Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 2, Issue 4

399 -- 401Leonid Kruglyak. N Bit Encoder Problem with Just Two Hidden Units
402 -- 404Zoran Obradovic, Peiyuan Yan. Small Depth Polynomial Size Neural Networks
405 -- 408Mark J. Brady. Guaranteed Learning Algorithm for Network with Units Having Periodic Threshold Output Function
409 -- 419Steven D. Whitehead, Dana H. Ballard. Active Perception and Reinforcement Learning
420 -- 435Lucia M. Vaina, Norberto M. Grzywacz, Marjorie LeMay. Structure from Motion with Impaired Local-Speed and Global Motion-Field Computations
436 -- 446Reza Shadmehr. Learning Virtual Equilibrium Trajectories for Control of a Robot Arm
447 -- 457Michael C. Mozer, Jonathan Bachrach. Discovering the Structure of a Reactive Environment by Exploration
458 -- 471Pierre Baldi, Ronny Meir. Computing with Arrays of Coupled Oscillators: An Application to Preattentive Texture Discrimination
472 -- 479Alan J. Katz, Michael T. Gately, Dean R. Collins. Robust Classifiers without Robust Features
480 -- 489William G. Baxt. Use of an Artificial Neural Network for Data Analysis in Clinical Decision-Making: The Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Occlusion
490 -- 501Ronald J. Williams, Jing Peng. An Efficient Gradient-Based Algorithm for On-Line Training of Recurrent Network Trajectories
502 -- 509Michael Georgiopoulos, Gregory L. Heileman, Juxin Huang. Convergence Properties of Learning in ART1
510 -- 522Eric B. Baum. A Polynomial Time Algorithm That Learns Two Hidden Unit Nets
523 -- 535James A. Reggia, Mark Edwards. Phase Transitions in Connectionist Models Having Rapidly Varying Connection Strengths
536 -- 551R. Bijjani, P. Das. M-ary Neural Network Model

Volume 2, Issue 3

261 -- 269Carsten Peterson. Parallel Distributed Approaches to Combinatorial Optimization: Benchmark Studies on Traveling Salesman Problem
270 -- 273Yan Fang, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Faster Learning for Dynamic Recurrent Backpropagation
274 -- 282Shawn R. Lockery, Yan Fang, Terrence J. Sejnowski. A Dynamic Neural Network Model of Sensorimotor Transformations in the Leech
283 -- 292Rodney J. Douglas, Kevan A. C. Martin. Control of Neuronal Output by Inhibition at the Axon Initial Segment
293 -- 307Reinhard Eckhorn, Herbert J. Reitboeck, M. Arndt, P. Dicke. Feature Linking via Synchronization among Distributed Assemblies: Simulations of Results from Cat Visual Cortex
308 -- 320Joseph J. Atick, A. Norman Redlich. Towards a Theory of Early Visual Processing
321 -- 333Kenneth D. Miller. Derivation of Linear Hebbian Equations from a Nonlinear Hebbian Model of Synaptic Plasticity
334 -- 354Alex Chernjavsky, John Moody. Spontaneous Development of Modularity in Simple Cortical Models
355 -- 362Geoffrey E. Hinton, Steven J. Nowlan. The Bootstrap Widrow-Hoff Rule as a Cluster-Formation Algorithm
363 -- 373Paul W. Hollis, John S. Harper, John J. Paulos. The Effects of Precision Constraints in a Backpropagation Learning Network
374 -- 385Daniel B. Schwartz, Vijay K. Samalam, Sara A. Solla, John S. Denker. Exhaustive Learning
386 -- 397Toshio Irino, Hideki Kawahara. A Method for Designing Neural Networks Using Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis: Application to Speaker-Independent Vowel Recognition

Volume 2, Issue 2

129 -- 137David J. Heeger, Allan D. Jepson. Visual Perception of Three-Dimensional Motion
138 -- 151Eric Saund. Distributed Symbolic Representation of Visual Shape
152 -- 161M. Devos, G. A. Orban. Modeling Orientation Discrimination at Multiple Reference Orientations with a Neural Network
162 -- 172D. S. Tang, Vinod Menon. Temporal Differentiation and Violation of Time-Reversal Invariance in Neurocomputation of Visual Information
173 -- 187David J. C. MacKay, Kenneth D. Miller. Analysis of Linsker's Simulations of Hebbian Rules
188 -- 197Chuanyi Ji, Robert R. Snapp, Demetri Psaltis. Generalizing Smoothness Constraints from Discrete Samples
198 -- 209Marcus Frean. The Upstart Algorithm: A Method for Constructing and Training Feedforward Neural Networks
210 -- 215Eric J. Hartman, James D. Keeler, Jacek M. Kowalski. Layered Neural Networks with Gaussian Hidden Units as Universal Approximations
216 -- 225Reza Shadmehr, David Z. D'Argenio. A Neural Network for Nonlinear Bayesian Estimation in Drug Therapy
226 -- 238Yoshio Izui, Alex Pentland. Analysis of Neural Networks with Redundancy
239 -- 247Erol Gelenbe. Stability of the Random Neural Network Model
248 -- 260Eric B. Baum. The Perceptron Algorithm is Fast for Nonmalicious Distributions

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 24Alan L. Yuille. Generalized Deformable Models, Statistical Physics, and Matching Problems
25 -- 34Carsten Peterson, Stephen Redfield, James D. Keeler, Eric Hartman. An Optoelectronic Architecture for Multilayer Learning in a Single Photorefractive Crystal
35 -- 43Arun Rao, Mark R. Walker, Lawrence T. Clark, Larry A. Akers, R. O. Grondin. VLSI Implementation of Neural Classifiers
44 -- 57Steven W. Zucker, Lee Iverson, Robert A. Hummel. Coherent Compound Motion: Corners and Nonrigid Configurations
58 -- 70James L. Adams. A Complementarity Mechanism for Enhanced Pattern Processing
71 -- 84Kamil A. Grajski, Michael Merzenich. Hebb-Type Dynamics is Sufficient to Account for the Inverse Magnification Rule in Cortical Somatotopy
85 -- 93David J. Willshaw, Peter Dayan. Optimal Plasticity from Matrix Memories: What Goes Up Must Come Down
94 -- 106DeLiang Wang, Joachim M. Buhmann, Christoph von der Malsburg. Pattern Segmentation in Associative Memory
107 -- 115Gregory L. Heileman, George M. Papadourakis, Michael Georgiopoulos. A Neural Net Associative Memory for Real-Time Applications
116 -- 126Sophocles J. Orfanidis. Gram - Schmidt Neural Nets