Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 47, Issue 6

465 -- 472Ying Cao, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Quantile forecasting and data-driven inventory management under nonstationary demand
473 -- 477Tao Jiang 0023, Lu Liu, Qingqing Ye, Xudong Chai. Tail asymptotics for service systems with transfers of customers in an alternating environment
478 -- 482Vasily V. Gusev, Vladimir V. Mazalov. Potential functions for finding stable coalition structures
483 -- 488Onno J. Boxma, David Perry, Wolfgang Stadje. The (S-1, S) inventory model and its counterparts in queueing theory
489 -- 493Ramez Kian, Emre Berk, Ülkü Gürler. Minimal conic quadratic reformulations and an optimization model
494 -- 501Daniel Bienstock, Abhinav Verma. Strong NP-hardness of AC power flows feasibility
502 -- 506Mathieu Martin, Zéphirin Nganmeni. The finagle point might not be within the ϵ-core
507 -- 512Wenbo Chen, Huixiao Yang. Assortment planning for vertically differentiated products under a consider-then-choose model
513 -- 520Mariska Heemskerk, Michel Mandjes. Exact asymptotics in an infinite-server system with overdispersed input
521 -- 526Vladimir Dvorkin Jr., Jalal Kazempour, Pierre Pinson. Electricity market equilibrium under information asymmetry
527 -- 529Stefano Colombo. Strategic delegation under cost asymmetry revised
530 -- 536N. H. Chieu, Thai Doan Chuong, V. Jeyakumar 0001, Guoyin Li 0001. A copositive Farkas lemma and minimally exact conic relaxations for robust quadratic optimization with binary and quadratic constraints
537 -- 541Matteo Cosmi, Gianpaolo Oriolo, Veronica Piccialli, Paolo Ventura. Single courier single restaurant meal delivery (without routing)
542 -- 545Tatsuaki Kimura, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Yutaka Takahashi 0001. Corrigendum to "Heavy-Traffic Asymptotics for Stationary GI/G/1-Type Markov Chains" [Oper. Res. Lett. 40 (2012) 185-189]
546 -- 552Venus Lo, Huseyin Topaloglu. Assortment optimization under the multinomial logit model with product synergies
553 -- 559Vincent Leclère. Epiconvergence of relaxed stochastic optimization problems
560 -- 564Michela Chessa. wise man
565 -- 568Denis Cornaz, Fabio Furini, Enrico Malaguti, Alberto Santini. A note on selective line-graphs and partition colorings
569 -- 573Refail Kasimbeyli, Masoud Karimi. Separation theorems for nonconvex sets and application in optimization
574 -- 578Erfang Shan, Jiayu Han, Jilei Shi. The efficient proportional Myerson values
579 -- 586Ting-Yu Ho, Shan Liu, Zelda B. Zabinsky. A branch and bound algorithm for dynamic resource allocation in population disease management
587 -- 593Niv Buchbinder, Roy Schwartz, Baruch Weizman. A simple algorithm for the multiway cut problem
594 -- 600Chengcheng Liu, John J. Hasenbein. Naor's model with heterogeneous customers and arrival rate uncertainty
601 -- 606Joey Huchette, Juan Pablo Vielma. A geometric way to build strong mixed-integer programming formulations
607 -- 610Qiulan Zhao, Jinjiang Yuan. A note on single-machine scheduling to tradeoff between the number of tardy jobs and the start time of machine
611 -- 617Pasi E. Lassila, Samuli Aalto. On energy-aware M/G/1-LAS queue with batch arrivals
618 -- 621Jose Blanchet, Nian Si. Optimal uncertainty size in distributionally robust inverse covariance estimation
622 -- 628Stefano Coniglio, Fabio D'Andreagiovanni, Fabio Furini. A lexicographic pricer for the fractional bin packing problem
629 -- 635Onno J. Boxma, Offer Kella, Liron Ravner. Fluid queues with synchronized output

