Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 23, Issue 9

2169 -- 2208J. Vincent Toups, Jean-Marc Fellous, Peter J. Thomas, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Paul H. E. Tiesinga. Finding the Event Structure of Neuronal Spike Trains
2209 -- 2241Kyle Q. Lepage, Mark A. Kramer, Uri T. Eden. The Dependence of Spike Field Coherence on Expected Intensity
2242 -- 2288Christopher DiMattina, Kechen Zhang. Active Data Collection for Efficient Estimation and Comparison of Nonlinear Neural Models
2289 -- 2323Mathias Franzius, Niko Wilbert, Laurenz Wiskott. Invariant Object Recognition and Pose Estimation with Slow Feature Analysis
2324 -- 2357Miles E. Hansard, Radu Horaud. A Differential Model of the Complex Cell
2358 -- 2389Albert Kern, Ruedi Stoop. Principles and Typical Computational Limitations of Sparse Speaker Separation Based on Deterministic Speech Features
2390 -- 2420Zhengdong Lu, Todd K. Leen, Jeffrey Kaye. Kernels for Longitudinal Data with Variable Sequence Length and Sampling Intervals
2421 -- 2456Cédric Févotte, Jérôme Idier. Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with the β-Divergence

Volume 23, Issue 8

1911 -- 1934Terence D. Sanger. Distributed Control of Uncertain Systems Using Superpositions of Linear Operators
1935 -- 1943Omri Barak, Mattia Rigotti. A Simple Derivation of a Bound on the Perceptron Margin Using Singular Value Decomposition
1944 -- 1966Susanne Ditlevsen, Petr Lánský. Firing Variability Is Higher than Deduced from the Empirical Coefficient of Variation
1967 -- 1999Andrew Zammit Mangion, Ke Yuan, Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Mahesan Niranjan, Guido Sanguinetti. Online Variational Inference for State-Space Models with Point-Process Observations
2000 -- 2031Philip L. Smith, Cameron R. L. McKenzie. Diffusive Information Accumulation by Minimal Recurrent Neural Models of Decision Making
2032 -- 2057Dequan Jin, Jigen Peng, Bin Li. A New Clustering Approach on the Basis of Dynamical Neural Field
2058 -- 2073Olivier Breuleux, Yoshua Bengio, Pascal Vincent. Quickly Generating Representative Samples from an RBM-Derived Process
2074 -- 2100Ran He, Wei-Shi Zheng, Bao-Gang Hu, Xiang-Wei Kong. A Regularized Correntropy Framework for Robust Pattern Recognition
2101 -- 2139Tamas Jantvik, Lennart Gustafsson, Andrew P. Paplinski. A Self-Organized Artificial Neural Network Architecture for Sensory Integration with Applications to Letter-Phoneme Integration
2140 -- 2168Yan Yang, Jinwen Ma. Asymptotic Convergence Properties of the EM Algorithm for Mixture of Experts

Volume 23, Issue 7

1661 -- 1674Pascal Vincent. A Connection Between Score Matching and Denoising Autoencoders
1675 -- 1703Lawrence Sirovich, Bruce W. Knight. Spiking Neurons and the First Passage Problem
1704 -- 1742Jonathan Touboul. On the Simulation of Nonlinear Bidimensional Spiking Neuron Models
1743 -- 1767Maria Teresa Giraudo, Priscilla E. Greenwood, Laura Sacerdote. How Sample Paths of Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Models Are Influenced by the Presence of a Firing Threshold
1768 -- 1789Román Rossi Pool, Germán Mato. Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity and Reliability Optimization: The Role of Neuron Dynamics
1790 -- 1820Roger Ratcliff, Yukako T. Hasegawa, Ryohei P. Hasegawa, Russ Childers, Philip L. Smith, Mark A. Segraves. Inhibition in Superior Colliculus Neurons in a Brightness Discrimination Task?
1821 -- 1834Vadim Y. Roschin, Alexander A. Frolov, Yves Burnod, Marc A. Maier. A Neural Network Model for the Acquisition of a Spatial Body Scheme Through Sensorimotor Interaction
1835 -- 1861Junmei Zhu. A Multifactor Winner-Take-All Dynamics
1862 -- 1898Nathan D. VanderKraats, Arunava Banerjee. A Finite-Sample, Distribution-Free, Probabilistic Lower Bound on Mutual Information
1899 -- 1909Etienne Barnard. Determination and the No-Free-Lunch Paradox

