Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 45, Issue 6

533 -- 537Yu Han, Nan-Jing Huang. Lower semicontinuity of solution mappings for parametric fixed point problems with applications
538 -- 542Yasar Levent Koçaga. An approximating diffusion control problem for dynamic admission and service rate control in a G / M / N + G queue
543 -- 548Chunlin Luo, Mingming Leng, Xin Tian, Shouyang Wang. Subsidizing purchases of public interest products: A duopoly analysis under a subsidy scheme
549 -- 555Alex Kuiper, Michel Mandjes, Jeroen de Mast. Optimal stationary appointment schedules
556 -- 560Tobias Fischer, Marc E. Pfetsch. Monoidal cut strengthening and generalized mixed-integer rounding for disjunctions and complementarity constraints
561 -- 564Javier Peña. Convergence of first-order methods via the convex conjugate
565 -- 569Suvra Kanti Chakraborty, Geetanjali Panda. Descent line search scheme using Gers̆gorin circle theorem
570 -- 574Arnab Bhattacharya 0005, Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh. Linear programming formulation for non-stationary, finite-horizon Markov decision process models
575 -- 580Thai Doan Chuong. Robust alternative theorem for linear inequalities with applications to robust multiobjective optimization
581 -- 584Attahiru Sule Alfa, Qi-Ming He. Point of queue size change analysis of the PH/PH/k system with heterogeneous servers
585 -- 591Sandun Perera, Hongwei Long. An approximation scheme for impulse control with random reaction periods
592 -- 597Benjamin Legros. Reservation, a tool to reduce the balking effect and the probability of delay
598 -- 603Christian Kanzow, Daniel Steck. An example comparing the standard and safeguarded augmented Lagrangian methods
604 -- 609Péter Györgyi. A PTAS for a resource scheduling problem with arbitrary number of parallel machines
610 -- 615Ruoran Chen, Simin Huang. Asymmetric wheat auctions with resale and partially divisible bidding objects
616 -- 619André Casajus. Weakly balanced contributions and solutions for cooperative games
620 -- 624Lifei Sheng, Daniel Granot, Woonghee Tim Huh, Mahesh Nagarajan. A dynamic price-only contract: Exact and asymptotic results
625 -- 630Yongchao Liu, Xiaoming Yuan, Shangzhi Zeng, Jin Zhang. Primal-dual hybrid gradient method for distributionally robust optimization problems
631 -- 634Adam N. Letchford, Daniel John Grainger. A note on representations of linear inequalities in non-convex mixed-integer quadratic programs
635 -- 641Jing Chen, Hang Wei, Lei Xie. The role of business insurance in managing a manufacturer's product quality risk
642 -- 646Danial Davarnia, Gérard Cornuéjols. From estimation to optimization via shrinkage
647 -- 651Yuwei Shen, Xiaobo Zhao, Jinxing Xie. Revisiting prospect theory and the newsvendor problem
652 -- 658Utku Koc, Sanjay Mehrotra. Generation of feasible integer solutions on a massively parallel computer using the feasibility pump
659 -- 664Welington de Oliveira. Target radius methods for nonsmooth convex optimization
665 -- 670Damiano Brigo, C. Buescu, Marek Rutkowski. Funding, repo and credit inclusive valuation as modified option pricing
671 -- 674Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Gérard Cornuéjols, Robert Weismantel, Stefan Weltge. Optimality certificates for convex minimization and Helly numbers
675 -- 678Lingsheng Shi, Boya Yu. Characterizing rules in minimum cost spanning tree problems

