Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 1, Issue 4

297 -- 328Clemens Heuberger, James A. Muir. Minimal weight and colexicographically minimal integer representations
329 -- 349Ian F. Blake, Igor E. Shparlinski. Statistical distribution and collisions of VSH
351 -- 358Su-Jeong Choi, Simon R. Blackburn, Peter R. Wild. Cryptanalysis of a homomorphic public-key cryptosystem over a finite group
359 -- 372Dima Ruinskiy, Adi Shamir, Boaz Tsaban. Length-based cryptanalysis: the case of Thompson's group
373 -- 0Sarang Aravamuthan, Sachin Lodha. The average transmission overhead for broadcast encryption
385 -- 403Neal Koblitz. Another look at automated theorem-proving

Volume 1, Issue 3

201 -- 220Douglas R. Stinson, Jiang Wu. An efficient and secure two-flow zero-knowledge identification protocol
221 -- 242Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen. Probability distributions of correlation and differentials in block ciphers
243 -- 265Pierrick Gaudry. Fast genus 2 arithmetic based on Theta functions
267 -- 281Steven D. Galbraith, Colm O. hEigeartaigh, Caroline Sheedy. Simplified pairing computation and security implications
283 -- 296Hassan Aly, Wilfried Meidl, Arne Winterhof. On the k-error linear complexity of cyclotomic sequences

Volume 1, Issue 2

105 -- 124Robert D. Silverman. Optimal Parameterization of SNFS
125 -- 150Robert A. Walker, Charles J. Colbourn. Perfect Hash Families: Constructions and Existence
151 -- 199Daniela Engelbert, Raphael Overbeck, Arthur Schmidt. A Summary of McEliece-Type Cryptosystems and their Security

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 11Tanja Lange, Igor E. Shparlinski. Distribution of some sequences of points on elliptic curves
13 -- 32Keith M. Martin, Siaw-Lynn Ng. The combinatorics of generalised cumulative arrays
33 -- 46Douglas R. Stinson, Ruizhong Wei. Some results on query processes and reconstruction functions for unconditionally secure 2-server 1-round binary private information retrieval protocols
47 -- 64Alfred Menezes. Another look at HMQV
65 -- 78Yuan Li, Thomas W. Cusick. Strict avalanche criterion over finite fields
79 -- 104Tomohiro Harayama, Donald K. Friesen. Weil sum for birthday attack in multivariate quadratic cryptosystem