Volume 23, Issue 6

1393 -- 1451Andreas Knoblauch. Neural Associative Memory with Optimal Bayesian Learning
1452 -- 1483Felipe Gerhard, Robert Haslinger, Gordon Pipa. Applying the Multivariate Time-Rescaling Theorem to Neural Population Models
1484 -- 1502Jeffrey M. Beck, Vikranth R. Bejjanki, Alexandre Pouget. Insights from a Simple Expression for Linear Fisher Information in a Recurrently Connected Population of Spiking Neurons
1503 -- 1535Romain Brette, Dan F. M. Goodman. Vectorized Algorithms for Spiking Neural Network Simulation
1536 -- 1567Kris De Meyer, Michael W. Spratling. Multiplicative Gain Modulation Arises Through Unsupervised Learning in a Predictive Coding Model of Cortical Function
1568 -- 1604Jianhong Wu, Hossein Zivari-Piran, John D. Hunter, John G. Milton. Projective Clustering Using Neural Networks with Adaptive Delay and Signal Transmission Loss
1605 -- 1622Lingyan Ruan, Ming Yuan, Hui Zou. Regularized Parameter Estimation in High-Dimensional Gaussian Mixture Models
1623 -- 1659Yu Fujimoto, Hideitsu Hino, Noboru Murata. An Estimation of Generalized Bradley-Terry Models Based on the ::::em:::: Algorithm

Volume 23, Issue 5

1071 -- 1132Sean Escola, Alfredo Fontanini, Don Katz, Liam Paninski. Hidden Markov Models for the Stimulus-Response Relationships of Multistate Neural Systems
1133 -- 1186Jin Seo Cho, Isao Ishida, Halbert White. Revisiting Tests for Neglected Nonlinearity Using Artificial Neural Networks
1187 -- 1204Mohamed Ghaith Kaabi, Arnaud Tonnelier, Dominique Martinez. On the Performance of Voltage Stepping for the Simulation of Adaptive, Nonlinear Integrate-and-Fire Neuronal Networks
1205 -- 1233Ken Takiyama, Masato Okada. Detection of Hidden Structures in Nonstationary Spike Trains
1234 -- 1247Joanna Pressley, Todd W. Troyer. The Dynamics of Integrate-and-Fire: Mean Versus Variance Modulations and Dependence on Baseline Parameters
1248 -- 1260Yao Lu, Yuzuru Sato, Shun-ichi Amari. Traveling Bumps and Their Collisions in a Two-Dimensional Neural Field
1261 -- 1305Robert Rosenbaum, Kresimir Josic. Mechanisms That Modulate the Transfer of Spiking Correlations
1306 -- 1319Guido Montufar, Nihat Ay. Refinements of Universal Approximation Results for Deep Belief Networks and Restricted Boltzmann Machines
1320 -- 1342Linqiang Pan, Xiangxiang Zeng, Xingyi Zhang. Time-Free Spiking Neural P Systems
1343 -- 1392Thomas Villmann, Sven Haase. Divergence-Based Vector Quantization

Volume 23, Issue 4

817 -- 851Rafal Bogacz, Tobias Larsen. Integration of Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Decision-Making Theories of the Basal Ganglia
852 -- 881Romain Brasselet, Roland S. Johansson, Angelo Arleo. Quantifying Neurotransmission Reliability Through Metrics-Based Information Analysis
882 -- 908Antoine Coulon, Guillaume Beslon, Hédi Soula. Enhanced Stimulus Encoding Capabilities with Spectral Selectivity in Inhibitory Circuits by STDP
909 -- 926Andrew Lulham, Rafal Bogacz, Simon Vogt, Malcolm W. Brown. An Infomax Algorithm Can Perform Both Familiarity Discrimination and Feature Extraction in a Single Network
927 -- 957Vladislav Volman, Richard C. Gerkin. Synaptic Scaling Stabilizes Persistent Activity Driven by Asynchronous Neurotransmitter Release
958 -- 983Osamu Hoshino. Neuronal Responses Below Firing Threshold for Subthreshold Cross-Modal Enhancement
984 -- 1014Ashwin Mohan, Sandeep Pendyam, Peter W. Kalivas, Satish S. Nair. Molecular Diffusion Model of Neurotransmitter Homeostasis Around Synapses Supporting Gradients
1015 -- 1046José M. Medina. Effects of Multiplicative Power Law Neural Noise in Visual Information Processing
1047 -- 1069Fabiano Ribeiro, Manfred Opper. Expectation Propagation with Factorizing Distributions: A Gaussian Approximation and Performance Results for Simple Models

