Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 28, Issue 4

381 -- 424Stéphane Airiau. Cooperative games and multiagent systems
425 -- 449Mathieu d'Aquin, Jean Lieber, Amedeo Napoli. Decentralized case-based reasoning and Semantic Web technologies applied to decision support in oncology
451 -- 478Frederic Stahl, Max Bramer. Scaling up classification rule induction through parallel processing
479 -- 503Geylani Kardas. Model-driven development of multiagent systems: a survey and evaluation

Volume 28, Issue 3

231 -- 236Mélanie Frappier, Letitia Meynell, James Robert Brown. Special issue on visual representations and reasoning
237 -- 248Valeria Giardino. Towards a diagrammatic classification
249 -- 271Michel Chein, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Madalina Croitoru. Visual reasoning with graph-based mechanisms: the good, the better and the best
273 -- 286Laura Perini. Diagrams in biology
287 -- 302Christian Woelfel, Jens Krzywinski, Frank Drechsel. Knowing, reasoning and visualizing in industrial design
303 -- 326Lorenzo Magnani. Thinking through drawing - Diagram constructions as epistemic mediators in geometrical discovery
327 -- 345Letitia Meynell. Parsing pictures: on analyzing the content of images in science
347 -- 366Jonathan Gagné, Jim Davies. Visuo: A model of visuospatial instantiation of quantitative magnitudes
367 -- 379James W. McAllister. Reasoning with visual metaphors

Volume 28, Issue 2

117 -- 119Roman Barták, Simone Fratini, Thomas Leo McCluskey. Preface to special issue on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling
121 -- 136Antonio Garrido, Susana Fernández, Lluvia Morales, Eva Onaindia, Daniel Borrajo, Luis A. Castillo. On the automatic compilation of e-learning models to planning
137 -- 156Ourania Hatzi, Dimitris Vrakas, Nick Bassiliades, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis P. Vlahavas. The PORSCE II framework: using AI planning for automated Semantic Web service composition
157 -- 173Susana Fernández, Tomás de la Rosa, Fernando Fernández, Rubén Suárez, Javier Ortiz Laguna, Daniel Borrajo, David Manzano-Macho. Using automated planning for improving data mining processes
175 -- 193Arturo González-Ferrer, Juan Fernández-Olivares, Luis A. Castillo. From business process models to hierarchical task network planning domains
195 -- 213Stephen Cresswell, Thomas Leo McCluskey, Margaret Mary West. LOCM
215 -- 230Tiago Stegun Vaquero, José Reinaldo Silva, Flavio Tonidandel, J. Christopher Beck. itSIMPLE: towards an integrated design system for real planning applications

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 34Z. M. Ma, Fu Zhang, Hailong Wang, Li Yan. An overview of fuzzy Description Logics for the Semantic Web
35 -- 57Fernando Alfredo Auat Cheeín, Fernando M. Lobo Pereira, Fernando di Sciascio, Ricardo O. Carelli. Autonomous Simultaneous Localization and Mapping driven by Monte Carlo uncertainty maps-based navigation
59 -- 73Olivier Pietquin, Helen F. Hastie. A survey on metrics for the evaluation of user simulations
75 -- 105Chuntao Jiang, Frans Coenen, Michele Zito. A survey of frequent subgraph mining algorithms
107 -- 116Olivier Boissier, Marco Colombetti, Michael Luck, John-Jules Ch. Meyer, Axel Polleres. Norms, organizations, and semantics