Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 7, Issue 3-4

197 -- 198Randolph W. Hall. Editorial
199 -- 211Daehyon Kim. Standard and Advanced Backpropagation Models for Image Processing Application in Traffic Engineering
213 -- 234Yichang James Tsai, Jianping Wu. Shape- and Texture-Based 1-D Image Processing Algorithm for Real-Time Stop Sign Road Inventory Data Collection
235 -- 260Keechoo Choi, Younshik Chung. A Data Fusion Algorithm for Estimating Link Travel Time
261 -- 277John Golias, Constantinos Antoniou, George Yannis. A Methodology for the Estimation of Traffic and Related Impacts of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
279 -- 294Der Horng Lee, P. Chandrasekar. A Framework for Parallel Traffic Simulation Using Multiple Instancing of a Simulation Program
295 -- 314Saeed Zolfaghari, M. Y. Jaber, Nader Azizi. A Multi-Attribute Performance Measurement Model for Advanced Public Transit Systems

Volume 7, Issue 2

103 -- 104Randolph W. Hall. Editorial
105 -- 130David Boyce. A Memoir of the ADVANCE Project
131 -- 150James E. Moore II, Genevieve Giuliano, Jeremy G. March. Performance of Automatic Passenger Counters in the Ventura/Lompoc Smart Card Demonstration Project
151 -- 168Terry C. Lansdown, Nikki Brook-Carter, Tanita Kersloot. Primary Task Disruption from Multiple In-Vehicle Systems
169 -- 196H.-S. Jacob Tsao, Jan L. Botha. An Automated Highway System Dedicated to Inter-City Trucking: Design Options, Operating Concepts, and Deployment

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 0Randolph W. Hall. Editorial
3 -- 41Baher Abdulhai, Himanshu Porwal, Will Recker. Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Using Neuro-Genetic Algorithms
43 -- 56Charles Harlow, Yu Wang. Acoustic Accident Detection System
57 -- 77Randolph W. Hall. Systematic Design for Roadway Interfaces with Application to Automated Highways
79 -- 102Baher Abdulhai, Jiuh-Biing Sheu, Wilfred W. Recker. Development and Performance Evaluation of an ITS-Ready Microscopic Traffic Model for Irvine, California