Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 25, Issue 9

1397 -- 1405Cayce J. Hook, Martha J. Farah. Look Again: Effects of Brain Images and Mind-Brain Dualism on Lay Evaluations of Research
1406 -- 1417Juan Manuel Contreras, Jessica Schirmer, Mahzarin R. Banaji, Jason P. Mitchell. Common Brain Regions with Distinct Patterns of Neural Responses during Mentalizing about Groups and Individuals
1418 -- 1427Maayan Arueti, Nufar Perach-Barzilay, Michael M. Tsoory, Barry Berger, Nir Getter, Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory. When Two Become One: The Role of Oxytocin in Interpersonal Coordination and Cooperation
1428 -- 1441Dirk E. M. Geurts, Quentin J. M. Huys, Hanneke E. M. den Ouden, Roshan Cools. Aversive Pavlovian Control of Instrumental Behavior in Humans
1442 -- 1452Lise Van der Haegen, Qing Cai, Michaël A. Stevens, Marc Brysbaert. Interhemispheric Communication Influences Reading Behavior
1453 -- 1462Marco Ciavarro, Ettore Ambrosini, Annalisa Tosoni, Giorgia Committeri, Patrizia Fattori, Claudio Galletti. rTMS of Medial Parieto-occipital Cortex Interferes with Attentional Reorienting during Attention and Reaching Tasks
1463 -- 1476Lisa Payne, Sylvia Guillory, Robert Sekuler. Attention-modulated Alpha-band Oscillations Protect against Intrusion of Irrelevant Information
1477 -- 1492Douglas N. Greve, Lise Van der Haegen, Qing Cai, Steven Stufflebeam, Mert R. Sabuncu, Bruce Fischl, Marc Brysbaert. A Surface-based Analysis of Language Lateralization and Cortical Asymmetry
1493 -- 1503Marjan Persuh, Tony Ro. Unconscious Priming Requires Early Visual Cortex at Specific Temporal Phases of Processing
1504 -- 1516Daniel Mirman, Kristen M. Graziano. The Neural Basis of Inhibitory Effects of Semantic and Phonological Neighbors in Spoken Word Production
1517 -- 1526Michael Brosch, Eike Budinger, Henning Scheich. Different Synchronization Rules in Primary and Nonprimary Auditory Cortex of Monkeys
1527 -- 1541Dicle Dövencioglu, Hiroshi Ban, Andrew J. Schofield, Andrew E. Welchman. Perceptual Integration for Qualitatively Different 3-D Cues in the Human Brain
1542 -- 1552Alexandra Woolgar, Daniel Bor, John Duncan. Global Increase in Task-related Fronto-parietal Activity after Focal Frontal Lobe Lesion
1553 -- 1562Merav Sabri, Colin Humphries, Matthew Verber, Jain Mangalathu, Anjali Desai, Jeffrey R. Binder, Einat Liebenthal. Perceptual Demand Modulates Activation of Human Auditory Cortex in Response to Task-irrelevant Sounds
1563 -- 1577Durk Talsma, Brian J. White, Sebastiaan Mathôt, Douglas P. Munoz, Jan Theeuwes. A Retinotopic Attentional Trace after Saccadic Eye Movements: Evidence from Event-related Potentials