Volume 47, Issue 5

331 -- 338Li Chen, Chengyu Wu. Open-loop policies in Bayesian dynamic pricing: Some counter-intuitive observations and insights
339 -- 343Siao-Leu Phouratsamay, T. C. E. Cheng. The single-item lot-sizing problem with two production modes, inventory bounds, and periodic carbon emissions capacity
344 -- 347Haris Aziz 0001. Algorithms for Pareto optimal exchange with bounded exchange cycles
348 -- 352Christopher Hojny, Hendrik Lüthen, Marc E. Pfetsch. Sparsity of integer formulations for binary programs
353 -- 357Adam N. Letchford, Georgia Souli. New valid inequalities for the fixed-charge and single-node flow polytopes
358 -- 362Ahmad Abdi, Gérard Cornuéjols. Idealness and 2-resistant sets
363 -- 365Shiran Rachmilevitch. On the difficulty of extending the coco value to games with more than two players
366 -- 370Gustavo Bergantiños, Adriana Navarro-Ramos. A characterization of the folk rule for multi-source minimal cost spanning tree problems
371 -- 376Milad Asadpour, Hadi Shirouyehzad. Performance evaluation and ranking of Academy Award winners for Best Original Score applying Data Envelopment Analysis: 1990-2016
377 -- 385Vijay Kamble. Revenue management on an on-demand service platform
386 -- 390Jack Brimberg, Zvi Drezner. Solving multiple facilities location problems with separated clusters
391 -- 397Benjamin Legros. Transient analysis of a Markovian queue with deterministic rejection
398 -- 405Sang Won Bae. Computing a minimum-width cubic and hypercubic shell
406 -- 409Yasuhito Tanaka. A dynamic free-entry oligopoly with sluggish entry and exit adjustments
410 -- 416Yanyi Xu, Sang-Phil Kim, Arnab Bisi, Suresh Chand, Maqbool Dada. Structural properties of the lost sales problem with fractional lead times
417 -- 420Edmond J. Vanderperre, Stanislav S. Makhanov. Point availability of Gaver's duplex system supervised by a safety device unit
421 -- 426Nadav Hallak, Marc Teboulle. A non-Euclidean gradient descent method with sketching for unconstrained matrix minimization
427 -- 432Kristoffer Lindensjö. A regular equilibrium solves the extended HJB system
433 -- 437Byung-Cheon Choi, Yunhong Min, Myoung-Ju Park. Strong NP-hardness of minimizing total deviation with generalized and periodic due dates
438 -- 446Franklyn Wang, Ravi Jagadeesan, Scott Duke Kominers. Optimizing reserves in school choice: A dynamic programming approach
447 -- 451Zhongbin Wang, Jinting Wang. Pre-commitment or post-payment: Which worsens a line-sitting firm's revenue?
452 -- 457Xiaolong Li, Jiannan Ke. Robust assortment optimization using worst-case CVaR under the multinomial logit model
458 -- 463Matthias Walter, Stefan Weltge. Extended formulations for radial cones

Volume 47, Issue 4

229 -- 234Jingyong Tang, Jinchuan Zhou. A quadratically convergent descent method for the absolute value equation Ax+B|x|=b
235 -- 240Baris Vardar, Georges Zaccour. Strategic bilateral exchange of a bad
241 -- 243Zuosong Liang, Erfang Shan, Huiyu Xing, Chunsong Bai. A linear-time algorithm for clique-coloring planar graphs
244 -- 249Yang Woo Shin. Asymptotic mean and variance of departures in an M∕G∕1∕K+1 queue
250 -- 256Belleh A. Fontem, Burcu B. Keskin, Sharif H. Melouk, Carley Vaughn. An exact decomposition algorithm for a chance-constrained new product risk model
257 -- 263Dohyun Ahn, Kyoung-Kuk Kim. Optimal intervention under stress scenarios: A case of the Korean financial system
264 -- 269Dipankar Mondal, N. Selvaraju. A note on a mean-lower partial moment CAPM without risk-free asset
270 -- 273Youcheng Lou. On the investment direction of a behavioral portfolio choice model
274 -- 280Erik Diessel, Heiner Ackermann. Domino sequencing: Scheduling with state-based sequence-dependent setup times
281 -- 287Lawrence W. Robinson, Srinagesh Gavirneni. Retailer order commitments improve distribution supply chain performance
288 -- 290Mohit Singh. Integrality gap of the vertex cover linear programming relaxation
291 -- 293Benar Fux Svaiter. A simplified proof of weak convergence in Douglas-Rachford method
294 -- 299Xialiang Dou, Mihai Anitescu. Distributionally robust optimization with correlated data from vector autoregressive processes
300 -- 304Loe Schlicher, Marieke Musegaas, Evelot Westerink-Duijzer. Resource location games
305 -- 310Zhongyuan Hao, Li Jiang 0003. Direct selling by suppliers improves system-wide information flow
311 -- 316Amin Dehghanian, Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh. Optimal stopping with a capacity constraint: Generalizing Shepp's urn scheme
317 -- 325Chiwei Yan, Prem Swaroop, Michael O. Ball, Cynthia Barnhart, Vikrant Vaze. Majority judgment over a convex candidate space
326 -- 330Geofferey Jiyun Kim, Bara Kim, Jeongsim Kim. Equilibrium in a war of attrition with an option to fight decisively