Volume 45, Issue 5

397 -- 402Weifen Zhuang, Jiguang Chen, Xiaowen Fu. Joint dynamic pricing and capacity control for hotels and rentals with advanced demand information
403 -- 408Daegyu Yang, Dong Won Seo. Closed-form formulae for moment, tail probability, and blocking probability of waiting time in a buffer-sharing deterministic system
409 -- 414Selvaprabu Nadarajah, Nicola Secomandi. Relationship between least squares Monte Carlo and approximate linear programming
415 -- 420Xiao Alison Chen, Zizhuo Wang, Hongsong Yuan. Optimal pricing for selling to a static multi-period newsvendor
421 -- 426Walid Ben-Ameur, Adam Ouorou, Guanglei Wang. Convex and concave envelopes: Revisited and new perspectives
427 -- 430Tomohiko Kawamori, Toshiji Miyakawa. Equivalent conditions for the existence of an efficient equilibrium in coalitional bargaining with externalities and renegotiations
431 -- 435Jun Wang. New counterterror measures: Feedback Nash equilibrium of a multiplayer differential game
436 -- 441Refael Hassin, Alexandra Koshman-Kaz. Profit maximization in the M/M/1 queue
442 -- 447Mahshid Salemi Parizi, Yasin Gocgun, Archis Ghate. Approximate policy iteration for dynamic resource-constrained project scheduling
448 -- 451Dezso Bednay, Anna Moskalenko, Attila Tasnádi. Does avoiding bad voting rules result in good ones?
452 -- 455Sin-Shuen Cheung, David P. Williamson. Greedy algorithms for the single-demand facility location problem
456 -- 460Fang-Fang Guo, Li-Wei Zhang, Yong-Hong Ren. Error bounds for affine variational inequalities with second-order cone constraints
461 -- 466Mario Guajardo, Kurt Jörnsten. The Stable Tournament Problem: Matching sports schedules with preferences
467 -- 470Valentina I. Klimenok, Alexander N. Dudin, Konstantin E. Samouylov. Computation of the moments of queue length in the BMAP/SM/1 queue
471 -- 474Senlin Yu, Zaiming Liu, Jinbiao Wu. Strategic behavior in the partially observable Markovian queues with partial breakdowns
475 -- 480Ebrahim Amini-Seresht, Yiying Zhang. Stochastic comparisons on two finite mixture models
481 -- 487Weiwei Chen. Sensitivity-based nested partitions for solving finite-horizon Markov decision processes
488 -- 492Tejas Bodas, D. Manjunath. On threshold routing in a service system with highest-bidder-first and FIFO services
493 -- 497Jinwen Ou. A polynomial time algorithm to the economic lot sizing problem with constant capacity and piecewise linear concave costs
498 -- 502Binyamin Oz, Moshe Haviv, Martin L. Puterman. The advantage of relative priority regimes in multi-class multi-server queueing systems with strategic customers
503 -- 507Hocine Bouarab, Guy Desaulniers, Jacques Desrosiers, Jean Bertrand Gauthier. Linear fractional approximations for master problems in column generation
508 -- 512Weiyong Ding, Peng Zhao, Shan Zhou. On optimal allocation of active redundancies to multi-state r-out-of-n systems
513 -- 518Seulgi Joung, Sungsoo Park. Lifting of probabilistic cover inequalities
519 -- 524Antonio Frangioni, Fabio Furini, Claudio Gentile. Improving the Approximated Projected Perspective Reformulation by dual information
525 -- 529M. Kayid, S. Izadkhah, S. Alshami. Development on the mean inactivity time order with applications
530 -- 532Jean-Pierre Dussault. A note on robust descent in differentiable optimization