Volume 25, Issue 8

1191 -- 1205Christine E. Watson, Eileen R. Cardillo, Geena R. Ianni, Anjan Chatterjee. Action Concepts in the Brain: An Activation Likelihood Estimation Meta-analysis
1206 -- 1224Michiko Sakaki, Lin Nga, Mara Mather. Amygdala Functional Connectivity with Medial Prefrontal Cortex at Rest Predicts the Positivity Effect in Older Adults' Memory
1225 -- 1234Marius V. Peelen, Stefania Bracci, Xueming Lu, Chenxi He, Alfonso Caramazza, Yanchao Bi. Tool Selectivity in Left Occipitotemporal Cortex Develops without Vision
1235 -- 1248Anita D. Barber, Brian S. Caffo, James J. Pekar, Stewart H. Mostofsky. Effects of Working Memory Demand on Neural Mechanisms of Motor Response Selection and Control
1249 -- 1260Yael Arbel, Kristen Goforth, Emanuel Donchin. The Good, the Bad, or the Useful? The Examination of the Relationship between the Feedback-related Negativity (FRN) and Long-term Learning Outcomes
1261 -- 1269Yiying Song, Yu L. L. Luo, Xueting Li, Miao Xu, Jia Liu. Representation of Contextually Related Multiple Objects in the Human Ventral Visual Pathway
1270 -- 1283Melanie Wilke, Igor Kagan, Richard A. Andersen. Effects of Pulvinar Inactivation on Spatial Decision-making between Equal and Asymmetric Reward Options
1284 -- 1304Eva Smolka, Patrick Khader, Richard Wiese, Pienie Zwitserlood, Frank Rösler. Electrophysiological Evidence for the Continuous Processing of Linguistic Categories of Regular and Irregular Verb Inflection in German
1305 -- 1314Katherine Sledge Moore, Do-Joon Yi, Marvin M. Chun. The Effect of Attention on Repetition Suppression and Multivoxel Pattern Similarity
1315 -- 1331Benoit Musel, Cécile Bordier, Michel Dojat, Cédric Pichat, Sylvie Chokron, Jean-François Le Bas, Carole Peyrin. Retinotopic and Lateralized Processing of Spatial Frequencies in Human Visual Cortex during Scene Categorization
1332 -- 1342Felix Duecker, Elia Formisano, Alexander Thomas Sack. Hemispheric Differences in the Voluntary Control of Spatial Attention: Direct Evidence for a Right-Hemispheric Dominance within Frontal Cortex
1343 -- 1357Maite Crespo-Garcia, Diego Pinal, Jose Luis Cantero, Fernando Díaz, Montserrat Zurrón, Mercedes Atienza. Working Memory Processes Are Mediated by Local and Long-range Synchronization of Alpha Oscillations
1358 -- 1371Jonna Nilsson, I. Nicol Ferrier, Kenny R. Coventry, Andre Bester, Andreas Finkelmeyer. Negative BOLD Response in the Hippocampus during Short-term Spatial Memory Retrieval
1372 -- 1382Timothy R. Koscik, Daniel Tranel. Abnormal Causal Attribution Leads to Advantageous Economic Decision-making: A Neuropsychological Approach
1383 -- 1395Antje Strauß, Sonja A. Kotz, Jonas Obleser. Narrowed Expectancies under Degraded Speech: Revisiting the N400

Volume 25, Issue 7

986 -- 997Benjamin Becker, Eva M. Klein, Nadine Striepens, Yoan Mihov, Thomas E. Schlaepfer, Juergen Reul, Liesbet Goossens, Koen Schruers, Keith M. Kendrick, René Hurlemann. Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Contribute to Learning-induced Metaplasticity in the Hippocampus
998 -- 1007Janet Hui-wen Hsiao, Ben Cipollini, Garrison W. Cottrell. Hemispheric Asymmetry in Perception: A Differential Encoding Account
1008 -- 1019Jeffrey S. Taube, Stephane Valerio, Ryan M. Yoder. Is Navigation in Virtual Reality with fMRI Really Navigation?
1020 -- 1036Xing Tian, David Poeppel. The Effect of Imagination on Stimulation: The Functional Specificity of Efference Copies in Speech Processing
1037 -- 1048Mairéad MacSweeney, Usha Goswami, Helen J. Neville. The Neurobiology of Rhyme Judgment by Deaf and Hearing Adults: An ERP Study
1049 -- 1061Janeen D. Loehr, Dimitrios Kourtis, Cordula Vesper, Natalie Sebanz, Günther Knoblich. Monitoring Individual and Joint Action Outcomes in Duet Music Performance
1062 -- 1077Carol A. Seger, Brian J. Spiering, Anastasia G. Sares, Sarah I. Quraini, Catherine Alpeter, James David, Michael H. Thaut. Corticostriatal Contributions to Musical Expectancy Perception
1078 -- 1099Arvid Guterstam, Giovanni Gentile, H. Henrik Ehrsson. The Invisible Hand Illusion: Multisensory Integration Leads to the Embodiment of a Discrete Volume of Empty Space
1100 -- 1110Carly J. Leonard, Javier Lopez-Calderon, Johanna Kreither, Steven J. Luck. Rapid Feature-driven Changes in the Attentional Window
1111 -- 1121Kristjan Kalm, Matthew H. Davis, Dennis Norris. Individual Sequence Representations in the Medial Temporal Lobe
1122 -- 1135Vincenzo Romei, Micah M. Murray, Céline Cappe, Gregor Thut. The Contributions of Sensory Dominance and Attentional Bias to Cross-modal Enhancement of Visual Cortex Excitability
1136 -- 1147Ian S. Ramsay, Marco C. Yzer, Monica Luciana, Kathleen D. Vohs, Angus W. MacDonald III. Affective and Executive Network Processing Associated with Persuasive Antidrug Messages
1148 -- 1162Gregor Volberg, Anna Karmann, Stefanie Birkner, Mark W. Greenlee. Short- and Long-range Neural Synchrony in Grapheme-Color Synesthesia
1163 -- 1179Willem Huijbers, Aaron P. Schultz, Patrizia Vannini, Donald G. McLaren, Sarah E. Wigman, Andrew M. Ward, Trey Hedden, Reisa A. Sperling. The Encoding/Retrieval Flip: Interactions between Memory Performance and Memory Stage and Relationship to Intrinsic Cortical Networks
1180 -- 1189Bartholomäus Odoj, Daniela Balslev. Visual Sensitivity Shifts with Perceived Eye Position

