Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 2, Issue 4

321 -- 336Akihiro Takahara, Takashi Yokomori. On the computational power of insertion-deletion systems
337 -- 348Mihai Ionescu, Carlos Martín-Vide, Andrei Paun, Gheorghe Paun. Unexpected universality results for three classes of P systems with symport/antiport
349 -- 389Pilar de la Torre. How efficiently can room at the bottom be traded away for speed at the top?
391 -- 415Mirela Andronescu, Danielle Dees, Laura Slaybaugh, Yinglei Zhao, Anne Condon, Barry Cohen, Steven Skiena. Algorithms for testing that sets of DNA words concatenate without secondary structure
417 -- 426Hong Bi, Junghuei Chen, Russell J. Deaton, Max H. Garzon, Harvey Rubin, David Harlan Wood. In vitro selection of non-crosshybridizing oligonucleotides for computation
427 -- 438Phiset Sa-Ardyen, Natasa Jonoska, Nadrian C. Seeman. Self-assembling DNA graphs
439 -- 461John H. Reif. The design of autonomous DNA nano-mechanical devices: Walking and rolling DNA
463 -- 478Subhayu Basu, David Karig, Ron Weiss. Engineering signal processing in cells: Towards molecular concentration band detection

Volume 2, Issue 3

201 -- 213Francesco Bernardini, Marian Gheorghe, Mike Holcombe. P X systems = P systems + X machines
215 -- 228Matteo Cavaliere, Natasa Jonoska. Forbidding and enforcing in membrane computing
229 -- 249Rodica Ceterchi, Madhu Mutyam, Gheorghe Paun, K. G. Subramanian. Array-rewriting P systems
251 -- 263Adam Obtulowicz. Mathematical models of uncertainty with a regard to membrane systems
265 -- 285Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Álvaro Romero Jiménez, Fernando Sancho-Caparrini. Complexity classes in models of cellular computing with membranes
287 -- 298Petr Sosík. The computational power of cell division in P systems: Beating down parallel computers?
299 -- 318Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Carlos Martín-Vide, Gheorghe Paun, Arto Salomaa. From Watson-Crick L systems to Darwinian P systems

Volume 2, Issue 2

117 -- 132Christian Igel, Marc Toussaint. Neutrality and self-adaptation
133 -- 151Alessandra Carbone, Nadrian C. Seeman. Coding and geometrical shapes in nanostructures: A fractal DNA-assembly
153 -- 171Yasubumi Sakakibara. DNA-based algorithms for learning Boolean formulae
173 -- 197Ioan I. Ardelean, Matteo Cavaliere. Modelling biological processes by using a probabilistic P system software

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 46Michael A. Arbib. Towards a neurally-inspired computer architecture
47 -- 84Ron Weiss, Subhayu Basu, Sara Hooshangi, Abigail Kalmbach, David Karig, Rishabh Mehreja, Ilka Netravali. Genetic circuit building blocks for cellular computation, communications, and signal processing
85 -- 108David Harlan Wood. DNA computing capabilities for game theory