Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 42, Issue 4

835 -- 862Christian Rählmann, Ulrich W. Thonemann. Railway crew scheduling with semi-flexible timetables
863 -- 900Daniela Guericke, Ignacio Blanco, Juan M. Morales, Henrik Madsen. A two-phase stochastic programming approach to biomass supply planning for combined heat and power plants
901 -- 933Patrick Gerhards. The multi-mode resource investment problem: a benchmark library and a computational study of lower and upper bounds
935 -- 963Alireza F. Hesaraki, Nico P. Dellaert, Ton de Kok. Integrating nurse assignment in outpatient chemotherapy appointment scheduling
965 -- 994Martin Bichler, Zhen Hao, Richard Littmann, Stefan Waldherr. Strategyproof auction mechanisms for network procurement
995 -- 1021Giorgi Tadumadze, Nils Boysen, Simon Emde. Robust spotter scheduling in trailer yards
1023 -- 1053Ana Margarida Araújo, Daniel Santos 0003, Inês Marques, Ana Barbosa-Póvoa. Blood supply chain: a two-stage approach for tactical and operational planning
1055 -- 1087M. Aakil Caunhye, Nazli Yonca Aydin, H. Sebnem Düzgün. Robust post-disaster route restoration
1089 -- 1125Jose Escribano Macias, Nils Goldbeck, Pei-Yuan Hsu, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Washington Ochieng. Endogenous stochastic optimisation for relief distribution assisted with unmanned aerial vehicles

Volume 42, Issue 3

585 -- 589Walter J. Gutjahr, Nilay Noyan, Nico Vandaele, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. Innovative approaches in humanitarian operations
591 -- 619Dirk Briskorn, Alf Kimms, Denis Olschok. Simultaneous planning for disaster road clearance and distribution of relief goods: a basic model and an exact solution method
621 -- 660Ali Ekici, Okan Örsan Özener. Inventory routing for the last mile delivery of humanitarian relief supplies
661 -- 691Jorge A. Huertas, Daniel Duque, Ethel Segura-Durán, Raha Akhavan-Tabatabaei, Andrés L. Medaglia. Evacuation dynamics: a modeling and visualization framework
693 -- 726Abhinav Khare, Qing He, Rajan Batta. Predicting gasoline shortage during disasters using social media
727 -- 754Asjad Naqvi, Franziska Gaupp, Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler. The risk and consequences of multiple breadbasket failures: an integrated copula and multilayer agent-based modeling approach
755 -- 784Davood Shiri, Vahid Akbari 0002, F. Sibel Salman. Online routing and scheduling of search-and-rescue teams
785 -- 814Christian Wankmüller, Christian Truden, Christopher Korzen, Philipp Hungerländer, Ewald Kolesnik, Gerald Reiner. Optimal allocation of defibrillator drones in mountainous regions
815 -- 834Martijn Warnier, Vincent Alkema, Tina Comes, Bartel A. Van de Walle. Humanitarian access, interrupted: dynamic near real-time network analytics and mapping for reaching communities in disaster-affected countries

Volume 42, Issue 2

333 -- 354Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner, Pawel Jan Kalczynski. Gradual cover competitive facility location
355 -- 395Taher Ahmadi, Zümbül Atan, Ton de Kok, Ivo Adan. Time-based service constraints for inventory systems with commitment lead time
397 -- 426Simon Emde, Hamid Abedinnia, Anne Lange, Christoph H. Glock. Scheduling personnel for the build-up of unit load devices at an air cargo terminal with limited space
427 -- 460Kai Watermeyer, Jürgen Zimmermann 0001. A branch-and-bound procedure for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem with partially renewable resources and general temporal constraints
461 -- 497Giorgi Tadumadze, Simon Emde, Heiko Diefenbach. Exact and heuristic algorithms for scheduling jobs with time windows on unrelated parallel machines
499 -- 528Manuele Leonelli, Eva Riccomagno, Jim Q. Smith. Coherent combination of probabilistic outputs for group decision making: an algebraic approach
529 -- 565Menghan Chen, Sheng Ang, Lijing Jiang, Feng Yang 0005. Centralized resource allocation based on cross-evaluation considering organizational objective and individual preferences
567 -- 584Mohammad Ali Saniee Monfared, Sayyed Ehsan Monabbati, Mahsa Mahdipour Azar. Bi-objective optimization problems with two decision makers: refining Pareto-optimal front for equilibrium solution

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 42Duygu Pamukçu, Burcu Balcik. A multi-cover routing problem for planning rapid needs assessment under different information-sharing settings
43 -- 74Sacramento Quintanilla, Francisco Ballestín, Ángeles Pérez 0001. Mathematical models to improve the current practice in a Home Healthcare Unit
75 -- 110Tânia Rodrigues Pereira Ramos, Maria Isabel Gomes Salema, Ana Paula F. D. Barbosa-Póvoa. A new matheuristic approach for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem with inter-depot routes
111 -- 160Sandra Huber, Jean-François Cordeau, Martin Josef Geiger. A matheuristic for the swap body vehicle routing problem
161 -- 198Mohammad Marufuzzaman, Farjana Nur, Amy E. Bednar, Mark A. Cowan. Enhancing Benders decomposition algorithm to solve a combat logistics problem
199 -- 234Gustavo Bergantiños, Juan J. Vidal-Puga. One-way and two-way cost allocation in hub network problems
235 -- 259Alexander Franz, Julia Rieck, Jürgen Zimmermann 0001. A long-term unit commitment problem with hydrothermal coordination for economic and emission control in large-scale electricity systems
261 -- 296Xinan Yang, Hajem A. Daham. A column generation-based decomposition and aggregation approach for combining orders in inland transportation of containers
297 -- 326Özlem Karsu, Hale Erkan. Balance in resource allocation problems: a changing reference approach
327 -- 0. Outstanding Reviewer Award OR Spectrum 2019
329 -- 331. Acknowledgement to Reviewers