Volume 25, Issue 6

822 -- 829Logan Schneider, Elise Houdayer, Ou Bai, Mark Hallett. What We Think before a Voluntary Movement
830 -- 833Michel Desmurget. Searching for the Neural Correlates of Conscious Intention
834 -- 842Joseph M. Moran, Jamil Zaki. Functional Neuroimaging and Psychology: What Have You Done for Me Lately?
843 -- 851Tsung-Ren Huang, Thomas E. Hazy, Seth A. Herd, Randall C. O'Reilly. Assembling Old Tricks for New Tasks: A Neural Model of Instructional Learning and Control
852 -- 861Wouter Kool, Sarah J. Getz, Matthew Botvinick. Neural Representation of Reward Probability: Evidence from the Illusion of Control
862 -- 871Bradford Z. Mahon, Nicholas Kumar, Jorge Almeida. Spatial Frequency Tuning Reveals Interactions between the Dorsal and Ventral Visual Systems
872 -- 886Giulio Pergola, Christian Bellebaum, Britta Gehlhaar, Benno Koch, Michael Schwarz, Irene Daum, Boris Suchan. The Involvement of the Thalamus in Semantic Retrieval: A Clinical Group Study
887 -- 902Pauline L. Baniqued, Kathy A. Low, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton. Frontoparietal Traffic Signals: A Fast Optical Imaging Study of Preparatory Dynamics in Response Mode Switching
903 -- 919Alexander Olsen, Jan Ferenc Brunner, Kari Anne Indredavik Evensen, Benjamin Garzon, Nils Inge Landrø, Asta K. Håberg. The Functional Topography and Temporal Dynamics of Overlapping and Distinct Brain Activations for Adaptive Task Control and Stable Task-set Maintenance during Performance of an fMRI-adapted Clinical Continuous Performance Test
920 -- 935Christine D. Wilson-Mendenhall, W. Kyle Simmons, Alex Martin, Lawrence W. Barsalou. Contextual Processing of Abstract Concepts Reveals Neural Representations of Nonlinguistic Semantic Content
936 -- 951Laura Batterink, Helen J. Neville. Implicit and Explicit Second Language Training Recruit Common Neural Mechanisms for Syntactic Processing
952 -- 960Julia W. Y. Kam, Elizabeth Dao, Maria Stanciulescu, Hamish Tildesley, Todd C. Handy. Mind Wandering and the Adaptive Control of Attentional Resources
961 -- 968Rachel E. Ganaden, Caitlin R. Mullin, Jennifer K. E. Steeves. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Transverse Occipital Sulcus Affects Scene but Not Object Processing
969 -- 985Kristian Sandberg, Bahador Bahrami, Ryota Kanai, Gareth R. Barnes, Morten Overgaard, Geraint Rees. Early Visual Responses Predict Conscious Face Perception within and between Subjects during Binocular Rivalry

