Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 26, Issue 6

871 -- 885Xiangru Xu, Yiguang Hong. Solvability and control design for synchronization of Boolean networks
886 -- 901Feng Zhang. Stochastic maximum principle for mixed regular-singular control problems of forward-backward systems
902 -- 924Yanping Chen 0002, Tianliang Hou, Nianyu Yi. Variational discretization for optimal control problems governed by parabolic equations
925 -- 939Xiaowu Mu, Yang Gao. Global input-to-state stabilization with quantized feedback for discrete-time piecewise affine systems with time delays
940 -- 956Qiang Chen, Li Yu, Yurong Nan. Finite-time tracking control for motor servo systems with unknown dead-zones
957 -- 967Chaohua Jia, Zhi-Chao Shao. State derivative-free variable structure model reference adaptive control of linear parabolic systems
968 -- 977Zhaoli Jia, Shuguang Zhang. Pricing convertible bonds and change of probability measure
978 -- 990Jian Yu, Dingtao Peng. Solvability of vector Ky Fan inequalities with applications
991 -- 1001Hui Mi, Shuguang Zhang. Dynamic valuation of options on non-traded assets and trading strategies
1002 -- 1018Xian-jun Long. Sufficiency and duality for nonsmooth multiobjective programming problems involving generalized univex functions
1019 -- 1027Shihui Jia, Zhongping Wan. A penalty function method for solving ill-posed bilevel programming problem via weighted summation
1028 -- 1046Shuijing Xiao, Guangxing Zeng. Semi-algebraically connected components of minimum points of a polynomial function

Volume 26, Issue 5

665 -- 666Hongbo Li, Moshe Shpitalni. Introduction to the special issue on mathematics and algorithms in computer-aided manufacturing, engineering, and numerical control
667 -- 675Jibin Zhao, Bo Zhong, Qiang Zou, Hongjun Liu. Tool orientation planning for five-axis CNC machining of open free-form surfaces
676 -- 694Bo Zhou, Ji-Bin Zhao, Weijun Liu, Lun Li. Generation method for five-axis NC spiral tool path based on parametric surface mapping
695 -- 717Alberto Trevisani. Planning of dynamically feasible trajectories for translational, planar, and underconstrained cable-driven robots
718 -- 734Feng Wang, Hu Lin, Liaomo Zheng, Feng Liu, Lei Yang, Cong Geng. A control algorithm for rapid movements near the radius compensation singularity in five-axis end milling
735 -- 756Hongliang Wang, Ruifeng Guo. Improving the simulation efficiency in five-axis milling by using an advanced octree and an implicit formula of a generalized cutter
757 -- 776Yuwen Sun, Jianfeng Zhou, Dongming Guo. Variable feedrate interpolation of NURBS Toolpath with geometric and kinematical constraints for five-axis CNC machining
777 -- 798Hongbo Li, Lixian Zhang. Geometric error control in the parabola-blending linear interpolator
799 -- 816Cong Geng, Dong Yu, Liaomo Zheng, Han Zhang, Feng Wang. A tool path correction and compression algorithm for five-axis CNC machining
817 -- 835Jian-Xin Guo, Qiang Zhang, Xiao-Shan Gao. Tracking error reduction in CNC machining by reshaping the kinematic trajectory
836 -- 870Chun-Ming Yuan, Ke Zhang, Wei Fan. Time-optimal interpolation for CNC machining along curved tool pathes with confined chord error

Volume 26, Issue 4

489 -- 511Dequan Li, Qipeng Liu, Xiaofan Wang. Distributed quantized consensus for agents on directed networks
512 -- 526Lin Tie. On nearly-controllable subspaces of a class of discrete-time bilinear systems
527 -- 533Jumei Wei, Xiaowu Mu. Stability of discontinuous nonlinear singular systems
534 -- 555Chao Gu, Detong Zhu. A nonmonotone line search filter method with reduced Hessian updating for nonlinear optimization
556 -- 571Dequan Yue, Feng Zhang. J-vacation policy and general retrial times
572 -- 582Daojiang He, Xingzhong Xu, Jianxin Zhao. 2 Wasserstein distance
583 -- 594Baiqi Miao, Qian Tong, Yuehua Wu, Baisuo Jin. Selecting an adaptive sequence for computing recursive M-estimators in multivariate linear regression models
595 -- 608Yuan Yuan, Jinhong You, Yong Zhou. Efficient estimation of seemingly unrelated additive nonparametric regression models
609 -- 618Yunfei Zhai, Xiuchun Bi, Shuguang Zhang. Pricing barrier options under stochastic volatility framework
619 -- 633Dongmei Li, Jinwang Liu, Weijun Liu, Licui Zheng. GVW algorithm over principal ideal domains
634 -- 649Chunming Tang, Shuhong Gao, Chengli Zhang. The optimal linear secret sharing scheme for any given access structure
650 -- 664Hongxi Tong. Constructions of unitary space-time codes with full diversity

