Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 25, Issue 5

199 -- 204Fabián A. Chudak, Dorit S. Hochbaum. A half-integral linear programming relaxation for scheduling precedence-constrained jobs on a single machine
205 -- 211Donald Goldfarb, Zhiying Jin. A new scaling algorithm for the minimum cost network flow problem
213 -- 218Tugrul Sanli, Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni. Optimal admission to reader-writer systems with no queueing
219 -- 230Richard Loulou, Amit Kanudia. Minimax regret strategies for greenhouse gas abatement: methodology and application
231 -- 239Yunbin Zhao. Existence of a solution to nonlinear variational inequality under generalized positive homogeneity
241 -- 245P. Vijaya Laxmi, U. C. Gupta. On the finite-buffer bulk-service queue with general independent arrivals: GI/M:::[::::b::::]:::/1/N

Volume 25, Issue 4

149 -- 157Jing Hu, Ellis L. Johnson. Computational results with a primal-dual subproblem simplex method
159 -- 167Michael Patriksson, Laura Wynter. Stochastic mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints
169 -- 174Toshihiro Fujito. On approximation of the submodular set cover problem
175 -- 182Vittorio Maniezzo, Aristide Mingozzi. The project scheduling problem with irregular starting time costs
183 -- 186Cornelis Roos, Tamás Terlaky. Note on a paper of Broyden
187 -- 190J. Preater. The best-choice problem for partially ordered objects
195 -- 197Michael K. Ng. A note on policy algorithms for discounted Markov decision problems

Volume 25, Issue 3

109 -- 118Edward G. Coffman Jr., Predrag R. Jelenkovic. Performance of the move-to-front algorithm with Markov-modulated request sequences
119 -- 129Mauro Dell Amico, Martine Labbé, Francesco Maffioli. Exact solution of the SONET Ring Loading Problem
131 -- 136T. Bonald, D. Down. Stability of mixed generalized Jackson networks
137 -- 145Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic. A solution to mean delay in the Sigma::::M::::::::::c::::::/::::G::::::::::ck::::::/1 cyclic priority queue with cycle (::::k::::) and class (::::c::::) dependent feedback and service times
147 -- 148Eui Yong Lee, Jiyeon Lee. An optimal proportion of perfect repair

Volume 25, Issue 2

51 -- 58Fangruo Chen. Worst-case analysis of (::::R::::, ::::Q::::) policies in a two-stage serial inventory system with deterministic demand and backlogging
59 -- 65Sy-Ming Guu. Properties of the multiple lot-sizing problem with rigid demand, general cost structures, and interrupted geometric yield
67 -- 79Masaaki Kijima, Tetsu Takimoto. A (::::T::::, ::::S::::) inventory/production system with limited production capacity and uncertain demands
81 -- 88Agostinho Agra, Miguel Constantino. Lotsizing with backlogging and start-ups: the case of Wagner-Whitin costs
89 -- 96Duan Li. Zero duality gap in integer programming: ::::P::::-norm surrogate constraint method
97 -- 100Geir Dahl. Notes on polyhedra associated with hop-constrained paths
101 -- 107Fen-Hui Lin, Way Kuo, Frank Hwang. Structure importance of consecutive-::::k::::-out-of-::::n:::: systems

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 13Aharon Ben-Tal, Arkadi Nemirovski. Robust solutions of uncertain linear programs
15 -- 23Virginie Gabrel, Arnaud Knippel, Michel Minoux. Exact solution of multicommodity network optimization problems with general step cost functions
25 -- 31Joseph Abate, Ward Whitt. Explicit M/G/1 waiting-time distributions for a class of long-tail service-time distributions
33 -- 37Carlo Filippi. A reverse search algorithm for the neighborhood problem
39 -- 45Csaba Mészáros. Steplengths in interior-point algorithms of quadratic programming
47 -- 50Gerhard J. Woeginger, Guochuan Zhang. Optimal on-line algorithms for variable-sized bin covering