Volume 25, Issue 5

657 -- 669Joy J. Geng, Steffan Soosman, Yile Sun, Nicholas E. DiQuattro, Beth Stankevitch, Michael J. Minzenberg. A Match Made by Modafinil: Probability Matching in Choice Decisions and Spatial Attention
670 -- 684Richard Ramsey, Peter C. Hansen, Ian A. Apperly, Dana Samson. Seeing It My Way or Your Way: Frontoparietal Brain Areas Sustain Viewpoint-independent Perspective Selection Processes
685 -- 696Silvia Convento, Giuseppe Vallar, Chiara Galantini, Nadia Bolognini. Neuromodulation of Early Multisensory Interactions in the Visual Cortex
697 -- 705Veronica Mazza, Silvia Pagano, Alfonso Caramazza. Multiple Object Individuation and Exact Enumeration
706 -- 718Sara Guediche, Caden Salvata, Sheila E. Blumstein. Temporal Cortex Reflects Effects of Sentence Context on Phonetic Processing
719 -- 729Rachel Wu, Gaia Scerif, Richard N. Aslin, Tim J. Smith, Rebecca Nako, Martin Eimer. Searching for Something Familiar or Novel: Top-Down Attentional Selection of Specific Items or Object Categories
730 -- 742Sebastian Puschmann, Riklef Weerda, Georg Klump, Christiane M. Thiel. Segregating the Neural Correlates of Physical and Perceived Change in Auditory Input using the Change Deafness Effect
743 -- 753Mowei Shen, Wenjun Yu, Xiaotian Xu, Zaifeng Gao. Building Blocks of Visual Working Memory: Objects or Boolean Maps?
754 -- 761Edward F. Ester, David E. Anderson, John T. Serences, Edward Awh. A Neural Measure of Precision in Visual Working Memory
762 -- 776Joost Rommers, Ton Dijkstra, Marcel C. M. Bastiaansen. Context-dependent Semantic Processing in the Human Brain: Evidence from Idiom Comprehension
777 -- 789Dzmitry A. Kaliukhovich, Wouter De Baene, Rufin Vogels. Effect of Adaptation on Object Representation Accuracy in Macaque Inferior Temporal Cortex
790 -- 801Chiara Renzi, Patrick Bruns, Kirstin-Friederike Heise, Maximo Zimerman, Jan-Frederik Feldheim, Friedhelm Hummel, Brigitte Röder. Spatial Remapping in the Audio-tactile Ventriloquism Effect: A TMS Investigation on the Role of the Ventral Intraparietal Area
802 -- 813Laura E. Hughes, James B. Rowe. The Impact of Neurodegeneration on Network Connectivity: A Study of Change Detection in Frontotemporal Dementia
814 -- 821Angela D. Friederici, Jutta L. Mueller, Bernhard Sehm, Patrick Ragert. Language Learning without Control: The Role of the PFC