Volume 45, Issue 4

301 -- 307Henry Lam, Enlu Zhou. The empirical likelihood approach to quantifying uncertainty in sample average approximation
308 -- 314Ata G. Zare, Hossein Abouee-Mehrizi, Oded Berman. Exact analysis of the (R, Q) inventory policy in a two-echelon production-inventory system
315 -- 322Yanyi Xu, Arnab Bisi, Maqbool Dada. A finite-horizon inventory system with partial backorders and inventory holdback
323 -- 324Mark Velednitsky. Short combinatorial proof that the DFJ polytope is contained in the MTZ polytope for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
325 -- 333N. H. Chieu, Vaithilingam Jeyakumar, Guoyin Li. A convergent hierarchy of SDP relaxations for a class of hard robust global polynomial optimization problems
334 -- 341Maria Gabriela S. Furtado, Pedro Munari, Reinaldo Morabito. Pickup and delivery problem with time windows: A new compact two-index formulation
342 -- 347Nassim Brahimi, Abdellah Salhi, Megdouda Ourbih Tari. Drift analysis of ant colony optimization of stochastic linear pseudo-boolean functions
348 -- 352M. Alavi Hejazi, S. Nobakhtian. Sensitivity analysis of the value function for nonsmooth optimization problems
353 -- 361Serge Gratton, N. Soualmi, Luís Nunes Vicente. An indicator for the switch from derivative-free to derivative-based optimization
362 -- 365Zhe Yang, Dawen Meng, Anqiang Wang. On the existence of ideal Nash equilibria in discontinuous games with infinite criteria
366 -- 370Marek Skarupski. On a duration problem with unbounded geometrical horizon
371 -- 376Anita van den Berg, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Hans Peters. The economic order decision with continuous dynamic pricing and batch supply
377 -- 381Alexander Shapiro. Interchangeability principle and dynamic equations in risk averse stochastic programming
382 -- 387Jiayang Gao, Krishnamurthy Iyer, Huseyin Topaloglu. Price competition under linear demand and finite inventories: Contraction and approximate equilibria
388 -- 391Fang Liu. A greedy algorithm for solving ordinary transportation problem with capacity constraints
392 -- 396Bara Kim, Jeongsim Kim. The maximum distribution of Kibble's bivariate gamma random vector

Volume 45, Issue 3

187 -- 190Jiantian Wang. Stochastic comparison in MRL ordering for parallel systems with two exponential components
191 -- 198Srinagesh Gavirneni, Lawrence W. Robinson. Risk aversion and implicit shortage cost explain the Anchoring and Insufficient Adjustment bias in human newsvendors
199 -- 205Shovan Chowdhury, Amarjit Kundu. Stochastic comparison of parallel systems with log-Lindley distributed components
206 -- 209Diego Pecin, Artur Alves Pessoa, Marcus Poggi, Eduardo Uchoa, Haroldo G. Santos. Limited memory Rank-1 Cuts for Vehicle Routing Problems
210 -- 216Leonardo Lozano, J. Cole Smith, Mary E. Kurz. Solving the traveling salesman problem with interdiction and fortification
217 -- 219Ata Atay. An alternative proof of the characterization of core stability for the assignment game
220 -- 226Thai Doan Chuong, Vaithilingam Jeyakumar. Convergent conic linear programming relaxations for cone convex polynomial programs
227 -- 231Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo. The balanced contributions property for symmetric players
232 -- 237Ante Custic, Abraham P. Punnen. Average value of solutions of the bipartite quadratic assignment problem and linkages to domination analysis
238 -- 241Sang Ho Lee, Yoshihiro Tomaru. Output and R&D subsidies in a mixed oligopoly
242 -- 247Jinwook Lee. Computing the probability of union in the n-dimensional Euclidean space for application of the multivariate quantile: p-level efficient points
248 -- 253Young Myoung Ko, Jamol Pender. N queueing network
254 -- 258Yadvendra Singh, Yogendra Pandey, S. K. Mishra. Saddle point optimality criteria for mathematical programming problems with equilibrium constraints
259 -- 265Lijun Bo, Shihua Wang. Optimal investment and risk control for an insurer with stochastic factor
266 -- 268Congshi Sun, Stein W. Wallace, Li Luo. Stochastic multi-commodity network design: The quality of deterministic solutions
269 -- 274Denis Kuzyutin, Mariya Nikitina. Time consistent cooperative solutions for multistage games with vector payoffs
275 -- 281Gustavo Angulo, Mathieu Van Vyve. Fixed-charge transportation problems on trees
282 -- 288James Fan, Christopher Griffin. Optimal digital product maintenance with a continuous revenue stream
289 -- 292Luca Correani, Fabio Di Dio. A note on link formation and network stability in a Hotelling game
293 -- 299Jian Yang. Monotone trends in inventory-price control under time-consistent coherent risk measure

