Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 37, Issue 6

271 -- 272A. V. Giglavyi. Introduction
273 -- 278Victor A. Sadovnichy. Informatics and teaching it at school
279 -- 283M. A. Plaksin. TRIZformatics: A metasubject uniting computer and intelligence technologies of information processing (Response to information society challenge)
284 -- 287A. G. Gein. Informatics in schools: Problems of content
288 -- 291N. K. Zavriev. Experience of teaching programming in the lyceum of information technologies
292 -- 298Rimma I. Podlovchenko. On an equivalence checking technique for algebraic models of programs
299 -- 305Igor Mashechkin, Mikhail Petrovskiy, D. S. Popov, Dmitry V. Tsarev. Automatic text summarization using latent semantic analysis
306 -- 314D. M. Zhurikhin. Energy-saving compilation for mobile systems
315 -- 321Dmitrij Koznov, E. Larchik, Michel Pliskin, N. Artamonov. Mind maps merging in collaborative work
322 -- 325S. P. Polyakov. Indefinite summation of rational functions with factorization of denominators

Volume 37, Issue 5

229 -- 235D. K. Bogolepov, D. P. Sopin, V. E. Turlapov. Simplified photon mapping for real-time caustics rendering
236 -- 244D. D. Zhdanov, I. S. Potemin, V. A. Galaktionov, B. Kh. Barladian, K. A. Vostryakov, L. Z. Shapiro. Spectral ray tracing in problems of photorealistic imagery construction
245 -- 251O. V. Senyukova, A. S. Lukin, D. P. Vetrov. Automated atlas-based segmentation of NISSL-stained mouse brain sections using supervised learning
252 -- 259V. A. Frolov, A. A. Kharlamov, A. V. Ignatenko. Biased solution of integral illumination equation via irradiance caching and path tracing on GPUs
260 -- 269Anton Yakubenko, Vladimir Kononov, I. S. Mizin, Vadim Konushin, Anton Konushin. Reconstruction of structure and texture of city building facades

Volume 37, Issue 4

181 -- 186M. V. Sosnin. An algorithm for the decomposition of differential polynomials in the general case
187 -- 191Anna A. Ryabenko. A definite summation of hypergeometric terms of special kind
192 -- 196E. S. Shemyakova. ::::X::::- and ::::Y::::-invariants of partial differential operators in the plane
200 -- 209Peter E. Bulychev. Game-theoretic simulation checking tool
210 -- 222V. P. Il in, I. N. Skopin. Computational programming technologies
223 -- 227A. V. Fedorov. Optimization of the NPTL thread library in Linux for hard real-time systems

Volume 37, Issue 3

121 -- 146Victor V. Kuliamin, Alexander Petukhov. A survey of methods for constructing covering arrays
147 -- 152A. S. Kamkin, M. M. Chupilko. Survey of modern technologies of simulation-based verification of hardware
153 -- 160Ruslan L. Smelyanskiy. On frequency analysis of sequential program code execution
161 -- 170V. A. Padaryan, M. A. Solov ev, A. I. Kononov. Simulation of operational semantics of machine instructions
171 -- 179O. G. Sharov, A. N. Afanas ev. Methods and tools for translation of graphical diagrams

Volume 37, Issue 2

57 -- 61Sergei A. Abramov, A. A. Bogolyubskaya, Victor F. Edneral, Vitaly Rostovtsev. The research seminar on computer algebra in 2009-2010
71 -- 77Ivan Dimovski, Margarita Spiridonova. Construction of nonlocal linear vibration models using a computer algebra system
78 -- 86Sergei A. Abramov, A. Gheffar, D. E. Khmelnov. Rational solutions of linear difference equations: Universal denominators and denominator bounds
99 -- 103Victor F. Edneral, Valery G. Romanovski. Calculation of first integrals of a two-dimensional ODE system near a degenerate stationary point by computer algebra tools
104 -- 112Nikita Gogin, Aleksandr Mylläri. Construction of the weight polynomial for autocorrelation of ::::q::::-ary words

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 14Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev. Specification completion for IOCO
15 -- 25B. A. Pozin, Igor V. Galakhov. Models in performance testing
26 -- 40A. V. Nikeshin, Nikolay V. Pakulin, V. Z. Shnitman. Development of a test suite for the verification of implementations of the IPsec v2 security protocol
41 -- 47Denis V. Silakov, Alexey V. Khoroshilov. Ensuring portability of software