Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 4, Issue 4

377 -- 378Stevan Harnad. Preface - What is computation (and is cognition that)?
379 -- 390Stevan Harnad. Computation is just interpretable symbol manipulation; cognition isn't
391 -- 402David J. Chalmers. On implementing a computation
403 -- 420Ronald L. Chrisley. Why everything doesn't realize every computation
421 -- 437Bruce J. MacLennan. "Words lie in our way"
439 -- 449Robert W. Kentridge. Symbols, neurons, soap-bubbles and the neural computation underlying cognition
451 -- 467C. Franklin Boyle. Computation as an intrinsic property
469 -- 488Selmer Bringsjord. computation, among other things, is beneath us

Volume 4, Issue 3

259 -- 282Paul Schweizer. Intentionality, qualia, and mind/brain identity
283 -- 302David Cole. Thought and qualia
303 -- 315Saul Traiger. The secret operations of the mind
317 -- 332Andy Clark. Representational trajectories in connectionist learning
333 -- 344Paul Skokowski. Can computers carry content 'inexplicitly'?
345 -- 352Robert L. Causey. Discussion review
353 -- 376Beth Preston, Matthew Elton, Michael Losonsky, Saul Traiger, Randall R. Dipert, Jerome A. Shaffer. Book reviews

Volume 4, Issue 2

129 -- 162Keith Butler. Neural constraints in cognitive science
163 -- 203Francesco Orilia. Belief representation in a deductivist type-free doxastic logic
205 -- 214Ted A. Warfield. Fodorian semantics: A reply to Adams and Aizawa
215 -- 231Fred Adams, Kenneth Aizawa. "X" means X: Fodor/Warfield semantics
233 -- 257Robert E. Filman, Donald Nute, Merrie Bergmann, Thomas Tymoczko, Barry Smith, Gerard Ellis, Ronald N. Giere. Book reviews

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 25William Bechtel. Levels of description and explanation in cognitive science
27 -- 37Jay F. Rosenberg. Comments on Bechtel, "Levels of description and explanation in cognitive science"
39 -- 57Joachim Quantz, Birte Schmitz. Knowledge-based disambiguation for machine translation
59 -- 73David D. McDonald. 'KRISP': A represnetation for the semantic interpretation of texts
75 -- 80Ben Goertzel. Some thoughts on Akin's spiteful computer
81 -- 101Henry E. Kyburg Jr., David A. Nelson. Discussion reviews
103 -- 128Michael J. Almeida, Robert D. Van Valin Jr., Marc Moens, Johan M. Lammens, William A. Foley, Colin Renfrew. Book reviews