Journal: J. Mobile Multimedia

Volume 3, Issue 4

283 -- 284Ismail Khalil. Editorial
285 -- 297Honggang Wang, Dongming Peng, Wei Wang 0015, Hamid Sharif. Image Rate Based Cross Layer Optimizations for Image Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
298 -- 313Bing Zheng, Mohammed Atiquzzaman. TSFD: Two Stage Frame Dropping for Scalable Video Transmission over Data Networks
314 -- 330Luca Superiori, Olivia Nemethova, Markus Rupp. Performance of a H.264/AVC Error Detection Algorithm Based on Syntax Analysis
331 -- 346Leonard Barolli. An Intelligent Call Admission Control System for Wireless Cellular Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic
347 -- 370Md. Musfiquzzaman Akanda, Ben A. Abderazek, Masahiro Sowa. Dual-Execution Mode Processor Architecture For Embedded Applications

Volume 3, Issue 3

197 -- 0Eric Pardede. Editorial
198 -- 217Rene Mayrhofer, Roswitha Gostner. Using a Spatial Context Authentication Proxy for Establishing Secure Wireless Connections
218 -- 234Robert Brännström, Christer Åhlund, Karl Andersson, Daniel Granlund. Multimedia Flow Mobility in Heterogeneous Networks Using Multihomed Mobile IP
235 -- 254Saiful Akbar, Josef Küng, Roland Wagner. Multi-Feature Integration with Relevance Feedback on 3D Model Similarity Retrieval
255 -- 264Petrus Paryono. Bathymetry Forecasting Using Multilayer Spatial Images
265 -- 282Hiroki Takahashi, Naoyuki Tamura, Toshihiko Furue, Osamu Yoshie. Low Cost Rendering Method for Virtual Factory Considering Interpolation of Occluded Objects

Volume 3, Issue 2

101 -- 102Abdelhakim Hafid, Petre Dini, Kevin H. Liu. Editorial
103 -- 117Weiliang Liu, David G. Daut. Efficient JPEG2000 Image Transmission Using RCPT Codes Based on Channel Operating Regions
118 -- 130Quoc-Thinh Nguyen-Vuong, Nazim Agoulmine. Inter-Domain SLS Negotiation for End-to-End UMTS/IMS QoS
131 -- 149Dragos Vingarzan, Peter Weik, Thomas Magedanz. Development of an Open Source IMS Core for Emerging IMS Testbeds, the Academia and Beyond
150 -- 167Emmanuel Bertin, Imen Benyahia, Noël Crespi. Modeling IMS services
168 -- 178Maher Al-Sanabani, Subramaniam Shamala, Mohamed Othman, Zuriati Zukarnain. Resource Management at Connection Level for Multimedia in Wireless/Mobile Cellular Networks
179 -- 196José Manuel Oliveira, Eurico Carrapatoso. A Constraint-Based Approach to Dynamically Adapt Multimedia Interfaces

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 2Ismail Khalil. Editorial
3 -- 14Aisha Hassan, Farhat Anwar, Sufyan Al-Irhayim. Mobility Support in IP Multicast: Proposals Review and Evaluation
15 -- 33Giuseppe De Marco, Leonard Barolli. On Some Current Results of Graph Theory for ad-hoc Networks
34 -- 46Qingwen Xu, Ruzana Ishak, Stephan Olariu, Shaharuddin Salleh. On Asynchronous Training in Sensor Networks
47 -- 64Chih-Heng Ke, Cheng-Han Lin, Ce-Kuen Shieh, Wen-Shyang Hwang, Artur Ziviani. Evaluation of the Delivered MPEG Video Quality over Wireless Channels
65 -- 87Daphne Economou, Damianos Gavalas, Michael Kenteris, Katy Micha. Multimedia Applications for Mobile Devices: Issues and Requirements for Authoring Tools and Development Platforms
88 -- 100Henrik Stormer, M. E. Ritz. Potentials of SMIL Applications for Mobile Devices