Volume 25, Issue 4

503 -- 516Benjamin Rich Zendel, Claude Alain. The Influence of Lifelong Musicianship on Neurophysiological Measures of Concurrent Sound Segregation
517 -- 533Karen Emmorey, Stephen McCullough, Sonya H. Mehta, Laura L. B. Ponto, Thomas J. Grabowski. The Biology of Linguistic Expression Impacts Neural Correlates for Spatial Language
534 -- 546Andy C. H. Lee, Kay Henning Brodersen, Sarah R. Rudebeck. Disentangling Spatial Perception and Spatial Memory in the Hippocampus: A Univariate and Multivariate Pattern Analysis fMRI Study
547 -- 557Maital Neta, William M. Kelley, Paul J. Whalen. Neural Responses to Ambiguity Involve Domain-general and Domain-specific Emotion Processing Systems
558 -- 570Alkomiet Hasan, Joseph M. Galea, Elias P. Casula, Peter Falkai, Sven Bestmann, John C. Rothwell. Muscle and Timing-specific Functional Connectivity between the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and the Primary Motor Cortex
571 -- 579Goran Papenberg, Lars Bäckman, Irene E. Nagel, Wilfried Nietfeld, Julia Schröder, Lars Bertram, Hauke R. Heekeren, Ulman Lindenberger, Shu-Chen Li. Dopaminergic Gene Polymorphisms Affect Long-term Forgetting in Old Age: Further Support for the Magnification Hypothesis
580 -- 594Gesa Hartwigsen, Dorothee Saur, Cathy J. Price, Annette Baumgaertner, Stephan Ulmer, Hartwig R. Siebner. Increased Facilitatory Connectivity from the Pre-SMA to the Left Dorsal Premotor Cortex during Pseudoword Repetition
595 -- 612Megan M. Herting, Bonnie J. Nagel. Differences in Brain Activity during a Verbal Associative Memory Encoding Task in High- and Low-fit Adolescents
613 -- 622Brent L. Hughes, Jennifer S. Beer. Protecting the Self: The Effect of Social-evaluative Threat on Neural Representations of Self
623 -- 635Sarah E. Donohue, Alexandra E. Todisco, Marty G. Woldorff. The Rapid Distraction of Attentional Resources toward the Source of Incongruent Stimulus Input during Multisensory Conflict
636 -- 648Hannah Block, Amy Bastian, Pablo Celnik. Virtual Lesion of Angular Gyrus Disrupts the Relationship between Visuoproprioceptive Weighting and Realignment
649 -- 656L. Sanjay Nandam, Robert Hester, Joe Wagner, Angela J. Dean, Cassandra Messer, Asha Honeysett, Pradeep J. Nathan, Mark A. Bellgrove. 2 Receptor Modulation of Human Response Inhibition and Error Awareness

Volume 25, Issue 3

329 -- 337Tatiana Aloi Emmanouil, Philip Burton, Tony Ro. Unconscious Processing of Unattended Features in Human Visual Cortex
338 -- 351Jonas Persson, Anne Larsson, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz. Imaging Fatigue of Interference Control Reveals the Neural Basis of Executive Resource Depletion
352 -- 364Tom Theys, Pierpaolo Pani, Johannes van Loon, Jan Goffin, Peter Janssen. Three-dimensional Shape Coding in Grasping Circuits: A Comparison between the Anterior Intraparietal Area and Ventral Premotor Area F5a
365 -- 373Julien Besle, Zahra Hussain, Marie-Hélène Giard, Olivier Bertrand. The Representation of Audiovisual Regularities in the Human Brain
374 -- 387Eva H. Telzer, Andrew J. Fuligni, Matthew D. Lieberman, Adriana Galván. Meaningful Family Relationships: Neurocognitive Buffers of Adolescent Risk Taking
388 -- 400Ian D. Holloway, Christian Battista, Stephan E. Vogel, Daniel Ansari. Semantic and Perceptual Processing of Number Symbols: Evidence from a Cross-linguistic fMRI Adaptation Study
401 -- 420Shu-Jen Kung, Joyce L. Chen, Robert J. Zatorre, Virginia B. Penhune. Interacting Cortical and Basal Ganglia Networks Underlying Finding and Tapping to the Musical Beat
421 -- 435Amy H. Criss, Mark E. Wheeler, James L. McClelland. A Differentiation Account of Recognition Memory: Evidence from fMRI
436 -- 454Kara M. Hawkins, Patricia Sayegh, Xiaogang Yan, J. Douglas Crawford, Lauren Sergio. Neural Activity in Superior Parietal Cortex during Rule-based Visual-motor Transformations
455 -- 464Thomas W. James, Lindsay R. Arcurio, Jason M. Gold. Inversion Effects in Face-selective Cortex with Combinations of Face Parts
465 -- 483Elena Rusconi, Martynas Dervinis, Frederick Verbruggen, Christopher D. Chambers. Critical Time Course of Right Frontoparietal Involvement in Mental Number Space
484 -- 502Ellen F. Lau, Phillip J. Holcomb, Gina R. Kuperberg. Dissociating N400 Effects of Prediction from Association in Single-word Contexts

