Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 6, Issue 4

359 -- 370Bei Wang, Dimitris Papamichail, Steffen Mueller, Steven Skiena. Two proteins for the price of one: the design of maximally compressed coding sequences
371 -- 402Michael Domaratzki. Bond-free DNA language classes
403 -- 411Marc Blenkiron, D. K. Arvind, Jamie A. Davies. Design of an irreversible DNA memory element
413 -- 466Jungwon Kim, Peter J. Bentley, Uwe Aickelin, Julie Greensmith, Gianni Tedesco, Jamie Twycross. Immune system approaches to intrusion detection - a review
467 -- 484Alec Banks, Jonathan Vincent, Chukwudi Anyakoha. A review of particle swarm optimization. Part I: background and development

Volume 6, Issue 3

207 -- 209José Mira Mira. Preface
211 -- 240José Mira Mira, Ana E. Delgado García. On how the computational paradigm can help us to model and interpret the neural function
241 -- 252Tino Lourens, Emilia I. Barakova. Orientation contrast sensitive cells in primate V1 ::::a computational model::::
253 -- 267Juan Navarro, Eduardo Sánchez Vila, Antonio Canedo. Information coding in early stages of the somatosensory system
269 -- 281Alexey N. Pavlov, Valeri A. Makarov, Ioulia Makarova, Fivos Panetsos. Sorting of neural spikes: When wavelet based methods outperform principal component analysis
283 -- 310Elvira Di Nardo, Amelia G. Nobile, Enrica Pirozzi, Luigi M. Ricciardi. Gaussian processes and neuronal modeling
311 -- 337Arndt von Twickel, Frank Pasemann. Reflex-oscillations in evolved single leg neurocontrollers for walking machines
339 -- 358Vincent Danos, Fabien Tarissan. Self-assembling graphs

Volume 6, Issue 2

73 -- 74Cristian S. Calude, Rossella Lupacchini, Giorgio Sandri. Preface
75 -- 112Jozef Gruska. A broader view on the limitations of information processing and communication by nature
113 -- 132Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Roberto Leporini. Compositional and holistic quantum computational semantics
133 -- 150Fabio Benatti. Entropy and algorithmic complexity in quantum information theory
151 -- 168Annalisa Marzuoli, Mario Rasetti. Coupling of quantum angular momenta: an insight into analogic/discrete and local/global models of computation
169 -- 185Emilio Kropff, Alessandro Treves. The complexity of latching transitions in large scale cortical networks
187 -- 205Wilfried Sieg. On mind & Turing s machines

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 18Jon Timmis. Artificial immune systems - today and tomorrow
19 -- 32Stefania Bandini, Franco Celada, Sara Manzoni, Giuseppe Vizzari. Modelling the immune system: the case of situated cellular agents
33 -- 53Bruno Apolloni, Simone Bassis, Alberto Clivio, Sabrina Gaito, Dario Malchiodi. Modeling individual s aging within a bacterial population using a pi-calculus paradigm
55 -- 72Angelo Marcello Anile, Vincenzo Cutello, Giuseppe Narzisi, Giuseppe Nicosia, Salvatore Spinella. Determination of protein structure and dynamics combining immune algorithms and pattern search methods