Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 3, Issue 4

273 -- 292Larry J. Menor, Aleda V. Roth, Charlotte H. Mason. Agility in Retail Banking: A Numerical Taxonomy of Strategic Service Groups
293 -- 305Martin A. Lariviere, Evan L. Porteus. Selling to the Newsvendor: An Analysis of Price-Only Contracts
306 -- 320Hari S. Abhyankar, Stephen C. Graves. Creating an Inventory Hedge for Markov-Modulated Poisson Demand: An Application and Model
321 -- 336Wallace J. Hopp, Melanie Roof Sturgis. A Simple, Robust Leadtime-Quoting Policy
337 -- 348Qinan Wang. Coordinating Independent Buyers in a Distribution System to Increase a Vendor's Profits
349 -- 368Ravi Anupindi, Yehuda Bassok, Eitan Zemel. A General Framework for the Study of Decentralized Distribution Systems
369 -- 386Sanjeev Swami, Martin L. Puterman, Charles B. Weinberg. Play It Again, Sam? Optimal Replacement Policies for a Motion Picture Exhibitor
387 -- 400Goutam Dutta, Robert Fourer. A Survey of Mathematical Programming Applications in Integrated Steel Plants

Volume 3, Issue 3

175 -- 188Lawrence W. Robinson, James R. Bradley, L. Joseph Thomas. Consequences of Order Crossover Under Order-Up-To Inventory Policies
189 -- 190Marshall L. Fisher, Ananth Raman. Introduction to Focused Issue: Retail Operations Management
191 -- 210Juin-Kuan Chong, Teck Hua Ho, Christopher S. Tang. A Modeling Framework for Category Assortment Planning
211 -- 229Gérard P. Cachon. Managing a Retailer's Shelf Space, Inventory, and Transportation
230 -- 241Marshall L. Fisher, Kumar Rajaram, Ananth Raman. Optimizing Inventory Replenishment of Retail Fashion Products
242 -- 263Nicholas C. Petruzzi, Maqbool Dada. Information and Inventory Recourse for a Two-Market, Price-Setting Retailer
264 -- 271Gregory R. Heim, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Focused Issue: Retail Operations Management: Operational Drivers of Customer Loyalty in Electronic Retailing: An Empirical Analysis of Electronic Food Retailers

Volume 3, Issue 2

89 -- 104Leslie Olin Morgan, Ruskin M. Morgan, William L. Moore. Quality and Time-to-Market Trade-offs when There Are Multiple Product Generations
105 -- 121Francis de Véricourt, Fikri Karaesmen, Yves Dallery. Assessing the Benefits of Different Stock-Allocation Policies for a Make-to-Stock Production System
122 -- 137Philip C. Jones, Timothy J. Lowe, Rodney D. Traub, Greg Kegler. Matching Supply and Demand: The Value of a Second Chance in Producing Hybrid Seed Corn
138 -- 150Suresh Chand, Ting Zeng. A Comparison of U-Line and Straight-Line Performances Under Stochastic Task Times
151 -- 173Michael J. Fry, Roman Kapuscinski, Tava Lennon Olsen. Focused Issue: The Use of Information in Managing Supply Chains, Part 2 of 2: Coordinating Production and Delivery Under a (z, Z)-Type Vendor-Managed Inventory Contract

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 0Jérémie Gallien, Serguei Netessine, Maher Lahmar, Hakan Ergan, Sergei V. Savin, Michael J. Fry. The MSOM Society Student Paper Competition: Extended Abstracts of 2000 Winners
14 -- 24S. Rajagopalan, Arvind Malhotra. Have U.S. Manufacturing Inventories Really Decreased? An Empirical Study
25 -- 42Rajiv D. Banker, Joy M. Field, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Work-Team Implementation and Trajectories of Manufacturing Quality: A Longitudinal Field Study
43 -- 50Tamer Boyaci, Guillermo Gallego. Serial Production/Distribution Systems Under Service Constraints
51 -- 52Hau Lee. Introduction to Focused Issue: The Use of Information in Managing Supply Chains
53 -- 67Fangruo Chen. Market Segmentation, Advanced Demand Information, and Supply Chain Performance
68 -- 81Philip Kaminsky, Jayashankar M. Swaminathan. Utilizing Forecast Band Refinement for Capacitated Production Planning
82 -- 87Yunzeng Wang, Yigal Gerchak. Supply Chain Coordination when Demand Is Shelf-Space Dependent