Journal: Program

Volume 43, Issue 4

349 -- 374Winnie Tam, Andrew M. Cox, Andy Bussey. Student user preferences for features of next-generation OPACs: A case study of University of Sheffield international students
375 -- 391Michael Gaffney, Pauline Rafferty. Making the Long Tail visible: social networking sites and independent music discovery
392 -- 406Mireia Ribera, Mercè Porras, Marc Boldú, Miquel Termens, Andreu Sulé, Pilar Paris. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0: A further step towards accessible digital information
407 -- 418Stuart Lewis, Leonie Hayes, Vanessa Newton-Wade, Antony Corfield, Richard Davis, Tim Donohue, Scott Wilson. If SWORD is the answer, what is the question?: Use of the Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit protocol
419 -- 429Yasar Tonta. Preservation of scientific and cultural heritage in Balkan countries
430 -- 445Saima Qutab, Khalid Mahmood. Library web sites in Pakistan: an analysis of content
446 -- 447Robin Yeates. Making the Most of RFID in Libraries
447 -- 449Patricia Moore. The Virtual Representation of the Past
449 -- 451Sarah Crofts. Going beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching

Volume 43, Issue 3

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
251 -- 263Penny Carnaby. Libraries as a common denominator: A view from New Zealand of the citizen, country and global perspective
264 -- 274Peter Godwin. Information literacy and Web 2.0: is it just hype?
275 -- 287Ivan Chew. Librarians 2.0: sowing padi in (the) SEA
288 -- 298Cindi Trainor. Open source, crowd source: harnessing the power of the people behind our libraries
299 -- 310Fleur Stigter. Virtual communities in Europe: the European Library approach
311 -- 327Brian Kelly, Paul Bevan, Richard Akerman, Jo Alcock, Josie Fraser. Library 2.0: balancing the risks and benefits to maximise the dividends
328 -- 341Joe Pagano. Developing a metrics-based online strategy for libraries
342 -- 343Martin Myhill. Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries: Design, Development and Impact
343 -- 344Robin Yeates. Library Partnerships: Making Connections between School and Public Libraries

Volume 43, Issue 2

121 -- 139Ali Shiri, Sarah Chase-Kruszewski. Knowledge organisation systems in North American digital library collections
140 -- 155Kay Cahill. Building a virtual branch at Vancouver Public Library using Web 2.0 tools
156 -- 174Luis M. de Campos, Juan M. Fernández-Luna, Juan F. Huete, Carlos J. Martín-Dancausa, Antonio Tagua-Jiménez, Carmen Tur-Vigil. An integrated system for managing the Andalusian Parliament's digital library
175 -- 186Jiazhen Liu, Peng Du. Long-term preservation of digital information in China: some problems and solutions
187 -- 201Maitrayee Ghosh, Ipsheet Ghosh. ICT and information strategies for a knowledge economy: the Indian experience
202 -- 214Sadanand Y. Bansode, Sanjay K. Desale. Implementation of RFID technology in University of Pune Library
215 -- 228Bekir Kemal Ataman. Requirements for information professionals in a digital environment: some thoughts
229 -- 0A. M. Cox. Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources
230 -- 231Jane Secker. Digital Rights Management: A Librarian's Guide to Technology and Practice
232 -- 233David McMenemy. Library Technology Companion: A Basic Guide for Library Staff
233 -- 234Jon Knight. Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age
235 -- 237S. Michael Malinconico. Knowledge Management in Practice: Connections and Context
238 -- 239Andrew Buxton. Open Access to Knowledge and Information: Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives - the South Asian Scenario
239 -- 240Sarah Crofts. Know it All, Find it Fast: An A-Z Source Guide for the Enquiry Desk
240 -- 241Martin Myhill. Digital Consumers: Reshaping the Information Profession

Volume 43, Issue 1

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
7 -- 17Jo Williams. MARC data, the OPAC, and library professionals
18 -- 35Ashley Beamer. Map metadata: essential elements for search and storage
36 -- 48Paul Bevan, Alyson Tyler. An integrated library platform: Wales' approach to delivering digital information and resources nationally
49 -- 61Qing Zou, Guoying Liu. Chinese localisation of Evergreen: an open source integrated library system
62 -- 76Jelena Radjenovic, Branko Milosavljevic, Dusan Surla. Modelling and implementation of catalogue cards using FreeMarker
77 -- 93B. S. Sirisha, V. K. J. Jeevan, R. V. Raja Kumar, A. Goswami. A personalised information support system for searching portals and e-resources
94 -- 104Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam, V. G. Talawar. Library consortia in developing countries: an overview
105 -- 108Eric Jukes. A Handbook for Media Librarians
108 -- 109Maja Zumer. Metadata
109 -- 110Sri Asrina Tanuri. User-centred Library Web Sites: Usability Evaluation Methods
110 -- 111Akshata Patkar. Understanding Data and Information Systems for Recordkeeping
112 -- 113Anasuya Balamurugan. Fostering Community through Digital Storytelling: A Guide for Academic Libraries
114 -- 115A. M. Cox. Electronic Resource Management in Libraries: Research and Practice
115 -- 116Kirsten Ferguson-Boucher. Managing the Crowd: Rethinking Records Management for the Web 2.0 World