Volume 47, Issue 3

151 -- 156Masaya Tano, Ryuhei Miyashiro, Tomonari Kitahara. Steepest-edge rule and its number of simplex iterations for a nondegenerate LP
157 -- 161Gang Chen, Zaiming Liu, Jingchuan Zhang. The effect of D-policy on the strategic customer behavior in M∕G∕1 queues
162 -- 167Raneetha Abeywickrama, Moshe Haviv, Binyamin Oz, Ilze Ziedins 0001. Strategic bidding in a discrete accumulating priority queue
168 -- 172Yu Han 0002, San-hua Wang, Nan-Jing Huang. Arcwise connectedness of the solution sets for set optimization problems
173 -- 177Song Huang, Wenqiang Xiao, Jun Yang. Optimal contracts under endogenous demand information acquisition
178 -- 184Dominika Machowska. Delayed effects of cooperative advertising in goodwill dynamics
185 -- 189Giulio Galvan, Matteo Lapucci. On the convergence of inexact augmented Lagrangian methods for problems with convex constraints
190 -- 196Yajing Chen, Zhenhua Jiao, Ziyang Shen, Guoqiang Tian. Affirmative action under common school priorities: The top trading cycles mechanism case
197 -- 201Ryan J. O'Neil, Karla Hoffman. Decision diagrams for solving traveling salesman problems with pickup and delivery in real time
202 -- 207Yan Su, Junping Li, Yanyun Li. Optimality of admission control in a repairable queue
208 -- 212Hongbo Dong 0001. On integer and MPCC representability of affine sparsity
213 -- 218Franziska Eberle, Felix Fischer, Jannik Matuschke, Nicole Megow. On index policies for stochastic minsum scheduling
219 -- 224Adam Diamant, Opher Baron. Double-sided matching queues: Priority and impatient customers
225 -- 228Vera Traub, Jens Vygen. An improved upper bound on the integrality ratio for the s-t-path TSP

Volume 47, Issue 2

77 -- 82Hongwei Bi, Wei Zhu. The non-integer higher-order Stochastic dominance
83 -- 87Adam N. Letchford, Georgia Souli. On lifted cover inequalities: A new lifting procedure with unusual properties
88 -- 91Martin Gairing, Max Klimm. Greedy metric minimum online matchings with random arrivals
92 -- 98Mehmet Murat Fadiloglu, Önder Bulut. An embedded Markov chain approach to stock rationing under batch orders
99 -- 104Ward Whitt, Wei You. The advantage of indices of dispersion in queueing approximations
105 -- 109Thai Doan Chuong. Exact relaxations for parametric robust linear optimization problems
110 -- 114Anurag Jayswal, Izhar Ahmad, Babli Kumari. Vector variational inequalities on Hadamard manifolds involving strongly geodesic convex functions
115 -- 121Aritra Banik, Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sandip Das 0001, Sreeja Das. The 1-dimensional discrete Voronoi game
122 -- 126Manfred Besner. Weighted Shapley hierarchy levels values
127 -- 129Zhigang Cao, Xiaoguang Yang. Ordinally symmetric games
130 -- 132Tong Zhang, Stan Uryasev, Yongpei Guan. Derivatives and subderivatives of buffered probability of exceedance
133 -- 139Jasper de Jong, Marc Uetz. The sequential price of anarchy for affine congestion games with few players
140 -- 145Esa Hyytiä. Last in line
146 -- 149Zhe Wang, Yi Zhou, Yingbin Liang, Guanghui Lan. A note on inexact gradient and Hessian conditions for cubic regularized Newton's method

Volume 47, Issue 1

1 -- 6Kanthi K. Sarpatwar, Baruch Schieber, Hadas Shachnai. Constrained submodular maximization via greedy local search
7 -- 11Cong Chen, Yinfeng Xu. Selfish load balancing for jobs with favorite machines
12 -- 15Matteo Brunelli, Jafar Rezaei 0001. A multiplicative best-worst method for multi-criteria decision making
16 -- 20Ravi Kumar Kolla, Prashanth L. A., Sanjay P. Bhat, Krishna P. Jagannathan. Concentration bounds for empirical conditional value-at-risk: The unbounded case
21 -- 24André B. Chassein, Marc Goerigk. On the complexity of robust geometric programming with polyhedral uncertainty
25 -- 29José R. Correa, Patricio Foncea, Dana Pizarro, Victor Verdugo. From pricing to prophets, and back!
30 -- 35Rui Chen, Hai Jiang 0002. Capacitated assortment and price optimization under the multilevel nested logit model
36 -- 40Qingwen Hu. Bullwhip effect in a supply chain model with multiple delivery delays
41 -- 46Hongjun Wei, Jinjiang Yuan. Two-machine flow-shop scheduling with equal processing time on the second machine for minimizing total weighted completion time
47 -- 51Pierre Aboulker, Samuel Fiorini, Tony Huynh, Marco Macchia, Johanna Seif. Extension complexity of the correlation polytope
52 -- 58Karthick Gopalswamy, Yahya Fathi, Reha Uzsoy. Valid inequalities for concave piecewise linear regression
59 -- 65Ali Mohammad Nezhad, Tamás Terlaky. A rounding procedure for semidefinite optimization
66 -- 69Yusuke Kobayashi, Ryo Sako. Two disjoint shortest paths problem with non-negative edge length
70 -- 75Marinus Gottschau, Marcus Kaiser, Clara Waldmann. The undirected two disjoint shortest paths problem