Volume 26, Issue 3

313 -- 334Kuiting Zhang, Genqi Xu. A pinned network of Euler-Bernoulli beams under feedback controls
335 -- 340Huajun Tang. A note on the nestedness property for ordered median problems in tree networks
341 -- 349Zhenbin Liu, Yuzhen Wang. Reachability/controllability of high order mix-valued logical networks
350 -- 364Cheng Xu, Xiao-Ming Xu. Some inverse optimization problems on network
365 -- 382Lizhi Xu, Shu-Cherng Fang, Xun Zhang. Transport costs and China's exports: Some empirical evidences
383 -- 406Xiaolin Lu, Jian Xu. Explaining the changes in ALPs by identifying ALPs-important coefficients: An empirical application of China
407 -- 418Li Chen, Zongyuan Huang, Zhen Wu. Pricing and hedging problem of foreign currency option with higher borrowing rate
419 -- 431Hailin Zhou, Haibin Xie, Xinyu Wu, Zhongming Ding, Shouyang Wang. The impact of warrants introduction: Sign effect or magnitude effect?
432 -- 440Habin Xie, Shouyang Wang. A new approach to model financial markets
441 -- 461Zhimeng Sun, Zhongzhan Zhang, Jiang Du. Semiparametric analysis of isotonic errors-in-variables regression models with randomly right censored response
462 -- 469Zhengbang Li, Fan Cao, Junjian Zhang, Qizhai Li. Summation of absolute value test for multiple outcome comparison with moderate effect
470 -- 482Zhihai Zhang, Deepak Kapur. On invariant checking
483 -- 488Dong-Hui Yang, Bao-Zhu Guo. 2

Volume 26, Issue 2

137 -- 150Hongguo Zhao, Peng Cui. Risk-sensitive fixed-point smoothing estimation for linear discrete-time systems with multiple output delays
151 -- 174Jian Li, Yungang Liu. Stabilization of coupled pde-ode systems with spatially varying coefficient
175 -- 186Min Zheng, Wei Xiao, Qinghai Chen. Improved stability criteria for uncertain linear systems with interval time-varying delay
187 -- 200Carlos Pedro Gonçalves. Quantum financial economics - risk and returns
201 -- 208Qi Feng, Wenjie Li, Weiping Shang, Yuhua Cai. An on-line scheduling problem of parallel machines with common maintenance time
209 -- 231Anoop Chaturvedi, Suchita Kesarwani. Estimation of a subset of regression coefficients of interest in a model with non-spherical disturbances
232 -- 248Guo-Liang Fan, Han-Ying Liang. α-mixing errors
249 -- 260Minyu Xie, Ming Xiong, Ming Wu. Optimal allocation for estimating the correlation coefficient of Morgenstern type bivariate exponential distribution by ranked set sampling with concomitant variable
261 -- 280Yanli Huang, L. X. Châu Ngô, Franz Winkler. Rational general solutions of higher order algebraic odes
281 -- 290Jianqin Mei, Haiyan Wang. The generating set of the differential invariant algebra and Maurer-Cartan equations of a (2+1)-dimensional burgers equation
291 -- 301Liyong Shen, Min Wu, Zhengfeng Yang, Zhenbing Zeng. Generating exact nonlinear ranking functions by symbolic-numeric hybrid method
302 -- 312Yanjuan Zhang, Yingpu Deng. Results on permutation symmetric Boolean functions

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 3Juan J. Merelo, Antonio Miguel Mora, Carlos Cotta. Complex systems in sports: Introduction to the special issue
4 -- 13Natalia Balagué, Carlota Torrents Martín, Robert Hristovski, Keith Davids, Duarte Araújo. Overview of complex systems in sport
14 -- 20Malte Siegle, Martin Lames. Modeling soccer by means of relative phase
21 -- 42Carlos Cotta, Antonio Miguel Mora, Juan J. Merelo, Cecilia Merelo-Molina. A network analysis of the 2010 FIFA world cup champion team play
43 -- 61Héctor D. Menéndez, Gema Bello Orgaz, David Camacho. Extracting behavioural models from 2010 FIFA world cup
62 -- 72Ricardo Duarte, Duarte Araújo, Hugo Folgado, Pedro Esteves, Pedro Marques, Keith Davids. Capturing complex, non-linear team behaviours during competitive football performance
73 -- 84Luís Vilar, Duarte Araújo, Keith Davids, Yaneer Bar-Yam. Science of winning soccer: Emergent pattern-forming dynamics in association football
85 -- 93Wouter Frencken, Jorrit Van Der Plaats, Chris Visscher, Koen A. P. M. Lemmink. Size matters: Pitch dimensions constrain interactive team behaviour in soccer
94 -- 103Yves de Saá Guerra, Juan Manuel Martín González, Samuel Sarmiento Montesdeoca, David Rodríguez Ruiz, Nieves Arjonilla López, Juan Manuel García Manso. Basketball scoring in NBA games: An example of complexity
104 -- 116Samuel Sarmiento Montesdeoca, Juan Manuel García Manso, Juan Manuel Martín González, Diana Vaamonde, Javier Calderón, Marzo Edir Da Silva-Grigoletto. Heart rate variability during high-intensity exercise
117 -- 136Gonzalo A. Aranda-Corral, Joaquín Borrego-Díaz, Juan Galán Páez. Complex concept lattices for simulating human prediction in sport