Volume 45, Issue 2

105 -- 108Naoyuki Kamiyama. Strategic issues in college admissions with score-limits
109 -- 114Zachary Feinstein. Financial contagion and asset liquidation strategies
115 -- 118Walter Kern, Bodo Manthey. Approximating bounded-degree spanning trees and connected factors with leaves
119 -- 125Lijun Bo, Yongjin Wang. The pricing of basket options: A weak convergence approach
126 -- 132Yan-An Hwang, Rahma Julia, Radhiah Ismail. Union negotiations: Complement-associated games
133 -- 138Mark Joshi. The use of power numeraires in option pricing
139 -- 144Yiling Zhang, Siqian Shen, S. Ayca Erdogan. Distributionally robust appointment scheduling with moment-based ambiguity set
145 -- 150Guodong Pang, Jiankui Yang, Yuhang Zhou. On functional limit theorems for the cumulative times in alternating renewal processes
151 -- 153Joris Walraevens, Jasper Vanlerberghe, Tom Maertens, Stijn De Vuyst, Herwig Bruneel. Strict monotonicity and continuity of mean unfinished work in two queues sharing a server
154 -- 159Christian Artigues. On the strength of time-indexed formulations for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem
160 -- 163David Bartl, Dipti Dubey. A discrete variant of Farkas' Lemma
164 -- 169Wenna Wang, Hao Sun, Genjiu Xu, Dongshuang Hou. Procedural interpretation and associated consistency for the egalitarian Shapley values
170 -- 174Rui Chen, Hai Jiang. Capacitated assortment and price optimization for customers with disjoint consideration sets
175 -- 180Li Chen, Safak Yücel, Kaijie Zhu. Inventory management in a closed-loop supply chain with advance demand information
181 -- 186Bara Kim, Jeongsim Kim. Optimal information disclosure policies in a strategic queueing model

Volume 45, Issue 1

1 -- 5Chuanjia Li, Lei Guo. A single-level reformulation of mixed integer bilevel programming problems
6 -- 11Dan Pirjol, Lingjiong Zhu. Small-noise limit of the quasi-Gaussian log-normal HJM model
12 -- 18Mabel C. Chou, Chee-Khian Sim, Xue-Ming Yuan. Infinite horizon optimal policy for an inventory system with two types of product sharing common hardware platforms
19 -- 24Jinwook Lee, András Prékopa. On the probability of union in the n-space
25 -- 29Xiaofang Wang, Tong Wang, Guoming Lai. Selling to customers with both Veblen and network effects
30 -- 33Emin Karagözoglu, Shiran Rachmilevitch. Duality, area-considerations, and the Kalai-Smorodinsky solution
34 -- 39Jason Barnett, Jean-Paul Watson, David L. Woodruff. BBPH: Using progressive hedging within branch and bound to solve multi-stage stochastic mixed integer programs
40 -- 45Offer Kella, Liron Ravner. Lowest priority waiting time distribution in an accumulating priority Lévy queue
46 -- 52Claudia D'Ambrosio, Giacomo Nannicini, Giorgio Sartor. MILP models for the selection of a small set of well-distributed points
53 -- 59Jannik Matuschke, S. Thomas McCormick, Gianpaolo Oriolo, Britta Peis, Martin Skutella. Protection of flows under targeted attacks
60 -- 62Yan-An Hwang, Yu-Hsien Liao. Alternative formulation and dynamic process for the efficient Banzhaf-Owen index
63 -- 67Takashi Goda. Computing the variance of a conditional expectation via non-nested Monte Carlo
68 -- 71James W. Boudreau, Vicki Knoblauch. A marriage matching mechanism menagerie
72 -- 76Salman Fadaei, Martin Bichler. Generalized assignment problem: Truthful mechanism design without money
77 -- 83Bala Krishnamoorthy. Thinner is not always better: Cascade knapsack problems
84 -- 89Avijit Khanra. On the impact of suboptimal decisions in the newsvendor model
90 -- 92Toru Hokari, Seigo Uchida. On the existence of population-monotonic solutions on the domain of quasi-convex games
93 -- 97A. Sayadi-bander, Refail Kasimbeyli, L. Pourkarimi. A coradiant based scalarization to characterize approximate solutions of vector optimization problems with variable ordering structures
98 -- 103Loe Schlicher, Marco Slikker, Geert-Jan van Houtum. A note on maximal covering location games