Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 21, Issue 4

0 -- 0Yingbin Ma, Wenhan Zhu. Tight Upper Bound of the 3-Total-Rainbow Index for 2-(Edge-)Connected Graphs
0 -- 0Yulong Wei, Ronghua Li, Weihua Yang. The g-Extra Edge-Connectivity of Balanced Hypercubes
0 -- 0Xiang Qin, Yanhua Zhao, Baoyindureng Wu. Wiener Index of k-Connected Graphs
0 -- 0Mei-Mei Gu, Jou-Ming Chang. A Note on Super Connectivity of the Bouwer Graph
0 -- 0Ning Zhao, Yinkui Li. The Vulnerability of k-Uniform Linear Hypergraph
0 -- 0Jinqiu Zhou, Qunfang Li, Sufang Liu. A Note on Connectivity of a Cubic Graph
0 -- 0Yingying Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhu. Total Proper Connection and Graph Operations
0 -- 0Yaping Mao. Preface
0 -- 0Zhaojun Sun, Bing Qi, Wei Zhang. The Capture and Assessment system of Student Activity-Based State Recognition for Physical Education
0 -- 0Litao Guo, Jun Ge. Note on Reliability Analysis of Cartesian Product of Networks for Components
0 -- 0Miaomiao Zhuo, Qinqin Li, Baoyindureng Wu, Xinhui An. Average Edge-Connectivity of Cubic Graphs
0 -- 0Xiaoxiao Qin, Ting Xie, Wen Li, Yinkui Li. Extremal Graphs on the Rupture Degree
0 -- 0Yuefang Sun, Gregory Z. Gutin. Strong Subgraph Connectivity of Digraphs: A Survey

Volume 21, Issue 3

0 -- 0Mohamed Hechmi Jeridi, Sami Elmadssia, Tahar Ezzedine. Routing in IoT Lossy Networks: Potential Issues and Proposed Changes
0 -- 0Mohamad Abdallah, Chun-Nan Hung. Neighbor Connectivity of the Alternating Group Graph
0 -- 0Hanxiao Qiao, Ke Wang, Suonan Renqian, Renqing Cuo. A Note on the Multi-Colored Bipartite Ramsey Number for Paths
0 -- 0Soamdeep Singha, Biswapati Jana, Niranjan Kumar Mandal. Active Queue Management in RED Considering Critical Point on Target Queue
0 -- 0Chenying Hao, Shurong Zhang, Weihua Yang. Maintaining Constrained Path Problem for Directed Acyclic Graphs
0 -- 0P. C. Lisna, M. S. Sunitha. b-Chromatic Sum and b-Continuity Property of Some Graphs
0 -- 0Joshua Brudnak, László Lipták. Connectivity Properties of Generalized K4-Hypercubes

Volume 21, Issue 2

0 -- 0Saeid Hanifehnezhad, Ardeshir Dolati. Cut Star of an Undirected Graph
0 -- 0Zhiwei Guo, Yaping Mao, Nan Jia, He Li. Strong Equitable Vertex Arboricity in Cartesian Product Networks
0 -- 0Cheng Jin, Hai-Yi Zhang, Chao Wei. The Bounds of Generalized 4-Connectivity of Alternating Group Graphs
0 -- 0J. B. Saraf, Y. M. Borse. A Note on Conditional Edge Connectivity of Hypercube Networks

Volume 21, Issue 1

0 -- 0Monjul Saikia. Delaunay Triangulation Based Key Distribution for Three-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks
0 -- 0Simone Belli, Leonardo Reyes. Distributing Information in Small-World Networks: Four Social Cases of the Process of Contagion in Spain
0 -- 0Gary Chartrand, Yuya Kono, Ping Zhang 0004. Distance Vertex Identification in Graphs
0 -- 0Ankur Goyal, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Sandeep Kumar 0001, Ramesh Chandra Poonia. Hybrid AODV: An Efficient Routing Protocol for Manet Using MFR and Firefly Optimization Technique