Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 10, Issue 4

261 -- 281Mohammed Al-Mulla, Ozgur Sinanoglu, Mohammed Nael Taha, Nader Alawadhi. Align-Encode Delay Assignment in the Case of XOR-Decompressors: Impact of Parallel Computations
283 -- 301Jalel Ben-Othman, Lynda Mokdad, Souheila Bouam. Amclm: Adaptive Multi-Services Cross-Layer MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Networks
303 -- 320Brahim Bensaou, Zhenning Kong, Danny H. K. Tsang. A Measurement-Assisted, Model-Based Admission Control Algorithm for IEEE 802.11e
321 -- 344Luciano Bononi, Marco Di Felice, Sara Pizzi. Dba-MAC: Dynamic Backbone-Assisted Medium Access Control Protocol for Efficient Broadcast in VANETs
345 -- 364Fatiha Bouabache, Thomas Hérault, Gilles Fedak, Franck Cappello. Hierarchical Replication Techniques to Ensure Checkpoint Storage Reliability in Grid Environment
365 -- 390Alejandro Juan, Richard Werner Nelem Pazzi, Azzedine Boukerche. Using Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier Systems for Adaptable Strategy Generation in Games and Interactive Virtual Simulations
391 -- 419Elie El Ajaltouni, Ming Zhang, Azzedine Boukerche, Robson Eduardo De Grande. An Adaptive Dynamic Load Balancing Technique for Grid-Based Large Scale Distributed Simulations
421 -- 434Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik, Deyang Liu. Qos Based Selection Algorithms for Composite Distributed Web Services
435 -- 457Athanasios Kinalis, Sotiris E. Nikoletseas. Adaptive Data Dissemination in Mobile Sensor Networks
459 -- 479Sk. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Khalil El-Khatib. Secure Anonymous Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Pairing over Elliptic Curves
481 -- 495Lynda Mokdad, Jalel Ben-Othman. Stochastic Automata Networks for Modelling Scheduling Scheme in WiMAX Networks
497 -- 516Javid Taheri, Albert Y. Zomaya. Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Mobility Management
517 -- 534Zainab R. Zaidi, Sara Hakami, Tim Moors, Björn Landfeldt. Detection and Identification of Anomalies in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Volume 10, Issue 3

189 -- 204Eddie Cheng, Ke Qiu, Zhizhang Shen. A Generating Function Approach to the Surface Areas of Some Interconnection Networks
205 -- 217Weizhen Gu, Kirsti Wash. Bounds on the domination Number of Permutation Graphs
233 -- 242Tzu-Liang Kung, Cheng-Kuan Lin, Tyne Liang, Li-Yen Hsu, Jimmy J. M. Tan. Fault Diameter of Hypercubes with Hybrid Node and Link Faults
243 -- 251Cheng-Kuan Lin, Tung-Yang Ho, Jimmy J. M. Tan, Lih-Hsing Hsu. Fault-Tolerant Hamiltonian laceability and Fault-Tolerant Conditional Hamiltonian for Bipartite Hypercube-like Networks
253 -- 260Lun-Min Shih, Chieh-Feng Chiang, Lih-Hsing Hsu, Jimmy J. M. Tan. Fault-Tolerant Maximal Local-Connectivity on Cayley Graphs Generated by Transposition Trees

Volume 10, Issue 1-2

1 -- 26Anna Agusti-Torra, Cristina Cervello-Pastor, Miquel A. Fiol. A Routing and Wavelength Assignment Strategy for Successful Transmission in Optical Networks
27 -- 57Florian Huc, Ignasi Sau, Janez Zerovnik. (::::l::::, k)-ROUTING ON PLANE GRIDS
59 -- 91Djamel Djenouri, Othmane Mahmoudi, Mohamed Bouamama. Towards Immunizing MANET s Source Routing Protocols against Packet Droppers
93 -- 120Stephane Durocher, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc, Lata Narayanan. Balancing Traffic Load Using One-Turn Rectilinear Routing
121 -- 132Amit Kumar Garg, R. S. Kaler. Hybrid Contention Resolution Schemes for Optical Burst Switched High-Speed Networks
133 -- 148Bey-Chi Lin, F. K. Hwang. Generalizing and Fine Tuning Triple-Loop Networks
149 -- 166Cheng-Kuan Lin, Chien-Ping Chang, Tung-Yang Ho, Jimmy J. M. Tan, Lih-Hsing Hsu. A New Isomorphic Definition of the Crossed Cube and its Spanning Connectivity
167 -- 188Mahmoud Moadeli, Ali Shahrabi, Wim Vanderbauwhede, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua. An Analytical Comparison of the Spidergon and Rectangular Mesh NoCs