Volume 25, Issue 2

157 -- 174Bram B. Zandbelt, Mirjam Bloemendaal, Janna Marie Hoogendam, René S. Kahn, Matthijs Vink. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Functional MRI Reveal Cortical and Subcortical Interactions during Stop-signal Response Inhibition
175 -- 187Jihoon Oh, Jae Hyung Kwon, Po Song Yang, Jaeseung Jeong. Auditory Imagery Modulates Frequency-specific Areas in the Human Auditory Cortex
188 -- 202Viola S. Störmer, Shu-Chen Li, Hauke R. Heekeren, Ulman Lindenberger. Normal Aging Delays and Compromises Early Multifocal Visual Attention during Object Tracking
203 -- 218Andrew J. Butler, Karin Harman James. Active Learning of Novel Sound-producing Objects: Motor Reactivation and Enhancement of Visuo-motor Connectivity
219 -- 233Emilie T. Reas, James B. Brewer. Retrieval Search and Strength Evoke Dissociable Brain Activity during Episodic Memory Recall
234 -- 244Eva H. Telzer, Kathryn L. Humphreys, Mor Shapiro, Nim Tottenham. Amygdala Sensitivity to Race Is Not Present in Childhood but Emerges over Adolescence
245 -- 257Sonia Doallo, Eva Zita Patai, Anna Christina Nobre. Reward Associations Magnify Memory-based Biases on Perception
258 -- 272Leonie Koban, Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua, Patrik Vuilleumier. Integration of Error Agency and Representation of Others' Pain in the Anterior Insula
273 -- 283John Lisman, Eliezer J. Sternberg. Habit and Nonhabit Systems for Unconscious and Conscious Behavior: Implications for Multitasking
284 -- 296Adriana Galvan, Kristine M. McGlennen. Enhanced Striatal Sensitivity to Aversive Reinforcement in Adolescents versus Adults
297 -- 312Avery A. Rizio, Nancy A. Dennis. The Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control: Successful Remembering and Intentional Forgetting
313 -- 328Rachel M. Brown, Joyce L. Chen, Avrum Hollinger, Virginia B. Penhune, Caroline Palmer, Robert J. Zatorre. Repetition Suppression in Auditory-Motor Regions to Pitch and Temporal Structure in Music

Volume 25, Issue 12

2015 -- 2024Alexander Kranjec. Thought Is a Material: Talking with Mel Bochner about Space, Art, and Language
2025 -- 2046Caroline Michel, Laurence Dricot, Renaud Lhommel, Cécile Grandin, Adrian Ivanoiu, Agnesa Pillon, Dana Samson. Extensive Left Temporal Pole Damage Does Not Impact on Theory of Mind Abilities
2047 -- 2060Yamit Cohen, Luba Daikhin, Merav Ahissar. Perceptual Learning Is Specific to the Trained Structure of Information
2061 -- 2071Mary Katherine Kelm, Charlotte A. Boettiger. O-methyltransferase Genotype
2072 -- 2085Gilles Vandewalle, Olivier Collignon, Joseph T. Hull, Véronique Daneault, Geneviève Albouy, Franco Lepore, Christophe Phillips, Julien Doyon, Charles A. Czeisler, Marie Dumont, Steven W. Lockley, Julie Carrier. Blue Light Stimulates Cognitive Brain Activity in Visually Blind Individuals
2086 -- 2106Peter Mende-Siedlecki, Sara C. Verosky, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Alexander Todorov. Robust Selectivity for Faces in the Human Amygdala in the Absence of Expressions
2107 -- 2123Anna C. Schapiro, James L. McClelland, Stephen R. Welbourne, Timothy T. Rogers, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Why Bilateral Damage Is Worse than Unilateral Damage to the Brain
2124 -- 2140Eliza Bliss-Moreau, Gilda Moadab, Melissa D. Bauman, David G. Amaral. The Impact of Early Amygdala Damage on Juvenile Rhesus Macaque Social Behavior
2141 -- 2150Jiska S. Peper, P. Cédric M. P. Koolschijn, Eveline A. Crone. Development of Risk Taking: Contributions from Adolescent Testosterone and the Orbito-frontal Cortex
2151 -- 2166Jelmer P. Borst, Darryl W. Schneider, Matthew M. Walsh, John R. Anderson. Stages of Processing in Associative Recognition: Evidence from Behavior, EEG, and Classification
2167 -- 2178Bernhard Pastötter, Gesine Dreisbach, Karl-Heinz Bäuml. Dynamic Adjustments of Cognitive Control: Oscillatory Correlates of the Conflict Adaptation Effect
2179 -- 2188Katya Krieger-Redwood, M. Gareth Gaskell, Shane Lindsay, Elizabeth Jefferies. The Selective Role of Premotor Cortex in Speech Perception: A Contribution to Phoneme Judgements but not Speech Comprehension
2189 -- 2206Brittany R. Alperin, Anna E. Haring, Tatyana Y. Zhuravleva, Phillip J. Holcomb, Dorene M. Rentz, Kirk R. Daffner. The Dissociation between Early and Late Selection in Older Adults
2207 -- 2215Georg Dirnberger, Judith Novak, Christian Nasel. Perceptual Sequence Learning Is More Severely Impaired than Motor Sequence Learning in Patients with Chronic Cerebellar Stroke
2216 -- 2229Martin Ulrich, Klaus Hoenig, Georg Grön, Markus Kiefer. Brain Activation during Masked and Unmasked Semantic Priming: Commonalities and Differences

