Journal: J. Multimodal User Interfaces

Volume 6, Issue 3-4

95 -- 99Paul M. Brunet, Roddy Cowie, Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt, Marc Schröder. Conceptual frameworks for multimodal social signal processing
101 -- 115Paul M. Brunet, Roderick Cowie. Towards a conceptual framework of research on social signal processing
117 -- 141Stefan Scherer, Michael Glodek, Georg Layher, Martin Schels, Miriam Schmidt, Tobias Brosch, Stephan Tschechne, Friedhelm Schwenker, Heiko Neumann, Günther Palm. A generic framework for the inference of user states in human computer interaction
143 -- 161Joris H. Janssen. A three-component framework for empathic technologies to augment human interaction
163 -- 178Francesca D'Errico, Isabella Poggi, Laura Vincze. Discrediting signals. A model of social evaluation to study discrediting moves in political debates
179 -- 189Marc Mehu, Francesca D'Errico, Dirk Heylen. Conceptual analysis of social signals: the importance of clarifying terminology

Volume 6, Issue 1-2

1 -- 0Elisabeth André, Marc Cavazza, Catherine Pelachaud. Preface
3 -- 11Patrick Gebhard, Gregor Mehlmann, Michael Kipp. Visual SceneMaker - a tool for authoring interactive virtual characters
13 -- 25Nigel Crook, Debora Field, Cameron Smith, Sue Harding, Stephen Pulman, Marc Cavazza, Daniel Charlton, Roger K. Moore, Johan Boye. Generating context-sensitive ECA responses to user barge-in interruptions
27 -- 38Elisabetta Bevacqua, Etienne de Sevin, Sylwia Julia Hyniewska, Catherine Pelachaud. A listener model: introducing personality traits
39 -- 47Felix Kistler, Birgit Endrass, Ionut Damian, Chi-Tai Dang, Elisabeth André. Natural interaction with culturally adaptive virtual characters
49 -- 57Marco Fabiani, Roberto Bresin, Gaël Dubus. Interactive sonification of expressive hand gestures on a handheld device
59 -- 71Ismail Shahin. Studying and enhancing talking condition recognition in stressful and emotional talking environments based on HMMs, CHMM2s and SPHMMs
73 -- 85Ina Wechsung, Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht, Christine Kühnel, Sebastian Möller, Benjamin Weiss 0001. Measuring the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience of multimodal human-machine interaction
87 -- 93Peter Knees, Tim Pohle, Gerhard Widmer. Sound/tracks: artistic real-time sonification of train journeys