Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 36, Issue 4

837 -- 878Ilkyeong Moon, Thi Viet Ly Nguyen. Container packing problem with balance constraints
879 -- 901Xinjia Jiang, Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee, Kok-Choon Tan. Short-term space allocation for storage yard management in a transshipment hub port
903 -- 921Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner. The maximin gradual cover location problem
923 -- 948Marc Goerigk, Bob Grün. A robust bus evacuation model with delayed scenario information
949 -- 969Karl Mosler, Pavel Bazovkin. Stochastic linear programming with a distortion risk constraint
971 -- 999Mohsen Afsharian, Ali Niknejad, Gerhard Wäscher. A heuristic, dynamic programming-based approach for a two-dimensional cutting problem with defects
1001 -- 1019Jian Qiang Wang, Dandan Wang, Hong-Yu Zhang, Xiao-hong Chen 0001. Multi-criteria outranking approach with hesitant fuzzy sets
1021 -- 1053Milosz Kadzinski, Salvatore Corrente, Salvatore Greco, Roman Slowinski. Preferential reducts and constructs in robust multiple criteria ranking and sorting
1055 -- 1076Zhen Hong, C. K. M. Lee, Xiaofeng Nie. Proactive and reactive purchasing planning under dependent demand, price, and yield risks
1077 -- 1095Peter Berling, Zhixue Xie. Approximation algorithms for optimal purchase/inventory policy when purchase price and demand are stochastic

Volume 36, Issue 3

557 -- 584Alexander Baur, Robert Klein, Claudius Steinhardt. Model-based decision support for optimal brochure pricing: applying advanced analytics in the tour operating industry
585 -- 605J. Theresia van Essen, Joël M. Bosch, Erwin W. Hans, Mark van Houdenhoven, Johann L. Hurink. Reducing the number of required beds by rearranging the OR-schedule
607 -- 629Henrik Heitmann, Wolfgang Brüggemann. Preference-based assignment of university students to multiple teaching groups
631 -- 668Florian Bruns, Marc Goerigk, Sigrid Knust, Anita Schöbel. Robust load planning of trains in intermodal transportation
669 -- 692Pedro Amorim, Alysson M. Costa, Bernardo Almada-Lobo. Influence of consumer purchasing behaviour on the production planning of perishable food
693 -- 722Matthias G. Wichmann, Thomas Volling, Thomas Stefan Spengler. A GRASP heuristic for slab scheduling at continuous casters
723 -- 759Raimund M. Kovacevic, Florentina Paraschiv. Medium-term planning for thermal electricity production
761 -- 797Chia-Yen Lee, Chen-Fu Chien. Stochastic programming for vendor portfolio selection and order allocation under delivery uncertainty
799 -- 835Ramiz Assaf, Marcello Colledani, Andrea Matta. Analytical evaluation of the output variability in production systems with general Markovian structure

Volume 36, Issue 2

281 -- 296Michael Drexl, Stefan Irnich. Solving elementary shortest-path problems as mixed-integer programs
297 -- 322Frank Meisel, Herbert Kopfer. Synchronized routing of active and passive means of transport
323 -- 356Mehdi Najafi, Kourosh Eshghi, Sander de Leeuw. A dynamic dispatching and routing model to plan/ re-plan logistics activities in response to an earthquake
357 -- 380Xin Wang, Herbert Kopfer. Collaborative transportation planning of less-than-truckload freight
381 -- 400Simon Emde, Nils Boysen. One-dimensional vehicle scheduling with a front-end depot and non-crossing constraints
401 -- 421Ran Liu 0005, Zhibin Jiang, Na Geng. A hybrid genetic algorithm for the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem
423 -- 424Ran Liu 0005, Zhibin Jiang, Na Geng. Erratum to: A hybrid genetic algorithm for the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem
425 -- 454Byung Kwon Lee, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew. Analysis on container port capacity: a Markovian modeling approach
455 -- 480Xiaoming Sheng, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew. Dynamic determination of vessel speed and selection of bunkering ports for liner shipping under stochastic environment
481 -- 502Ayse Gönül Karaarslan, Gudrun P. Kiesmüller, A. G. de Kok. Effect of modeling fixed cost in a serial inventory system with periodic review
503 -- 524Jie Zhang, Rachel Q. Zhang. Optimal replenishment and pricing decisions under the collect-on-delivery payment scheme
525 -- 556Karl Inderfurth, Josephine Clemens. Supply chain coordination by risk sharing contracts under random production yield and deterministic demand

Volume 36, Issue 1

1 -- 2Rainer Kolisch. Editorial
3 -- 37Kaisa Miettinen. Survey of methods to visualize alternatives in multiple criteria decision making problems
39 -- 56Kaisa Miettinen, Jyri Mustajoki, Theodor J. Stewart. Interactive multiobjective optimization with NIMBUS for decision making under uncertainty
57 -- 72Vassiliki Balla, Chrysovalantis Gaganis, Fotios Pasiouras, Constantin Zopounidis. Multicriteria decision aid models for the prediction of securities class actions: evidence from the banking sector
73 -- 93T. Bulmus, Süleyman Özekici. Portfolio selection with hyperexponential utility functions
95 -- 112Yuntaek Pae, Navid Sabbaghi. Log-robust portfolio management after transaction costs
113 -- 132Wei-Guo Zhang, Yong-jun Liu. Credibilitic mean-variance model for multi-period portfolio selection problem with risk control
133 -- 160Amir H. Shokouhi, Hamid Shahriari, Per J. Agrell, Adel Hatami-Marbini. Consistent and robust ranking in imprecise data envelopment analysis under perturbations of random subsets of data
161 -- 185Jussi Kangaspunta, Ahti Salo. Expert judgments in the cost-effectiveness analysis of resource allocations: a case study in military planning
187 -- 207Yasemin Boztug, Lutz Hildebrandt, Kalyan Raman. Detecting price thresholds in choice models using a semi-parametric approach
209 -- 228Harald Hruschka. Analyzing market baskets by restricted Boltzmann machines
229 -- 250Franz Wirl. Dynamic corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies in oligopoly
251 -- 276Christian M. Ringle, Marko Sarstedt, Rainer Schlittgen. Genetic algorithm segmentation in partial least squares structural equation modeling
277 -- 279. Acknowledgement to Referees