Volume 25, Issue 11

1777 -- 1793Rosemary A. Cowell, Garrison W. Cottrell. What Evidence Supports Special Processing for Faces? A Cautionary Tale for fMRI Interpretation
1794 -- 1806Marta Bortoletto, Katharine S. Baker, Jason B. Mattingley, Ross Cunnington. Visual-Motor Interactions during Action Observation Are Shaped by Cognitive Context
1807 -- 1823Anastasia Christakou, Samuel Gershman, Yael Niv, Andrew Simmons, Mick Brammer, Katya Rubia. Neural and Psychological Maturation of Decision-making in Adolescence and Young Adulthood
1824 -- 1850Krist A. Noonan, Elizabeth Jefferies, Maya Visser, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Going beyond Inferior Prefrontal Involvement in Semantic Control: Evidence for the Additional Contribution of Dorsal Angular Gyrus and Posterior Middle Temporal Cortex
1851 -- 1862Andrew R. Bender, Ana M. Daugherty, Naftali Raz. Vascular Risk Moderates Associations between Hippocampal Subfield Volumes and Memory
1863 -- 1874Joseph A. Harris, Alex R. McMahon, Marty G. Woldorff. Disruption of Visual Awareness during the Attentional Blink Is Reflected by Selective Disruption of Late-stage Neural Processing
1875 -- 1886Carolyn McGettigan, Frank Eisner, Zarinah K. Agnew, Tom Manly, Duncan Wisbey, Sophie K. Scott. T'ain't What You Say, It's the Way That You Say It - Left Insula and Inferior Frontal Cortex Work in Interaction with Superior Temporal Regions to Control the Performance of Vocal Impersonations
1887 -- 1895Katherine E. Powers, Leah H. Somerville, William M. Kelley, Todd F. Heatherton. Rejection Sensitivity Polarizes Striatal-Medial Prefrontal Activity When Anticipating Social Feedback
1896 -- 1907Sandra Ackermann, Francina Hartmann, Andreas Papassotiropoulos, Dominique J.-F. de Quervain, Björn Rasch. Associations between Basal Cortisol Levels and Memory Retrieval in Healthy Young Individuals
1908 -- 1925Hallvard Røe Evensmoen, Hanne Lehn, Jian Xu, Menno Witter, Lynn Nadel, Asta K. Håberg. The Anterior Hippocampus Supports a Coarse, Global Environmental Representation and the Posterior Hippocampus Supports Fine-grained, Local Environmental Representations
1926 -- 1943Jyrki Ahveninen, Samantha Huang, John W. Belliveau, Wei-Tang Chang, Matti S. Hämäläinen. Dynamic Oscillatory Processes Governing Cued Orienting and Allocation of Auditory Attention
1944 -- 1956Markus H. Sneve, Svein Magnussen, Dag Alnæs, Tor Endestad, Mark D'Esposito. Top-Down Modulation from Inferior Frontal Junction to FEFs and Intraparietal Sulcus during Short-term Memory for Visual Features
1957 -- 1974Greig I. de Zubicaray, Joanne Arciuli, Katie McMahon. Putting an "End" to the Motor Cortex Representations of Action Words
1975 -- 1985Manuel Carreiras, Manuel Perea, Cristina Gil-López, Reem Abu Mallouh, Elena Salillas. Neural Correlates of Visual versus Abstract Letter Processing in Roman and Arabic Scripts
1986 -- 2002Matthew M. Walsh, John R. Anderson. Electrophysiological Responses to Feedback during the Application of Abstract Rules
2003 -- 2014Charline Urbain, Rémy Schmitz, Christina Schmidt, Axel Cleeremans, Patrick Van Bogaert, Pierre Maquet, Philippe Peigneux. Sleep-dependent Neurophysiological Processes in Implicit Sequence Learning

