Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 28, Issue 4

437 -- 445Hans Otto Günther, Kap Hwan Kim. Container terminals and terminal operations
447 -- 468Jaap A. Ottjes, Hans P. M. Veeke, Mark B. Duinkerken, Joan C. Rijsenbrij, Gabriël Lodewijks. Simulation of a multiterminal system for container handling
469 -- 493Mark B. Duinkerken, Rommert Dekker, Stef T. G. L. Kurstjens, Jaap A. Ottjes, Nico P. Dellaert. Comparing transportation systems for inter-terminal transport at the Maasvlakte container terminals
495 -- 518Rajeeva Moorthy, Chung-Piaw Teo. Berth management in container terminal: the template design problem
519 -- 537Erhan Kozan, Peter Preston. Mathematical modelling of container transfers and storage locations at seaport terminals
539 -- 561Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Kok-Choon Tan, Yongbin Han. An optimization model for storage yard management in transshipment hubs
563 -- 586Rommert Dekker, Patrick Voogd, Eelco van Asperen. Advanced methods for container stacking
587 -- 610Martin Grunow, Hans Otto Günther, Matthias Lehmann. Strategies for dispatching AGVs at automated seaport container terminals
611 -- 630Dirk Briskorn, Andreas Drexl, Sönke Hartmann. Inventory-based dispatching of automated guided vehicles on container terminals
631 -- 657Matthias Lehmann, Martin Grunow, Hans Otto Günther. Deadlock handling for real-time control of AGVs at automated container terminals
659 -- 679Kap Hwan Kim, Su Min Jeon, Kwang Ryel Ryu. Deadlock prevention for automated guided vehicles in automated container terminals
681 -- 703Dirk C. Mattfeld, Holger Orth. The allocation of storage space for transshipment in vehicle distribution
705 -- 727Huei-Chuen Huang, Chulung Lee, Zhiyong Xu. The workload balancing problem at aircargo terminals

Volume 28, Issue 3

301 -- 317Marta Anna Krajewska, Herbert Kopfer. Collaborating freight forwarding enterprises
319 -- 335D. Li, Huei-Chuen Huang, A. D. Morton, Ek Peng Chew. Simultaneous fleet assignment and cargo routing using benders decomposition
337 -- 354Mitsuo Gen, Fulya Altiparmak, Lin Lin 0008. A genetic algorithm for two-stage transportation problem using priority-based encoding
355 -- 373Helge Löbler, Thorsten Posselt, Martin Welk. Optimal compensation rules for integrated services
375 -- 398Zhiping Chen, Ruiyue Lin. Mutual fund performance evaluation using data envelopment analysis with new risk measures
399 -- 415Hong Seo Ryoo, Premnath Ayyalasomayajula. A simulation-based heuristic solution procedure for analyzing human postural balance
417 -- 436Zvi Drezner. Finding a cluster of points and the grey pattern quadratic assignment problem

Volume 28, Issue 2

151 -- 176Peter Brucker, Silvia Heitmann, Johann Hurink, Tim Nieberg. Job-shop scheduling with limited capacity buffers
177 -- 198Lars Mönch, Robert Unbehaun, You In Choung. Minimizing earliness-tardiness on a single burn-in oven with a common due date and maximum allowable tardiness constraint
199 -- 222V. Cristina Ivanescu, Jan C. Fransoo, J. Will M. Bertrand. A hybrid policy for order acceptance in batch process industries
223 -- 240Jen-Ming Chen, Liang-Tu Chen, Jun-Der Leu. Developing optimization models for cross-functional decision-making: integrating marketing and production planning
241 -- 266S. Y. Teng, H. L. Ong, H. C. Huang. Heuristic algorithms for visiting the customers in a rolling schedule environment
267 -- 287Jörg Doege, Philippe Schiltknecht, Hans-Jakob Lüthi. Risk management of power portfolios and valuation of flexibility
289 -- 299Jörg Laitenberger, Andreas Löffler. The structure of the distributions of cash flows and discount rates in multiperiod valuation problems

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 2Simme Douwe Flapper, Thomas Stefan Spengler. Product recovery
3 -- 20Jutta Geldermann, Martin Treitz, Hannes Schollenberger, Otto Rentz. Evaluation of VOC recovery strategies
21 -- 51Rainer Kleber. The integral decision on production/remanufacturing technology and investment time in product recovery
53 -- 71Ieke le Blanc, Maaike van Krieken, Harold Krikke, Hein A. Fleuren. Vehicle routing concepts in the closed-loop container network of ARN - a case study
73 -- 99Karl Inderfurth, Ian M. Langella. Heuristics for solving disassemble-to-order problems with stochastic yields
101 -- 125Yongjian Li, Jian Chen, Xiaoqiang Cai. Uncapacitated production planning with multiple product types, returned product remanufacturing, and demand substitution
127 -- 149Li Zhou, Stephen M. Disney. Bullwhip and inventory variance in a closed loop supply chain