Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 1, Issue 4

355 -- 356Donald Nute. Preface
357 -- 365Ronald Prescott Loui. Argument and belief: Where we stand in the Keynesian tradition
367 -- 392John L. Pollock. Self-defeating arguments
393 -- 416Steven O. Kimbrough, Hua Hua. On nonmonotonic reasoning with the method of sweeping presumptions
417 -- 436Timothy R. Colburn. Defeasible reasoning and logic programming
437 -- 458Robert L. Causey. The epistemic basis of defeasible reasoning

Volume 1, Issue 3

233 -- 257Jaap van Brakel. Meaning, prototypes and the future of cognitive science
259 -- 277Beth Preston. AI, anthropocentrism, and the evolution of 'intelligence'
279 -- 320Robert F. Hadley. A sense-based, process model of belief
321 -- 341Michael V. Antony. Fodor and Pylyshyn on connectionism
343 -- 353Kären Wieckert, Nino B. Cocchiarella, Jon Barwise. Book reviews

Volume 1, Issue 2

129 -- 165Vinod Goel. Notationality and the information processing mind
167 -- 184Hugh Clapin. Connectionism isn't magic
185 -- 196Ron McClamrock. Marr's three levels: A re-evaluation
197 -- 216James H. Fetzer. Philosophical aspects of program verification
217 -- 219Paul Thagard. In defense of computational philosophy of science
221 -- 232Charles Dunlop, Susan M. Haller, James Moor. Book reviews

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 30Michael Morris. Why there are no mental representations
31 -- 42Robert Cummins. Form, interpretation, and the uniqueness of content: Response to Morris
43 -- 54Stevan Harnad. Other bodies, other minds: A machine incarnation of an old philosophical problem
55 -- 73Robert F. Hadley. The many uses of 'belief' in AI
75 -- 95Clark Glymour. The hierarchies of knowledge and the mathematics of discovery
97 -- 116Timothy R. Colburn. Program verification, defeasible reasoning, and two views of computer science
117 -- 124Nicolas D. Goodman, Stephen W. Smoliar, Morton L. Schagrin. Book reviews