Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 9, Issue 4

351 -- 352Gérard P. Cachon. 2007 ::::M&SOM:::: Best Paper Award
353 -- 367Aleda V. Roth. Applications of Empirical Science in Manufacturing and Service Operations
368 -- 382Marshall Fisher. Strengthening the Empirical Base of Operations Management
383 -- 408Noah Gans, George Knox, Rachel Croson. Simple Models of Discrete Choice and Their Performance in Bandit Experiments
409 -- 429Sergey Rumyantsev, Serguei Netessine. What Can Be Learned from Classical Inventory Models? A Cross-Industry Exploratory Investigation
430 -- 456Hong Chen, Murray Z. Frank, Owen Q. Wu. U.S. Retail and Wholesale Inventory Performance from 1981 to 2004
457 -- 479Gérard P. Cachon, Taylor Randall, Glen M. Schmidt. In Search of the Bullwhip Effect
480 -- 491Vishal Gaur, Saravanan Kesavan, Ananth Raman, Marshall L. Fisher. Estimating Demand Uncertainty Using Judgmental Forecasts
492 -- 505Anita L. Tucker. An Empirical Study of System Improvement by Frontline Employees in Hospital Units
506 -- 517Nikos Tsikriktsis. The Effect of Operational Performance and Focus on Profitability: A Longitudinal Study of the U.S. Airline Industry
518 -- 534Nicole DeHoratius, Ananth Raman. Store Manager Incentive Design and Retail Performance: An Exploratory Investigation
535 -- 558Mei Xue, Lorin M. Hitt, Patrick T. Harker. Customer Efficiency, Channel Usage, and Firm Performance in Retail Banking
559 -- 578Larry J. Menor, M. Murat Kristal, Eve D. Rosenzweig. Examining the Influence of Operational Intellectual Capital on Capabilities and Performance
579 -- 595Indranil R. Bardhan, Vish V. Krishnan, Shu Lin. Project Performance and the Enabling Role of Information Technology: An Exploratory Study on the Role of Alignment

Volume 9, Issue 3

225 -- 241Sezer Ülkü, L. Beril Toktay, Enver Yücesan. Risk Ownership in Contract Manufacturing
242 -- 262Fernando Bernstein, Awi Federgruen. Coordination Mechanisms for Supply Chains Under Price and Service Competition
263 -- 275Yossi Bukchin, Eran Hanany. Decentralization Cost in Scheduling: A Game-Theoretic Approach
276 -- 290Gérard P. Cachon, A. Gürhan Kök. Implementation of the Newsvendor Model with Clearance Pricing: How to (and How Not to) Estimate a Salvage Value
291 -- 311Lingxiu Dong, Kaijie Zhu. Two-Wholesale-Price Contracts: Push, Pull, and Advance-Purchase Discount Contracts
312 -- 331Joseph M. Milner, Panos Kouvelis. Inventory, Speculation, and Sourcing Strategies in the Presence of Online Exchanges
332 -- 350Dvir Shabtay, George Steiner. Optimal Due Date Assignment and Resource Allocation to Minimize the Weighted Number of Tardy Jobs on a Single Machine

Volume 9, Issue 2

123 -- 146Volodymyr Babich, Apostolos Burnetas, Peter H. Ritchken. Competition and Diversification Effects in Supply Chains with Supplier Default Risk
147 -- 167H. Neil Geismar, Milind Dawande, Divakar Rajamani, Chelliah Sriskandarajah. Managing a Bank s Currency Inventory Under New Federal Reserve Guidelines
168 -- 184Seyed M. R. Iravani, Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy. Workforce Agility in Repair and Maintenance Environments
185 -- 205A. Gürhan Kök, Kevin H. Shang. Inspection and Replenishment Policies for Systems with Inventory Record Inaccuracy
206 -- 224Kathryn E. Stecke, Xuying Zhao. Production and Transportation Integration for a Make-to-Order Manufacturing Company with a Commit-to-Delivery Business Mode

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 8Reynold E. Byers, Kut C. So. Note - A Mathematical Model for Evaluating Cross-Sales Policies in Telephone Service Centers
9 -- 32Maqbool Dada, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, Leroy B. Schwarz. A Newsvendor s Procurement Problem when Suppliers Are Unreliable
33 -- 50Noah Gans, Yong-Pin Zhou. Call-Routing Schemes for Call-Center Outsourcing
51 -- 53Michael F. Gorman, John J. Kanet. Note - OM Forum: Evaluating Operations Management - Related Journals via the Author Affiliation Index - Do Professors at Top U.S. Business Schools Do What They Say?
54 -- 61Linda V. Green, João Soares. Note - Computing Time-Dependent Waiting Time Probabilities in ::::M(t)/M/s(t):::: Queuing Systems
62 -- 83George Liberopoulos, George Kozanidis, Panagiotis Tsarouhas. Performance Evaluation of an Automatic Transfer Line with WIP Scrapping During Long Failures
84 -- 93Liming Liu, Weixin Shang, Shaohua Wu. Dynamic Competitive Newsvendors with Service-Sensitive Demands
94 -- 113Terry A. Taylor, Erica L. Plambeck. Simple Relational Contracts to Motivate Capacity Investment: Price Only vs. Price and Quantity