Volume 23, Issue 3

593 -- 650Nicolas Le Roux, Nicolas Heess, Jamie Shotton, John M. Winn. Learning a Generative Model of Images by Factoring Appearance and Shape
651 -- 655Sandro Romani, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Misha Tsodyks. Intracellular Dynamics of Virtual Place Cells
656 -- 663Chris Christodoulou, Aristodemos Cleanthous. Does High Firing Irregularity Enhance Learning?
664 -- 673Asja Fischer, Christian Igel. Bounding the Bias of Contrastive Divergence Learning
674 -- 734Terry Elliott. Stability Against Fluctuations: Scaling, Bifurcations, and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Stochastic Models of Synaptic Plasticity
735 -- 773Ueli Rutishauser, Rodney J. Douglas, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine. Collective Stability of Networks of Winner-Take-All Circuits
774 -- 790James Bergstra, Yoshua Bengio, Jérôme Louradour. Suitability of V1 Energy Models for Object Classification
791 -- 816Carmen Vidaurre, Claudia Sannelli, Klaus-Robert Müller, Benjamin Blankertz. Machine-Learning-Based Coadaptive Calibration for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Volume 23, Issue 2

303 -- 335Henning Sprekeler, Laurenz Wiskott. A Theory of Slow Feature Analysis for Transformation-Based Input Signals with an Application to Complex Cells
336 -- 373Duncan Mortimer, Peter Dayan, Kevin Burrage, Geoffrey J. Goodhill. Bayes-Optimal Chemotaxis
374 -- 420Martin Raphan, Eero P. Simoncelli. Least Squares Estimation Without Priors or Supervision
421 -- 434Yi Dong, Stefan Mihalas, Ernst Niebur. Improved Integral Equation Solution for the First Passage Time of Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
435 -- 476Robert Mill, Martin Coath, Thomas Wennekers, Susan L. Denham. Abstract Stimulus-Specific Adaptation Models
477 -- 516K. N. Magdoom, D. Subramanian, V. S. Chakravarthy, B. Ravindran, Shun-ichi Amari, N. Meenakshisundaram. Modeling Basal Ganglia for Understanding Parkinsonian Reaching Movements
517 -- 557Vasil Khalidov, Florence Forbes, Radu Horaud. Conjugate Mixture Models for Clustering Multimodal Data
558 -- 591Maryam S. Mirian, Majid Nili Ahmadabadi, Babak Nadjar Araabi, Roland Siegwart. Learning Active Fusion of Multiple Experts Decisions: An Attention-Based Approach

Volume 23, Issue 12

3001 -- 3015Pasha Parpia. Reappraisal of the Somatosensory Homunculus and Its Discontinuities
3016 -- 3069Richard Naud, Felipe Gerhard, Skander Mensi, Wulfram Gerstner. Improved Similarity Measures for Small Sets of Spike Trains
3070 -- 3093Ryota Kobayashi, Shigeru Shinomoto, Petr Lánský. Estimation of Time-Dependent Input from Neuronal Membrane Potential
3094 -- 3124Peter F. Rowat, Priscilla E. Greenwood. Identification and Continuity of the Distributions of Burst-Length and Interspike Intervals in the Stochastic Morris-Lecar Neuron
3125 -- 3144Takahiro Omi, Shigeru Shinomoto. Optimizing Time Histograms for Non-Poissonian Spike Trains
3145 -- 3161Jian K. Liu. Learning Rule of Homeostatic Synaptic Scaling: Presynaptic Dependent or Not
3162 -- 3204Zheng Li, Joseph E. O'Doherty, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Miguel A. L. Nicolelis. Adaptive Decoding for Brain-Machine Interfaces Through Bayesian Parameter Updates
3205 -- 3231Osamu Hoshino. Subthreshold Membrane Depolarization as Memory Trace for Perceptual Learning
3232 -- 3286Jonathan Touboul, Fabrice Wendling, Patrick Chauvel, Olivier D. Faugeras. Neural Mass Activity, Bifurcations, and Epilepsy
3287 -- 3302Henning Sprekeler. On the Relation of Slow Feature Analysis and Laplacian Eigenmaps

