Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 5, Issue 4

467 -- 487Timothy R. Colburn. Heuristics, justification, and defeasible reasoning
489 -- 498Richard E. Korf. Heuristic evaluation functions in artificial intelligence search algorithms
499 -- 512Paul Humphreys. Computational science and scientific method
513 -- 515Mary Galbraith, William J. Rapaport. Preface - Subjectivity and the debate over computational cognitive science
517 -- 524Stuart C. Shapiro. Computationalism
525 -- 531Mary Galbraith. Verstehen tradition
533 -- 545Mark L. Johnson. Incarnate mind
547 -- 560Eugene T. Gendlin. Crossing and dipping: Some terms for approaching the interface between natural understanding and logical formulation
561 -- 581Stuart G. Shanker. The nature of insight
583 -- 596Jeff Coulter. The informed neuron: Issues in the use of information theory in the behavioral sciences
597 -- 607Danah Zohar. A quantum mechanical model of consciousness and the emergence of 'I'
609 -- 620I. N. Marshall. Some phenomenological implications of a quantum model of consciousness

Volume 5, Issue 3

309 -- 337Martin J. Pickering, Nick Chater. Why cognitive science is not formalized folk psychology
339 -- 355William Edward Morris, Robert C. Richardson. Hownot to demarcate cognitive science and folk psychology: A response to Pickering and Chater
357 -- 371Michael Losonsky. Embedded systemsvs individualism
373 -- 389Richard Reiner. Arguments against the possibility of perfect rationality
391 -- 410Derek Partridge. On the difficulty of really considering a radical novelty
411 -- 465David Kemmerer, Kenneth Aizawa, Donald H. Berman, Stacey L. Edgar, James E. Tomberlin, J. Christopher Maloney, John L. Bell, Stuart C. Shapiro, Georges Rey, Morton L. Schagrin, Robert A. Wilson, Patrick J. Hayes. Book reviews

Volume 5, Issue 2

161 -- 185Dan Lloyd. Consciousness: A connectionist manifesto
187 -- 206Lawrence J. Kaye. A scientific psychologistic foundation for theories of meaning
207 -- 217Gregory R. Mulhauser. Materialism and the "problem" of quantum measurement
219 -- 242Robert F. Hadley. The "explicit-implicit" distinction
243 -- 255Derek Partridge, Antony Galton. The specification of "specification"
257 -- 307Valerie L. Shalin, Wray L. Buntine, S. Gillian Parker, James Higginbotham, Afzal Ballim, Anthony S. Maida, Charles R. Fletcher, David L. Kemerer, Lawrence A. Shapiro, Richard Wyatt, Deepak Kumar, Selmer Bringsjord, Bill Patterson. Book reviews

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 8Leon Horsten, Herman Roelants. The Church-Turing thesis and effective mundane procedures
9 -- 23Carol E. Cleland. Effective procedures and computable functions
25 -- 44William S. Robinson. Brain symbols and computationalist explanation
45 -- 68Shimon Edelman. Representation, similarity, and the chorus of prototypes
69 -- 87Peter Mott. Towards a Winograd/Flores semantics
89 -- 107Valerie Gray Hardcastle. A critique of information processing theories of consciousness
109 -- 155Eric A. Weiss, Justin Leiber, Judith Felson Duchan, Mallory Selfridge, Eric Dietrich, Peter A. Facione, Timothy Joseph Day, Johan M. Lammens, Andrew Feenberg, Deborah G. Johnson, Daniel S. Levine, Ted A. Warfield. Book reviews