Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 14, Issue 4

433 -- 440Kevin B. Korb. Introduction: Machine Learning as Philosophy of Science
441 -- 451Ahmed Y. Tawfik. Inductive Reasoning and Chance Discovery
453 -- 484Yury P. Shimansky. The Concept of a Universal Learning System as a Basis for Creating a General Mathematical Theory of Learning
485 -- 505Kevin T. Kelly. Justification as Truth-Finding Efficiency: How Ockham's Razor Works
507 -- 538Lorenzo Magnani. Conjectures and Manipulations. Computational Modeling and the Extra- Theoretical Dimension of Scientific Discovery
539 -- 549Jon Williamson. A Dynamic Interaction Between Machine Learning and the Philosophy of Science
551 -- 573Evgenii E. Vityaev, Boris Kovalerchuk. Discovery of Empirical Theories Based on the Measurement Theory

Volume 14, Issue 3

283 -- 308Diane Proudfoot. The Implications of an Externalist Theory of Rule-Following Behaviour for Robot Cognition
309 -- 330John Stewart, Olivier Gapenne. Reciprocal Modelling of Active Perception of 2-D Forms in a Simple Tactile-Vision Substitution System
331 -- 347Agustín Vicente. The Overdetermination Argument Revisited
349 -- 379Luciano Floridi, Jeff W. Sanders. On the Morality of Artificial Agents
381 -- 385Selmer Bringsjord. On Building Robot Persons: Response to Zlatev
387 -- 389John Case. Off-Loading Memory to the Environment: A Quantitative Example
391 -- 431Kenneth Williford. Book Review: The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousnerss
397 -- 402Ljiljana Radenovic. Book Review: Mind in Everyday Life and Cognitive Science
403 -- 407Robert Evans. Book Review: Why the Mind-Body Problem Cannot be Solved
407 -- 414Christopher G. Prince. Book Review: Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics
415 -- 419Saul Traiger. Book Review: Contemporary Theories of Knowledge
419 -- 423Ted Pedersen. Book Review: Theoretical and Computational Approaches
423 -- 426Cameron Shelley. Book Review: The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences
427 -- 431Reese M. Heitner. Book Review: Language, Brain and Cognitive Development: Essays in Honor of Jacques Mehler

Volume 14, Issue 2

133 -- 143Yuzuru Sato, Takashi Ikegami. Undecidability in the Imitation Game
145 -- 172Robert F. Hadley. On The Proper Treatment of Semantic Systematicity
173 -- 196Murat Baç, Renée Elio. Scheme-Based Alethic Realism: Agency, the Environment, and Truthmaking
197 -- 221Luciano Floridi. Outline of a Theory of Strongly Semantic Information
223 -- 229James H. Fetzer. Information: Does it Have To Be True?
231 -- 240James H. Fetzer. Disinformation: The Use of False Information
241 -- 278. Book Reviews
279 -- 0. Erratum

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 19Paul Bohan Broderick. On Communication and Computation
21 -- 42Mario Alai. A.I., Scientific Discovery and Realism
43 -- 66Patrick Grim, Paul St. Denis, Trina Kokalis. Information and Meaning: Use-Based Models in Arrays of Neural Nets
67 -- 83Bernd Carsten Stahl. Information, Ethics, and Computers: The Problem of Autonomous Moral Agents
85 -- 99Soraj Hongladarom. Making Information Transparent as a Means to Close the Global Digital Divide
101 -- 117Don Fallis. Epistemic Value Theory and Information Ethics
119 -- 132R. A. Young. Wittgenstein's Tractatus Project as Philosophy of Information