Volume 25, Issue 10

1579 -- 1596Julia D. I. Meuwese, Ruben A. G. Post, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. Lamme. Does Perceptual Learning Require Consciousness or Attention?
1597 -- 1610Erik J. Kaestner, John T. Wixted, Sara C. Mednick. Pharmacologically Increasing Sleep Spindles Enhances Recognition for Negative and High-arousal Memories
1611 -- 1623Christian K. Tamnes, Kristine B. Walhovd, Håkon Grydeland, Dominic Holland, Ylva Østby, Anders M. Dale, Anders M. Fjell. Longitudinal Working Memory Development Is Related to Structural Maturation of Frontal and Parietal Cortices
1624 -- 1633Brendan Eliot Depue, Nick Ketz, Matthew V. Mollison, Erika Nyhus, Marie T. Banich, Tim Curran. ERPs and Neural Oscillations during Volitional Suppression of Memory Retrieval
1634 -- 1648Julie Duque, Etienne Olivier, Matthew Rushworth. Top-Down Inhibitory Control Exerted by the Medial Frontal Cortex during Action Selection under Conflict
1649 -- 1663Fan Cao, Ran Tao, Li Liu, Charles A. Perfetti, James R. Booth. High Proficiency in a Second Language is Characterized by Greater Involvement of the First Language Network: Evidence from Chinese Learners of English
1664 -- 1677Daniel J. Acheson, Peter Hagoort. Stimulating the Brain's Language Network: Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution after TMS to the Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Middle Temporal Gyrus
1678 -- 1691Mirjana Bozic, Lorraine K. Tyler, Li Su, Cai Wingfield, William D. Marslen-Wilson. Neurobiological Systems for Lexical Representation and Analysis in English
1692 -- 1701Steffen R. Hage, Natalja Gavrilov, Andreas Nieder. Cognitive Control of Distinct Vocalizations in Rhesus Monkeys
1702 -- 1710Bastien Boutonnet, Benjamin Dering, Nestor Viñas-Guasch, Guillaume Thierry. Seeing Objects through the Language Glass
1711 -- 1722Katherine C. Bettencourt, Yaoda Xu. The Role of Transverse Occipital Sulcus in Scene Perception and Its Relationship to Object Individuation in Inferior Intraparietal Sulcus
1723 -- 1735Lorraine K. Tyler, Shannon Chiu, Jie Zhuang, Billi Randall, Barry Devereux, Paul Wright, Alex Clarke, Kirsten I. Taylor. Objects and Categories: Feature Statistics and Object Processing in the Ventral Stream
1736 -- 1753Stefan Elmer, Silja Sollberger, Martin Meyer, Lutz Jäncke. An Empirical Reevaluation of Absolute Pitch: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measurements
1754 -- 1765Brian J. White, Robert A. Marino, Susan E. Boehnke, Laurent Itti, Jan Theeuwes, Douglas P. Munoz. Competitive Integration of Visual and Goal-related Signals on Neuronal Accumulation Rate: A Correlate of Oculomotor Capture in the Superior Colliculus
1769 -- 1775Simona Buetti, Marco Tamietto, Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Dirk Kerzel, Béatrice de Gelder, Alan J. Pegna. Dissociation between Goal-directed and Discrete Response Localization in a Patient with Bilateral Cortical Blindness

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 2Bradley R. Postle. Introduction to the Special Issue
3 -- 0Brenda Milner. Foreword
4 -- 13Charles Gross. Some Revolutions in Neuroscience
14 -- 21Howard Eichenbaum. What H.M. Taught Us
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