Volume 23, Issue 11

2731 -- 2745Sridevi V. Sarma, David P. Nguyen, Gabriela Czanner, Sylvia Wirth, Matthew A. Wilson, Wendy A. Suzuki, Emery N. Brown. Computing Confidence Intervals for Point Process Models
2746 -- 2769Elizabeth M. Forbes, Jonathan J. Hunt, Geoffrey J. Goodhill. The Combinatorics of Neurite Self-Avoidance
2770 -- 2797Urs Bergmann, Christoph von der Malsburg. Self-Organization of Topographic Bilinear Networks for Invariant Recognition
2798 -- 2832Hirotaka Hachiya, Jan Peters, Masashi Sugiyama. Reward-Weighted Regression with Sample Reuse for Direct Policy Search in Reinforcement Learning
2833 -- 2867Yi Dong, Stefan Mihalas, Alexander Russell, Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Ernst Niebur. Estimating Parameters of Generalized Integrate-and-Fire Neurons from the Maximum Likelihood of Spike Trains
2868 -- 2914Florian Raudies, Ennio Mingolla, Heiko Neumann. A Model of Motion Transparency Processing with Local Center-Surround Interactions and Feedback
2915 -- 2941Jake V. Bouvrie, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine. Synchronization and Redundancy: Implications for Robustness of Neural Learning and Decision Making
2942 -- 2973Siwei Lyu. Dependency Reduction with Divisive Normalization: Justification and Effectiveness
2974 -- 3000Claudio Carvalhaes, Patrick Suppes. A Spline Framework for Estimating the EEG Surface Laplacian Using the Euclidean Metric

Volume 23, Issue 10

2457 -- 2497Emre Neftci, Elisabetta Chicca, Giacomo Indiveri, Rodney J. Douglas. A Systematic Method for Configuring VLSI Networks of Spiking Neurons
2498 -- 2510Eizaburo Doi, Michael S. Lewicki. Characterization of Minimum Error Linear Coding with Sensory and Neural Noise
2511 -- 2536Vassilios N. Christopoulos, Paul R. Schrater. An Optimal Feedback Control Framework for Grasping Objects with Position Uncertainty
2537 -- 2566Michael J. Prerau, Uri T. Eden. A General Likelihood Framework for Characterizing the Time Course of Neural Activity
2567 -- 2598Sean Byrnes, Anthony N. Burkitt, David B. Grayden, Hamish Meffin. Learning a Sparse Code for Temporal Sequences Using STDP and Sequence Compression
2599 -- 2625Laure Buhry, Filippo Grassia, Audrey Giremus, Eric Grivel, Sylvie Renaud, Sylvain Saïghi. Automated Parameter Estimation of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model Using the Differential Evolution Algorithm: Application to Neuromimetic Analog Integrated Circuits
2626 -- 2682James Ting-Ho Lo. A Low-Order Model of Biological Neural Networks
2683 -- 2712Lili Yao, Wenxin Jiang, Martin A. Tanner. Predicting Panel Data Binary Choice with the Gibbs Posterior
2713 -- 2729Guohui Song, Haizhang Zhang. 1 Norm II: Error Analysis for Regularized Least Square Regression

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 45Jonathan Pillow, Yashar Ahmadian, Liam Paninski. Model-Based Decoding, Information Estimation, and Change-Point Detection Techniques for Multineuron Spike Trains
46 -- 96Yashar Ahmadian, Jonathan Pillow, Liam Paninski. Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Decoding Neural Spike Trains
97 -- 123Arta A. Jamshidi, Michael J. Kirby. Modeling Multivariate Time Series on Manifolds with Skew Radial Basis Functions
124 -- 159Terry Elliott. The Mean Time to Express Synaptic Plasticity in Integrate-and-Express, Stochastic Models of Synaptic Plasticity Induction
160 -- 182Suzanna Martens, Joris M. Mooij, N. Jeremy Hill, Jason Farquhar, Bernhard Schölkopf. A Graphical Model Framework for Decoding in the Visual ERP-Based BCI Speller
183 -- 214Marius Buibas, Gabriel A. Silva. A Framework for Simulating and Estimating the State and Functional Topology of Complex Dynamic Geometric Networks
215 -- 250Chenhui Yang, Byron Olson, Jennie Si. A Multiscale Correlation of Wavelet Coefficients Approach to Spike Detection
251 -- 283Thomas Hannagan, Frédéric Dandurand, Jonathan Grainger. Broken Symmetries in a Location-Invariant Word Recognition Network
284 -- 301Taiji Suzuki, Masashi Sugiyama. Least-Squares Independent Component Analysis