -- 274Hai Yang, Oi Suet Ma, Sze Chun Wong. New Observations on the Benefit Evaluation of Advanced Traveler Information Systems

Volume 5, Issue 2

93 -- 125Thomas A. Dingus, Shannon Hetrick, Michael A. Mollenhauer. Empirical Methods in Support of Crash Avoidance Model Building and Benefits Estimation
127 -- 161Louis Tijerina. Modeling the Effectiveness of Crash Avoidance Systems that Support Driver Maneuver Decisions: Lane Change Crash Avoidance Example and Issues
163 -- 189Michel van Aerde, Hesham Rakha. A Framework for the Evaluation of System Safety Benefits of Intelligent Cruise Control Systems

Volume 5, Issue 1

3 -- 38Randolph W. Hall. Institutional Issues in Traveler Information Dissemination: Lessons Learned from the TravInfo Field Operational Test
39 -- 52Matthew G. Karlaftis, Steven P. Latoski, Nadine J. Richards, Kumares C. Sinha. ITS Impacts on Safety and Traffic Management: An Investigation of Secondary Crash Causes
53 -- 70Jung-Taek Lee, William C. Taylor. Application of a Dynamic Model for Arterial Street Incident Detection
71 -- 86Daehyon Kim. Problems Encountered during Implementation of the Backpropagation